Saturday, December 13, 2014

December Daily {12} & {13}

Hi Friends

It's been a busy couple of days
I wasn't able to post last night (too tired)
So you get two for one tonight

I was able to get all of my packages in the mail Friday

I was the recipient of a prize from Kris
At Junk Chic Cottage
A sweet tiny fur coat with a cute tote inside
And some terrific salted caramel cocoa
So blessed
I love paying it forward
So there will be some sweet surprises going around
In the next several days
Friday's piece of jewelry
Was gifted to me last year
It's difficult to see from the photo
But it is a tiny nativity in silver
 (added to my growing collection of nativities)
I love it!!

Then I attended the Singing Christmas Tree
At Foothills Baptist Church
My niece sang as well as 2 of her children
It was so precious
I may go again tomorrow ~ it was that good

Today has been a slow paced day
Doing some Christmas gift wrapping
As well as organizing my list and items

I found this really sweet bird cage the other day
It's hard to see from this photo
But I placed my birds on driftwood that 
I found on the beach last summer
As well as a small bird house
And a Christmas tree inside
It's sitting on my kitchen counter
I will attempt to get a better photo

No piece of jewelry today
Just working around the house today
So, I didn't wear anything special

That's it for the past two days
I am certainly enjoying being focused this year
Trying to be joyful in all things, at all times
Mostly, it's working

Happy December 13th from Arizona


A very sad update
The woman I mentioned that was shot 2 days ago
Passed away, she was only 19
Her 2 month old baby is expected to live
Haven't heard anything about relatives 
Not sure what will happen to the baby

No suspect has been found
They are not sure why she was in the area
As she did not live nearby
Please pray for the baby and her future
 Only God knows what will happen


Now I think I will watch the 1947 version of
Miracle on 34th Street


  1. Hi Cindy. I'm so glad your won the gift from Kris. Isn't she a sweet lady? Your bird cage is so pretty and I read back a couple of posts that I had missed. Looks like you had fun with the littles (love that name) and so did Mr. Sam. I think he looks like he enjoyed it., and glad your mom got good Dr. reports. That is always nice to hear..Hope you are having a good weekend and I imagine your weather is a tad warmer than here. Did I ever tell you my brother lives just outside of Wickenberg?..Judy

  2. Love your gift from Kris and that nativity necklace. Always fun to get unexpected things in the mail, isn't it?

    I am glad you got all your packages mailed. I did, too. That always feels good, doesn't it?

    How terribly sad about that mother and baby. I pray that baby is blessed with a good home and a family that love and cherish her. xo Diana

  3. Hi Cindy, What a wonderful gift from Kris and the nativity necklace is a treasure.
    I got all my shipping off on the 11th and it feels so good to be done and enjoying the season.
    So sorry about the mother passing away. Prayers for the baby.

    Wishing you a wonderful season and Christmas Blessings.

  4. Hello sweet friend. So happy you got your little tote and cocoa. That cocoa is so yummy. Enjoy!


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