Monday, December 1, 2014

December Daily {1}

It's time for December Daily
A month of sharing 'things' that make my heart smile
During the Christmas Season

Christmas time has always been my favorite time of the year
Although the past few years have been more challenging
Due to Mark's untimely passing on Christmas Eve 2010

It is vitally important to me to learn how to 
Embrace my new life 
And begin to enjoy this season again

December Daily 2014

Here we go...

I opened up my 'Holiday' Jewelry drawer this morning
My plan is to wear a different piece of Christmas jewelry
Every day through the month of December

I'm sure I don't have enough pieces to make it
Yet, somehow, I'm sure I will by the end of the month :)

This is the piece I chose today
A sweet Christmas bracelet that I purchased several years ago
At Scottsdale mall when I went shopping with a friend
In fact, we each bought one for $5 a piece
I still love it

This is the little Fiber~Optic tree 
That my son keeps up in his room
I love walking by his room and just watching the lights turn colors
It's just a sweet little tree that makes me smile

That's it for Day 1
I'll probably share 3-4 photos each day
I'm excited about getting my Christmas Season
Off to a Happy Heart Start

Blessings To All~~~


  1. Love this Cindy. What a wonderful way to celebrate this season. Love your sweet bracelet. Happy Day 1.

  2. Cindy, what a great idea. Pretty bracelet and that is a sweet little tree. Sounds like you are off to a good start. You are an inspiration..Happy Day 1, Judy

  3. I love Christmas jewelry. I don't have any... but I love seeing other people with it on. My son is 10 and he LOVES to decorate his room for Christmas. And the dog pen, and his tree house and he pushes me to decorate things like the front porch.... LOVE his enthusiasm! Have a great week Cindy!


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