Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Daring Greatly ... A Book Review

Unsure if this should be posted as a book review or a life review. While reading Daring Greatly I felt myself struggling within its pages, parts of me cheering myself on and other parts wanting to run away as quickly as I could.

Vulnerabilities, challenges and changes in life have become strange bed fellows in recent months since the passing of my husband. Putting myself in situations that feel tremendously uncomfortable has forced me to accept faith as my constant companion.

Brene’ Brown, Ph.D., LMSW shares her many years of work, research, and life experiences regarding vulnerability and daring to become who we were created to be. Taking steps toward a freedom that is oftentimes only dreamt about and never realized.

Daring Greatly, How the courage to be vulnerable transforms the way we live, love, parent, and lead is a great read for anyone who wants to challenge themselves to be more courageous.

Do you hold yourself back from taking leaps of faith because you are concerned with how others may look at you? Do you see a platform in your life that you are afraid to stand on and use because someone may question your motives? Brene’ answers these types of questions through extensive research and helps the reader develop the courage to act on their dreams. The outcomes may not always be the desired result but every step taken out of our comfort zone encourages us to take the next one.

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Though I did receive a copy of this book and will receive a small compensation, the opinions expressed on my blog are my own words.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Continuing The Surrender

One thing I have definitely learned
On this journey through grief
Is that is it a process of surrendering.

Surrendering my will to the will of The Father
Surrendering my thoughts to His thoughts
Surrendering my plans to His purpose

It is also a journey of letting go
Of which I seem to becoming
More accustomed to
Yet, there are still times and 'items' 
That I have a harder time letting go of

In recent days I have finally begun to tackle Mark's desk
He had one special drawer that he kept his personal belonging in

 In this place
I have found his wallet, keys, glasses, and a host of other
personal things that truly were him

So, I sat down in his chair
To go through his things

Medications, personal notes, lists and money
Were among some of the items

This little cross
Which has now found a home in my purse

This tag that he has had on his key ring
For so many years

A host of lotions and skin medications
Used to tackle skin cancers and the effects
Of numerous other meds
Which left his skin thin, bruised and bloody

And then his myriad of gum
I didn't realize just how much he loved this stuff

I was able to tackle at least 1/2 of it
But when it came to the truly personal stuff
I just decided to put it back in the drawer for another day

Yes, it is a process
One I was not prepared for
But one that is preparing me for the future
I'm surrendered
And looking forward :)