Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy Birthday Mark

Happy Birthday Mark

Though we miss you here on earth

We know you are celebrating 

By worshiping our Lord

Every Single Day

Forever In Our Eternity

May 2015 Bring
In Abundance

Blessings, Cindy

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Wishing You...

 Sending Wishes
And Prayers
For A
Happy New Year
From My Little Family
To Yours

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Jesus

4 Years

Mark Wells Cain

December 31, 1949
December 24, 2010

Though the pain of losing you remains

The JOYS of living with you
Will tenderly keep my heart in Love

You Are Missed
Forever My Guy

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December Daily {23}

Hi Friends

I mentioned earlier in the month that December
Holds many special days
Today is another one
I woke my youngest boy up early
To give him a gift before I left for work

27 years ago today
Our little family walked up the stairs of the 
Mono Country Court House
Into the chambers of Judge Roberts 
And finalized the adoption of 
Jeremy Mellor
Who became
Matthew James Cain forevermore

From a 4 month old little peanut
To our now precious 29 year olde adult
He has blessed our lives with JOY
We are so thankful that God allowed this guy
To become a member of our family

I wore this fun little Christmas penguin today
He makes me smile

In recent years it has become a challenge to me
To seek JOY in every single day

I was so happy to find this sweet
Goblet with bottle brush trees on Etsy
That I purchased for the Christmas season
This piece is on my bedside table
A reminder to seek JOY every morning

When I purchased it
The owner of the shop also sent me
A fun ornament to match with the word JOY on it as well
Thank you Becky from Timewashed on Etsy
For your beautiful work

I love the blingy toppers

And, of course, the reminder of JOY

This is my final December Daily post
I will be back tomorrow
With a different type of post

You have been a blessing to my heart
As you have left your kind comments
And words of encouragement 
During a month that sends my emotions
On a roller-coaster ride

I wish you could hear my hearts JOY
As I read each word

Blessings to All 
On this December 23rd

Monday, December 22, 2014

December Daily {22}

Good Evening Friends

I wasn't going to post a daily today
I'm not feeling great
This little guy jumped up on my lap 
As soon as I sat down and made me smile

This is Sam
He belongs to my youngest son
But loves to sit on my lap at night
He is such a silly guy
We sure have fun playing with him in the evenings

Also, I wanted to share my piece of jewelry today
This is the sweetest necklace
It is the tiniest Christmas tree inside a tiny bottle with snow
I absolutely Love it
It was gifted to me last Friday from a co-worker
What a treasure 

I pray you are enjoying these final days before Christmas
I am so happy to have everything done
Now I can truly just sit back and reflect on 
The year behind and pray for wisdom
As the year ahead approaches

You, my blog friends, are treasured in my heart
I am so thankful for your visits and words of encouragement

Happy December 22nd

Sunday, December 21, 2014

December Daily {21}

Hi Friends

I'm pleased to say that All of my packages 
Are wrapped and put away for the Big Day

My supplies have been stowed away for another year
And the table is beginning to take shape
For the rest of this Special Week

I don't happen to be a big table scape person
But I do have Christmas dishes and napkins
I'll be adding a few other pieces
In preparation for our big Christmas breakfast

I'm loving my centerpiece
Using the pine cones I got from my MIL's home
I just added a bit of greenery and a few 
Brightly colored mini balls

I had to take a few photos of this set
Because I couldn't get a good full view
This nativity belonged to my Grandmother
It is probably 70-80 years old

Definitely a treasured set

I also got out the set that the littles can play with
It's so important for them to understand
The True story of Christmas
And hear it all the time from a very young age
I believe they learn and retain more
When they can touch, feel and play with the 
Members from a story

Just a couple of little items under the tree

And another sweet photo of Baby DJ
For some reason
They wouldn't let me keep him :)

Happy December 21st 
Many Blessings to you All

Saturday, December 20, 2014

December Daily {20}

Hi Friends
Happy Saturday
December 20th
Can't believe it's only a few days until Christmas

Today I have spent most of the day organizing and wrapping gifts
Here is how I set up

I keep all of my Christmas supplies in plastic bins
Here are my tags and labels

This one holds ribbons and bows

This one has a variety of items
A few of the ornaments I gave my grandmother years ago
Cards, mini bags and boxes, and fun little adornments

I keep plenty of tissue paper
Cello bags, Christmas gift bags and boxes on hand

Of course I need some basic supplies

And a small amount of wrapping paper

This morning I set everything up on my dining table
And then went to work
No sore back or missing items
It's kind of like an assembly line for myself

I dress rather comfy and warm
It was only 60 degrees in the house when I got up
When I asked my son if I could take him shopping 
Dressed like this
Ummm...he said NO

I don't know why
Doesn't navy, pink, purple, red, green, white and black 
All go together

Okay, I changed my clothes and put some makeup on
I guess I really don't want to show up in one of
Nana Diana's crazy Walmart posts

We did get our groceries
And then I changed my clothes back 
And finished my wrapping 

And Now ~ I get to introduce our newest 
Work family member

This is sweet Daniel Joseph
He is the first grandson of my employer
And he is absolutely Perfectly Precious!!

Have an Incredible Day/Night

Friday, December 19, 2014

December Daily {19}

Hi Dear Friends

The days are drawing closer and closer to Christmas
But I think I'm enjoying it more this year
Than during the past 3 years since my hubby passed

Although Christmas Eve is Always difficult
I wish I could just by-pass that day
However, it is an opportunity to strengthen my 
Relationship with the Lord
For that I am Grateful

I received the last of my ordered gifts for my grand daughters
My plan is to have everything wrapped by the end of the weekend
Wish me luck with that one

My jewelry piece today
Are these fun Santa earrings
I can't believe that I've still got a few pieces that I haven't worn
And, I received a gifted piece today that I will share on Monday
I totally LOVE all of my Christmas jewelry

I was talking with a coworker today
She has several Christmas sweaters 
It made me realize that with All of the Christmas jewelry I have
I do NOT own one single Christmas sweater
I do have several pairs of Christmas Jammies
So, as soon as I got home from work today
I put on my new Christmas nightgown
Soft white, with a sweet floral design and Red cardinals
So comfy and warm

The temperature has finally cooled here in AZ
Mid 60's during the day, mid/lower 40's at night
Although it is suppose to be 72 on Christmas day
Sigh, not really much wintery weather in the AZ desert

I'll sign off tonight with this quote from Charles Dickens
Because of who Christmas is all about
I do try to honor Christmas 
And the spirit of giving all year
It is a HAPPY way to live

Blessings to All

Thursday, December 18, 2014

December Daily {18}

Hi Friends

Only one week until Christmas Day

I thought I'd start today's post with a couple photos from last night
Since I wasn't able to post them yesterday

Above is my great niece
Who performed in her church Christmas Program
She did a wonderful job with all of her lines
And her sweet personality
She's also a very talented singer
I heard she received the MVP award today at school
What a great young lady she is becoming

After the program last night I had my son
Take a photo of me and My K~Bug
I just love this precious girlie

Today was Nana day
And we had a special guest come to play
K~Bel's Cousin "E"
They were born just 3 weeks apart 
And are good friends
Can you believe 2 - 4 years old girls
Could make such a big mess
They sure had fun
And I LOVE playing with them

Again, today I made sure to wear a fun piece of jewelry
And it was a hit with the littlest K
She loved my Happy Christmas tree
And kept asking if she could bite the candy cane
It really is a fun piece

As I was beginning this post
FedEx stopped by and dropped off this beauty
My bff sent to me
I believe it is a sweet starter piece for my 
Soon to be made over office
With a subtle beachy theme
I love how the lights shine softly through the windows
It's going to be beautiful in my office

And now for another special anniversary
Yes, December holds many Special Days

On this date in 2004
We walked into Mono County Courthouse
And into the chambers of Judge Roberts
He signed, with great pleasure, the final papers
To certify the adoption of our oldest son
30 years ago today
Donald Jay Moore Jr
Andrew Mark Cain Forevermore!!!!

And our family has never been the same
Though your name means:
Strong, Brave, Warrior, Manly
It will Always mean
to me

May everyone who reads this post be blessed with JOY

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December Daily {17}

Happy December 17th Friends
What a busy day it has been

First I want to remember a very heart touching anniversary

On this date 11 years ago (2003)
Our oldest adopted son, Andrew
Placed himself up on an operating table
And allowed a surgeon to remove one of his kidneys
In order to donate it to my Mark (his adopted dad)
That selfless gift gave Mark 7 years and 7 days longer to live

I can never thank him enough for his gift of life
Some day I'll have to rewrite the story here
It was truly amazing!

Today's jewelry
Jingle Bell earrings

Secret Santa Reveal Day 

No photos of the food 
That I worked Very Hard to avoid
But I did have a few bits of some 
Delicious comfort food
Some of the staff after they opened their gifts

More of the staff
We had such a blast 
We have such an awesome staff
It is so fun to work with peeps that you like

One of the providers had my name
She gifted me a handmade basket
In the perfect colors for my home
She has been such a great secret Santa this year
Thank you SO much
You truly touched my heart today

Now I am off to a play at our church
My nieces 3 children are performing
I can't wait to watch them

Praying you have a blessed night/day/week