Sunday, May 31, 2015

There's Always Something To Do and Someone To Love

Hi Friends,

I thought you might be tired of seeing my Pool Wall Reveal
Check it out HERE if you missed it
So, I figured I had better put up a new post

I've been a busy girl since finishing the Wall

Thursday is granddaughter day
This past week we did art work and made pictures

K~Baby happily using scissors

And created a fun picture
Love her sweet face
 K~Bel was focused on glue and strips of paper

She also found the paper punches
And some fun stickers

K~Bug is always looking to create a card

She made this one for her Aunt
But I couldn't post until After the party

Since the pool wall is complete
I decided it was time to attack some of the 
Very Over Grown Weeds
When I saw some sticking up over my 6' gate
I quickly moved to get them down
As to NOT get a 'nasty' gram from my HOA

 Some of those weeds were 7' high
You can see that the 8 pool filter cartridges are still there
Bulk trash gets picked up next week
So everything will be placed on the curb next weekend

The weeds got so bad
I could not even come out my side garage door

Luckily this is the side yard that nobody sees
However, now that we are swimming it needs to be clean

After many hours of hoeing, shoveling, and raking in the 108 degree weather
This side is 90 % complete

And this side is 90 % complete as well
Now I just have to wait for the pile to dry out a bit
And bag it up for next week

Another fun thing I had the pleasure of doing
Was to do a photo shoot of my nieces oldest daughter
She will be 10 in a few days
And loves Softball
So her mom wanted to get a few nice photos
I only took 142 so hopefully she can find a few she likes
Here are just a few I edited last night

She's an amazing young girl
And a great subject to photograph

If you are not following me on FB or Instagram
Then you didn't see this

I found this Super pretty Christmas Quilt
Queen Size
On Clearance at Kohl's
With my regular discount
I walked out of the store with it for only $14.72
Ummm...Yes, I think I will

Well, that's it this weekend for 
Something to do, Someone to Love

May you be blessed this week with
Finding Joy in the Everyday things of Life

Monday, May 25, 2015

Back Yard Wall Reveal

Hi Friends,

Well, It only took my a couple of months
With a full time job and life I only had a few hours a week
To work on the wall

This is what my back yard pool area looked like last summer

Nice, but nothing special

I came to a point last weekend
That I was just done
Even though I didn't feel like 'IT' was done

I may do more work on it next fall
However, for this year
This is where I will be spending most of my free time
This summer

I'll let the photos do the talking

You are ALL welcome to come swim
Or just sit in my little piece of paradise 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Serve, Honor, Remember

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday, May 23, 2015

It's Almost Time

Hi Friends,

I'll post here the same thing that I posted on
Instagram and Facebook

I believe there comes a point with every project that you reach your threshold of tolerance. 
I believe I've reached that point with my mural wall,
Whether it is complete or not I am finished with it. 
I hope to have the reveal Monday night!

I am NOT and artist
I have NEVER taken an art class
Nor a painting class

And painting a mural of this size
Is HARD work

I'm just a girl
Who was tired of staring at a blank wall
While enjoying my backyard pool

So when I do reveal the mural
Please be kind and remember
Challenging yourself to doing something new
Is A Good Thing!!!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!!

Friday, May 22, 2015

A HUGE Thank You

Hi Friends,

I just wanted to send out a 
HUGE Thank You
To each of you that left comments
On my last post

Thursday morning
As I read the comments to my boy
He and I had tears in our eyes

Your words were so very encouraging to him
Which in turn encouraged my heart

I think he was concerned that everybody
Would tell him to cut his hair
But as I read the comments to him
He smiled more and more

His long hair is so much a part of who he is
And he just loved having so many friends
Support his decision to have long hair

I may be able to encourage him to trim it
Just to help it continue to stay healthy
But I do realize it IS his hair and his choice

My husband and I had two rules while the boys were growing up


They were always told they could do whatever they 
wanted to do with their hair
It would grow back
And believe me
They did crazy stuff
Dye, Bleach, Long, Short, Shaved, Permed

Someday I'll put together a fun post
With some of their Best hair styles

But for today
Thank you
You made my boy So Happy

Oh, and BTW:
My oldest got tattoos once he was married :(
Still no piercings- Yay
My youngest still lives at home
No tattoos or piercing :)

Blessings for a Super Weekend!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What Is YOUR Thought?

Hi Friends,

Here's just a quick Question

Below is my youngest son
Oh my, if you knew his story
You'd be in tears at how much God has worked in his life
And how much of a miracle it is
That he will be 30 in just a few weeks

Tonight I just have a question

He LOVES his long hair
I've gotten used to it
But I must admit I don't LOVE it the way he does

I have suggested that he get it trimmed a bit
But he is adamant that he doesn't want to cut it

He's been grown it for about 4 years

What is YOUR thought

It doesn't mean he'll do anything different with it
It just means: I'm asking the question

I'd love your honest opinion
Even if you don't think I want to hear it - LOL

I mean, he Is almost 30

OMGoodness - Where does the time go??

Sometime soon
Maybe his birthday
I'll share part of his story

Have a super Evening
I'm looking forward to reading your answers

Blessings to you all!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Certain Days are Harder

Today is one of the
More Difficult Days

Happy Anniversary To US

There is still not a day that goes by
That I don't think of him

I'm thankful for the 30 years
God gave us together
But I Miss Him

Thursday, May 14, 2015

It's Thursday ... That Means ...

It's Family Day

Hi Friends,

Because I have the privilege of spending time
With my granddaughters on Thursdays
I seem to always share kid photos on the blog

Tonight is no different

Mother's Day with my Youngest Son

Mother's Day
Me, My Mom, My Niece, My Sister

Awana Club Awards Night
My nieces 3 kids and My K-Bug
Cousins learning about Jesus Together

K~Baby, K~Bel and Cousin E

And the first bloom of the year
Yep, I'm a slow bloomer :)

May your Day/Night
Be More Than Blessed 
With All Things Good

Have a super weekend ahead!


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Happy Things

Hi Friends,

I hope you all enjoyed a 
Happy Mother's Day
And are walking joyfully through this new week

I stopped by one of our local Good Will stores today
I found this Longaberger Heart Basket

Longaberger baskets are signed
This one is from 2005
It is the Valentine Sweetheart Basket

It is in excellent shape
And still has the plastic separated liner
 And guess what I paid for it?

Yes, that's correct $2.25
I checked on ebay and found the same piece for $85.00
Not planning on selling it
But I was Happy to know I got a smokin' deal

AND...In other news

Some of you may know that I've had a desire
To become a Pastor for Many years
I don't necessarily want to lead a church
But I've wanted to head up women's programs
Be able to baptize and teach Bible studies etc.

It is true that many churches do not recognize women as Pastor's
But some do

Many years ago I began taking classes to become a Pastor
But I never finished, however I always wished I had

After Mark passed away I let many of my dreams die with him
Yet in recent months I have begun to feel led to 
Become involved in ministry again

I registered with a National Church

I just received my Credentials in the mail
I am a legal, licensed, registered Minister
I can marry, bury, baptize, etc
I received my certificate, license and clergy parking permit

Most people won't think this is a big deal
But friends

This is a Happy Day for Me

Now, may I encourage You to 
Find Happiness in something today

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Almost Ready for Summer

Hi Friends

I'm working on getting ready for summer
Which will be in full swing
Starting Memorial Day Weekend
That's when I will host my first Pool Party/BBQ

And I'm also preparing to Reveal my back yard mural

The first major thing I needed to do
Was to clean all the pool cartridges/baskets/salt cells

Here's is where I started when I got home from work today

I took everything apart
You can see those large cartridges in the back
I usually replace them every couple of years
Today was the day

Now That's Much Better
The cartridges (8 of them)
Are rather pricey so I clean them every 3 months
But I have to admit
I had not done it since last summer
So - Replacement was a Necessity
Can't let them go like that.....

Evidently my pool box got left open
And rain water filled the tool bucket
Yep - looks like I need to replace all my pool tools as well

She's all clean and ready for summer swimming now
I'll spare you the bloody details of what 
Lifting the top of the filter does to your hands

Wall Reveal in 2 Weeks
 I HOPE!!!

Thanks for joining me on today's 
After Work Project

Getting Muriatic Acid on a paper cut
The End...


Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy Birthday To My K~Baby

Happy Birthday
To my littlest K

I cannot believe you are already 3

You came into our lives
When Joy was hard for me to find

Oh Sweet K~Baby
You Make Me SMILE

You are Precious

And That makes me love watching your face
And wondering what you are thinking

Happy, Joy-Filled and Fun-Loving

You are My Sunshine

Happy Birthday Little Miss
Nana Loves you More Than the Stars in the Sky