Thursday, December 31, 2015

Birthdays, New Year, and Letting Go

Hello Sweet Blog Friends
Can you believe that it is time
To Celebrate A New Year
And New Beginnings
Isn't the saying true:
The older I get
The faster time goes by
Today would have been my hubby's
66th birthday
He has now celebrated 5 birthday's in heaven
(if they do that there)
But mostly
I have remembered him
For 5 birthday's here on earth
This year
My heart is ready to let go
Not of the precious memories that we created together
But of the 'holding on'
J. C. Watts once said:
"It doesn't take a lot of strength to hang on,
It takes a lot of strength to let go".
I believe that is very true
As I have prayed my way through
The past 5 years
And especially this past Christmas season
My heart has been strengthened
And is ready to 'Let Go'
My dear Mark,
I will always carry the precious memories
Of your smiling face, your silly grin
And your quiet voice
The 30 plus years God blessed us with
Are treasured and tucked away
In the depths of my heart
The tender moments
The crazy adventures
And even the silly disagreements
Our secrets are held together by God's love
Our hopes and dreams for the future
Securely locked in His Plans
You my Love
Will never be forgotten
But it's time to let go of the
Pain and Grief that have held captive my
Earthly future
The plans I know God still holds for me to take
You my Love
Are safely in your eternity
And now it is time for me
To live out God's plan
I have no clear view of this road ahead
I know that I have challenges to face
But I also know
I do not walk this journey alone
"The Lord has gone before me
And He will be my read guard".
Isaiah 52:12
I trust in Him
Happy Birthday My Love
Happy New Year to You
My Sweet Blog Friends
I'm letting go
I'm trusting God
I cannot wait to see
What HE has planned
Prayers to you All
For a Wonderfully Blessed
Creative, Healthy and Happy 2016

Sunday, December 27, 2015

December ~ Reflections

Well Sweet Friends
We have come near to the end of
This Holiday season and
The day is approaching toward a new year
As I reflect on December and 2015
I am thankful for the many new blog
Friendships I have made
And the on going ones that have been
Created over the years
I have been so very blessed
God has touched my heart in new ways
While guiding me through a season of change
2016 holds many unknowns for me
And possibly for you as well
I Know that my God Never Changes
His Love and Faithfulness
Will continue to guide our lives
I pray that as you navigated all the
Hustle and Bustle of the Christmas Season
You were able to take time to
Focus on the ONE true meaning of Christmas
Christ Himself
And as you pack away the d├ęcor
And prepare for a new year
May you Keep Christ front and center
In your life and heart
I know that is the goal for my year
To focus on Him
His Love
His Promises
His Faithfulness
His Sovereignty
His Tender Mercies
His Total Forgiveness
May YOU Be Blessed by HIM

Thursday, December 24, 2015

{24} December Daily ~~ Mark

My Mark
December 31, 1949
December 24, 2010
5 Years
Missed Every Day

Sunday, December 20, 2015

{20} December Daily ~ Linens

Hi Sweet Friends
Thank you for taking the time to stop by
I happen to Love linens
Mostly table cloths and quilts
But linens in general
Usually catch my eye
Although I cannot recall where or when
I purchased this piece
It's a four foot square table cloth
In my favorite colors
I don't know how old it is
Or what type of design it is
But I absolutely love it
And it's in the center of my Christmas table
This piece is a lap size quilted piece
It has all of the seams turned out
Which adds a fun texture to the piece
I found this a week ago at an antique mall
For only $15
I'm using it this Christmas season
On the back of my big black chair
I haven't been to Stein Mart in years
As they closed the one near my home
But I happened to see one the other day
So I decided to stop by
They had what was left of their Christmas items on sale
I spied this queen size Christmas quilt
Since it was the only one left in the store
And had to be removed from the bed display
I snatched it up for only $25
I also picked up the only sham they had left
I love that it is reversible with a red/white stripe
So I can use it any time
Not only at Christmas
I've been really under the weather the past few days
I guess it's the Christmas time yuck
I'm hoping to feel better tomorrow
Have a busy schedule
One good thing is that since I didn't really
Go any place this weekend except to work
I was able to get most of my wrapping done
And feel like I'm more ahead of the game (for me)
Rather that behind
I am going to attempt to get by your blog this week
My lap time crashed so I have to do
Everything in my office with my PC
Christmas Eve is nearing
The most difficult day of the year for me
I'm working so hard at focusing on others
Yet, my heart is tugging
May you enjoy all that is Christmas
This year and in the new year to come

Thursday, December 17, 2015

{17} December Daily ~ Selfless

Hi Sweet Friends

Not me
But my oldest son

The man who sits with his precious family

Twelve years ago today
A kidney
To his adopted father

I've shared the story previously
How he had left home
Never wanting to see us again
So we began to pray

"God whatever it takes"
To help him realize that our family
Is exactly where you planned for him to be 
Three short weeks later
Mark was diagnosed with complete kidney failure
His only hope of survival
A transplant from a perfect match
God had a plan
For 9 months later
Our sons perfectly matched kidney
Was transplanted to Mark
Which gave him
7 years and 7 days of new life
And our son
Well, he heard directly from the Lord
This IS the family I've chosen for you
God heard our prayers
Through trial
He brought our family back together
Never Give Up
And Now




Have a Hero for a Father
Who selflessly saved a life
And gives of himself daily
For his precious girls
Mr. A
Your momma will Always love You
And will Never forget your Gift of Life
And so it is with God
Who selflessly Gave Jesus
His precious Son
For us to have
Life Eternal
If you don't know this Jesus
Please allow me to pray with you
I'd love for you to meet Him

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

{16} December Daily ~ Personality Counts

Hi Sweet Friends

A Special Night for my Nieces' Children
They each had solo's in their church's 
Children's Christmas Program

I'm thankful that I was able to attend

First though
I found this vintage {1967}
Piano music book that I purchased for my sister
I gave it to her tonight
And told her she needed to have all the songs
Prepared for Christmas day singing

My Niece in Love
Volunteered to 'play' one of the ice breaker games tonight
She's a brave and fun soul

And now
It's the personality that counts
Here are my nieces three children
Each with their own personality
And their own solo in tonight's performance

Little Miss 'E'
The sweetest donkey ever

Mr 'Z'
The happiest kings attendant

The outfit he is wearing
Was made by my sister 
When her now 38 year old twins
Were very young
They worn them as did my boys
When they were young and in 
Church programs
Now our grandchildren are wearing
These same costumes.

Lot's of shepherds and kingsmen
In our family over the years

Miss 'G'
Better known as 'Mary'

During the most difficult of seasons
I'm so very grateful for these precious 
Memory Making Moments

May you see Jesus 
In the Moments God Allows


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

{14} {15} December Daily ~ Volunteer

Hello Sweet Friends

Another busy week has kept me
Away from my daily post

I have purposed in this season
To stay very busy focusing on others
And keeping my mind from wondering where it doesn't belong

Last night I went to 
The Neighborhood Christian Clinic
With my employer
She has been volunteering there for several years

A few months ago she invited me to go with her
And now I am going to become a full fledged volunteer
I have my application packet
And am ready to be official

It is a wonderful clinic
That sees low income families
For medical and dental needs
We will be going once a month
My employer volunteers her pediatric expertise
I will volunteer with the 
Non clinical aspect of the exam (computer documentation)

I am actually quite excited 
This is my first 'official' volunteer position
And I'm looking forward to it

You can read more about this great place

The days ahead are filled with activity
They are also filled with
Emotional anniversaries and challenging moments

God is faithful, loving 
And very gentle with my fragile heart

Believing He is Revealing
His Presence in These Days



Sunday, December 13, 2015

{11} {12} {13} December Daily ~ Catching Up

Hi Sweet Friends

It amazes me how quickly the days fly by
Here I am 3 days behind
On my December Daily

We are nearly half way through the month
As well as only 12 days from Christmas

I've been a busy girl

Friday night I went to 
Foothills Baptist Church
Where my niece and her family attend
They held their annual
Living Christmas Tree
My niece sang in the tree choir
Her hubby worked lights/sound 
And all three of their children sang
With the children's choir

Their oldest daughter Gabby
Had a solo 
She did a fabulous job
And has a beautiful voice at only 10

I love that the story of Christmas
Is Always told and the highlight of the show
This sweet baby had recently had surgery
However, you would not have known
Given it's beautiful temperament

Saturday took me to my mom's for the morning
I worked on her feet
Since breaking her hip several years ago
It's difficult for her to take care of her feet
So, I spent 3 hours on the floor tending to them

After a little break 
I got my little snowman buddy
So we could meet up with a couple friends
To take in a Wonderful night of dance

We went to the Chandler Center for the Arts
And saw The Spirit of Christmas
Performed by Christian Dance Company
3 joy-filled hours of beautiful dancing
And wonderful music
As well as great fellowship

Although I am supposed to go back to FBC tonight
It is 5PM and I have yet to get out of my pajamas.
I'm feeling a bit under the weather and have a busy week ahead
SO, I think I'm staying home tonight

I have been working around the house 
To clean, do laundry, decorate, and wrap some gifts

I am also enjoying my tiny Christmas tree
And the other decorations around the house

And because I am nothing if not honest
My desk is A Mess
And I don't really care
It is driving my nuts

So, that's where I'm heading now
Tackle the mail and bills
And maybe a quiet night of football and NyQuil

I'm hoping to stay caught up with my December Daily
Between now and Christmas

May you be blessed This Season


Thursday, December 10, 2015

{10} December Daily ~ Winners

Hi Sweet Friends,

The Big day has arrived
The winners revealed

After I share a couple of little cuties

I found the above ornament last year after Christmas
But forgot I had it until the other day
I put it on my desk
I think it's cute and makes me smile

Although I have pierced ears
I found these cute nativity earrings
And even tho they are clip on
I still think I will enjoy wearing them 
Over the next couple weeks

And Now

I set these three gifts out on my dining table
As I prepared to draw names 
For the GiveAway
I am So happy to announce the winners are:

Won the first prize

Lorraine from Flower Lady
Won the second prize

Won the third prize

Ladies, I will have your packages in the mail Friday
I hope you receive them quickly
And in time to enjoy them over the next few weeks

It is always a pleasure to read your comments
And know that you have visited my blog
You all bless my heart
And I wish I could give every one of you a special gift

For now,
Please accept my cyber hugs and wishes
For a Merry and Bright Christmas

Blessings to All