Monday, December 8, 2014

December Daily {8}

Hi Friends

Welcome to the 8th edition of December Daily 2014

I thought I'd start with my piece of jewelry for today
Yesterday, my sister stopped by my house
And gave me this cute jingle bell necklace

It was a fun piece to wear today
It went perfectly with my outfit
And I got to jingle in the office All day

HA ~ I bet the staff was really excited about that :)

I plan on going through this small Christmas box
Looking for cards, tags and other fun stuff to use
While I get package ready to mail

I hope to have all of my packages in the mail tomorrow
So, They are on the table getting ready to go

I have been collecting Nativity sets
For about 20 years

I'm sure I have way more than 100 of them
I love to bring them out at Christmas time
But, in fact, I keep several out All year through

I love this sweet Santa holding the precious baby
My sister gave it to me 2 years ago
And I keep it under my tree 
As close to my chair as possible so I Never forget
What this season is Truly all about

Let us not grow weary in well doing
Let us bow down and adore our King
Today and Always

Blessings To All This December 8th


  1. Love that you had your jingle on today in the office with your new necklace. So cute. Have a great week/

  2. Your bells reminds me of my best friend. That's so her. I love that Santa figurine. It's a special was of explaining the real reason we celebrate. Good luck with the packages.

  3. I hope it put everyone in the spirit. That statue is precious! xoxo

  4. I have just a few nativity sets but treasure them. One is Precious Moments given to me years ago by my hubby. One that I have is all cats! Another homemade from wood and hand-painted. So cute. I just moved so not sure I will get my items up t his year. Still unpacking as only here 8 days so far!

  5. What a wonderful thing to collect! I love nativity sets. Whenever someone has a baby that is my gift to them- the Fisher Price Nativity set that they can play with and love on Baby Jesus and not harm a thing.

    You Jingle Bell necklace is darling! Your sister did good!!!! Bet the staff smiled all day (or not). xo Diana

  6. Love that you jingled all day :)
    I love the santa nativity. Love that Diana gives nativity sets to babies... so cute! Yep, I'm a nosy comment reader. LOL!

  7. Hi Cindy, I love seeing your Santa with the Babe-I have a kneeling Santa in front of the Babe and several ornaments with the same theme.
    Your necklace is so cute-probably put everyone in a good mood.
    Sending hugs and love,


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