Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hodge Podge

Hi Friends,

Thursdays can be fairly crazy around here
I don't work on Thursdays
But I do spend the day with my two youngest K's
And soon, 3 more weeks, I'll have all 3 K's 
Every Thursday throughout the summer

Today we also got to have another visitor
Miss E, my nieces' daughter
She is such a joy to have around

The three girls and I spent a lot of time outside today
They played with play-doh for a couple hours
They made lots of delicious looking goodies
And then sold them from the play house
Which they turned into a 
Snack Shack for the morning

By 11 AM is was well over 90 degrees
So we came in and had lunch

Then the littlest took a nap

How is the world can she sleep like this

While the girls played
I got my plants planted
I'm a little late but they will be nice by Memorial Weekend
When I'll have my first pool party
And Family BBQ of the season

Just love to spend time in the yard

After all the kids left
I got the mail
3 Happy Thank You cards in two days
Makes my heart feel good

And just in case you think I have a boring life
Yeah, I Do

I'm watching the NFL Draft tonight :)
Oh the JOY

Sending blessings to all
For a Wonderful Weekend Ahead

Bless someone's life today

Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Joy-Filled Weekend

Hi Friends,

I hope you have enjoyed a great weekend

Today I'm sharing a couple of events 
That I was able to attend

My oldest granddaughter
Was in both the 5th grade Music Fest
And the 4th/5th grade choir concert
This past Thursday evening
That's my K-Bug front and center

The two littlest K's enjoying the concert

I just loved watching her smiling face

A daddy moment

K-Bugs cousin G is in 4th grade
So they got to enjoy after school choir
Together this year

These 3 will all start kindergarten in the fall
 I'll share a post about them in a few weeks

On Saturday afternoon 
I had the pleasure of attending this beautiful  woman's wedding

Friend, Co-worker and sister widow
Found love again

After nearly 14 years of widowhood and raising her sons
She met and married a wonderful man
It was such a beautiful afternoon

A few of my great co-workers and friends

More friends and co-workers (boss) :)

The day sealed with a kiss
Such a precious day

Another co-worker
Had a gender reveal today


Thank you for allowing me to share some happy moments with you


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Staff Appreciation Project

Hi Friends,

I just thought I'd share a fun
Project I worked on this week
For Staff Appreciation Day at work

I've been a scrapbooker for years
So I have lots of great papers, tools and such
Which I used to make some cute Tags

We usually give the staff flowers for this day
But I had an idea last week
To make a bouquet of Garden Stakes
All of our staff members have homes
With nice garden/lawn areas 
So this was a fun little gift
And...since today was Earth Day
It was kind of fitting

I attached a tag to each stake

Then I put each stake in a flower vase
Which made a really fun and cute bouquet

I also brought some 'healthy' fresh fruit
And placed it in the staff lunch area
We have such a fabulous staff
They each deserve lots of kudos
Each of the girls got to choose a garden stake
By seniority to take home
And, if you want be able to choose with the first 
half of the staff
You have to have worked in the office
For more than 8 years
Lots of Longevity!!!

My boss brought me these absolutely Gorgeous Roses
I did bring them home to enjoy
Love, love, love them
And Love my Job
Which you already know!

It was a Super Great
Staff Appreciation Day
I'm so Grateful!!

Just because 

Here's a photo I took the other day
I decided to add a touch of blue to my LR 
Love this little vignette

Thank you for stopping by
Blessings to you All
For a Great Rest of your Week

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Carol Update and A Winner

Hi Friends,

 I have a quick update on my blog friend Carol
She received her new liver on Friday
It was a very long day for both she and her nephew
As well as for surgeons and family

As of today
Carol and Brian are both doing well
Brian has been up walking around and 
Getting ready to head home soon

Carol's recover will be a bit slower
But she has been up and is on a diet of clear liquids
Including clear booster protein drinks

She's a trooper and I'm sure she will
Bounce back soon and be healthier
Thank she has been in 14 years
Praising God

I believe I have finished the mural wall in my back yard
No peeking because my pool is filthy 
So, you'll have to wait 
Until I have time to clean it
And...I just might need to do a bit or touching up
Over the next week or so
But, I'm putting all of my paints and tools Away
It's been a fun challenge

Just Remember
When I do the reveal
Just a girl willing to play

I had my son pick a name from the hat
For my 700th post giveaway

The winner is:



Thank you everybody for you kind comments
For loving me through life
And for words of encouragement
They mean so much to me

Blessings for a Beautiful Week Ahead

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Prayers for a Friend and The Giveaway

Hi Friends

In the early years of blogging
I met some wonderful friends
While participating in on-line Bible Studies

One of those friends is Carol
Carol is a sweet woman who lives in California
(My home state)
She's married and has a beautiful daughter

She has been waiting for a liver transplant for many years

Well, friends
The time has finally arrived
Carol is in the hospital being prepared
To receive part of her nephew's liver

Transplant is near and dear to my heart
As kidney transplant gave my hubby
An extra 7 years and 7 days of life

Will you please pray with me
As Carol and her nephew have surgery
And go through the recovery process

Updates can be found on Carol's Caringbridge site

Thank you my dear friends!!

Now, don't forget to go over to my 
700th post to enter the giveaway

I will be drawing a name on Sunday afternoon
So, go by and enter to win!
It's a tiny way to say thank you for 
Loving me through 700 blog posts
Blessings for the Day

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Delayed Easter / Giveaway

Hi Friends

Sorry to be a bit delayed in sharing a few Easter Photos
It's been a hectic week
But a good one

Here are just a few of my favs
From a wonderful Easter
And my mom's 79th Birthday celebration

My 3 K's

6 of my mom's 12 Great Grands

I think they wanted to find a few eggs
Or, maybe it was the candy :)

I think they found enough

My mom's birthday was Saturday
So we celebrated on Easter

Mom with 6 tired and sugared up greats


Had 'Sunday' not happened
We would have no hope

"Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to His great mercy has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead." 1 Peter 1:3

Praise God for HOPE!!

Don't forget to go HERE and enter to win my 
700th post giveaway!!!!

Have a Blessed Week Ahead!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

A 700 GiveAway

Hi Friends,

I pray you all enjoyed a beautiful Easter
And are being blessed with a fabulous week

What is 700?
The number of posts here on the Blog

This blog has been all over the place 
In the years I have written those 700 posts

Starting off with Bible Studies and Book Reviews
You've walked me through
The ups and downs of life
You've prayed as I journeyed through grief
After losing my husband
You've read announcements of 
A child's wedding and the births of grandchildren
Read about a child's medical issues
Prayed me through my own health scares
You've read about job changes and 
Seen photos of DIY projects
Some of you are newer readers
And others have been around for many of those 700 posts

I'm so grateful for your comments
Words of encouragement
Words of wisdom
And words of Insight

YOU are the reason I continue to tweak my blog and post
Today, I'm not sure where the next phase of blogging
Will lead this girlie
But I sure do hope you come along for the ride

In honor of YOU
I am giving away a little prize package

An assortment of greeting cards from one of my 
favorite cards makers
A few Tags
Once I choose a winner
I will add 2 gifts chosen especially for the winners personality
I will only know what those two gifts will be
After I chose the winner next weekend

Thank you for hanging out with me
During my life journey to Find JOY
In the everyday things of life
YOU are JOY to me

All you have to do to enter the giveaway
Is to leave a comment down below where it says "Comments"
That's it!!

I can't wait to share another 700 JOY-filled posts with you!!

Saturday, April 4, 2015


May your Easter Sunday

Be Blessed and Joy~Filled

May Your Heart be Thankful

For ALL He Has Done

And ALL He Has Created You To Be

I am Grateful for the Cross
I am SO Grateful 
For The Empty Tomb

Happy Easter!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Evidence of Spring

Hi Friends,

Today I thought I'd share a few photos
I took this morning near the office where I work

Although are temps are in the 90's
We are seeing evidence of Spring and not Summer yet

I'm not sure you can see clearly in the above photo
But there are 3 bees happily gathering pollen off of these beauties

It seems all of the floral blooms I found
Were in the orange tones today
I'll check around tomorrow for some other color

Above are a few of the older little Easter pieces I have
That were my sons' when they were little
The little bunnies have lost an ear or two
But they still bring back sweet memories

I've kept my Easter displays rather simple this year
A few books, pillows, bunnies and eggs
Are all this new Easter runner needed
(Thank you Judy at 20 North Ora)

I do love these eggs I found at HobLob this year
I love the soft colors and gentle words of comfort they share
I pray you are enjoying a beautiful Easter Week
And that your Easter is filled with Family and Love

You are a Blessing to my Heart
Thank you for your sweet comments
And words of Encouragement

Blessings, Cindy xoxo