Sunday, December 7, 2014

December Daily {7}

Hi Friends,

Wow! What a difference a day of rest makes
I feel SO much better today

After church and grocery shopping
I was able to do a bit more decorating

While I was in Bridgeport last summer
Visiting my MIL
I picked up several pine cones from her yard
I intended to make a wreath but that didn't happen
So I just put some of them in my dough bowl
And set them on my dining table with the sign I made a couple weeks ago

I pulled out a few of my angels
And set them on top of my hutch
The little red suitcase is a yard sale treasure
I do need to purchase a couple of candles
Two of the angels are candle holders
And two of them are tree toppers 

Here are a couple more photos of my newest find
I am really loving this little guy

He'll be a center piece this year

Since I have now lost 23 pounds in the past 9 weeks
(30 in the past year)
I began going through some of my clothes
It's time to let go of a few things 
That are just TOO BIG now :)
What a happy feeling
My son did the same thing
A few of these items are his

Today's piece of jewelry 
Is a sweet bracelet that is surrounded with
Angels blowing Trumpets
I suppose it's not the best photo
It is a really nice piece

I hope your weekend was Super
And I wish you JOY in the days ahead

Blessings ~~ Cindy


  1. So proud for you! I've lost 5 and I'm just as thankful. Last week our WW mtg was on the WHY we want to lose weight. It was an emotional one because some said, "Because I don't want my breast cancer to return. Because I want to play with my grandchildren. Because I want to feel better about myself." Mine was because I want to get off my medicines and see my grandchildren grow up and their children. I tell you everytime I almost messed up I thought of those babies. WW weigh in Monday night. Hoping to be under the 190. Long way to go but feeling like I can do if I can see that 189 or less tomorrow night. Visit by blog for a giveaway.

  2. Good for you Cindy!!! I lose, then gain... an endless cycle it seems. I'm so inspired by your weight loss. GREAT JOB!

  3. Angels are such a lovely collection, Cindy, and yours are so sweet. Love the little horse. He might deserve to hang around even after Christmas. Pinecones are so naturally beautiful, aren't they? It seems I have amassed quite a few, because I absolutely must purchase a bag of the cinnamon-scented ones each year. I have painted a few here and there, but they always seem to be their prettiest just simply piled in a bowl like yours. I tried something fun with them this year (to be in a post very soon) -- I laid an extra strand of white lights in the bottom of a basket and simply piled the pinecones on top. It looks really cool with the light shining up through the cones.

    Congratulations on your weight loss! That is so fabulous, and what a wonderful feeling to be able to get rid of those things that are "too big" now!


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