Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Tea Cup Exchange Reveal

What a joy it has been to participate in 
For the past several years

Each time I participate I am blessed beyond measure
By the kindness and generosity of those
Who have received my name

Before I share what I received
I will share what I sent out and to whom
I have had the pleasure of 'knowing' (in cyberland)
Deb for a couple of years
We have exchanged Pocket Letters 
And other fun goodies over time
She has been a blessing to me
And I truly have enjoying getting to know her over the years

You can check out her blog for her reveal post

 This year I was especially blessed to receive a package from

She sweetly put together a delightful fall package
Because we don't get much true fall weather
Here in the desert southwest
It was a treat to receive such a gift

Everything was wrapped so beautifully

So many lovely treasures that I am enjoying daily
Well, not daily any longer because the cookies are gone

Adorable tea cup and saucer
Love the colors and the warmth

Beautiful pumpkin which has fit in nicely with my d├ęcor 

Lots of pretty smells 

And Decadent Tastes

Thank you Michele
For Blessing my so 
With love and generosity 

Thank you Stephanie for putting so much love and time
Into these fun and friendship forming parties
I have truly enjoyed them
And thank you for allowing me participate

May you all be Blessed 
Until we meet again