Sunday, June 28, 2009

Writer's Block~

Though I have never professed to be a writer ~ I am suffering from 'writer's block'.

I love writing and I have enjoyed blogging very much. Somehow though, as the days of summer have heated up (112 yesterday plus humidity), my brain cells must have melted. As I reread about my own donut binge I realized that I must have nothing challenging or purposeful to say.

Therefore, today I will just share a few photos of people and places that have touched my life over the past couple of weeks.

Andrew lives at his place of employment and the kids got a kick out of

playing on some of the tractors.

Swimming with my oldest son, granddaughter and Sally.

My niece was rejoicing in making her own birthday cake.

My friend and employer and I got pedicures while on vacation together.

This is my friend and employer who allowed my hubby and I and our son to vacation with her and her hubby. Here we were on the patio working a puzzle.

At my oldest son's house (trailer) with his Sally, our granddaughter and youngest son.

Hubby and I before we went to the Symphony.

This is one of my favorites. Matthew and Kori walking hand in hand back to
Andrew's house after playing on the 'equipment'.

Yes, I turned off all electronics BUT...I still used my camera:)

Considering time with family, pictures, and writer's block a real joy,

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Confessions Of A...

This is the email I sent to my good friend today!

I cannot tell you what is wrong with me...

'Cuz I don't know...


I have nearly single handedly eaten an entire box of entenmanns glazed donut holes...

In one day...


Worse than that...

I didn't buy them...

Or bring them to work...

Someone else did... And...

I didn't even ask...

I just ate...

These are the confessions...

Of a junk-food...

Sweet addictied...




Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'm Baaaack!!!!

A week to shut out the world:)

I not only survived ~


This past week was just what the doctor ordered.

And speaking of doctors ~

The one I work for is unbelievable.

I couldn't share much before my time away,

but my employer not only gave me a week off from

both of my jobs ~ she sent me, my hubby and son

to a resort for 6 marvelous days.

There is no way to express my gratitude

except to continue to be a Godly, hard working

employee who continuously remembers

that I work for the Lord in all things.

When I realize that everything I do is done

as unto the Lord ~ God blesses in

ways unimaginable.

I did miss visiting your blogs but

I did not miss spending time on the computer.

It was so refreshing to spend time with my husband and son

without the distractions of media in any way

(my son did bring his laptop but I didn't even peak).

I slept, swam, went to the gym, took some water aerobics classes,

read a couple books, and relaxed so much that I am

truly rested and ready to return to work in the morning.

I cannot remember a time in my life when I have felt so refreshed:)

I am so blessed!

As far as the future of this blog, well I am not quite sure.

I do plan on continuing but to what extend only God knows for sure.

I will skip Monday's Question this week and

will just see where the Lord takes me.

I hope to visit all of your blogs this week

while I readjust to my work schedule and

life back on planet reality:)

Blessings to you all!

Considering A Week Away With Great Joy,

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Monday's Question...A Little Early!

This is a super quickie post!

I am on vacation from work - ALL WORK - for the next 9 days.

I am shutting off the outside world and just vegging with God, my hubby and family.

No computer, internet or TV.


Have you ever done that before?

Have you ever turned OFF your electronics and just focused on God and the people in your immediate family?

That is what I am doing for the next 9 days - let's see how long it lasts.

I plan on seeing all of you for our next Monday's Question on the 22nd of June:)

Blessings to all!

Considering This With Interest,

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Monday's Question on The Lighter Side!

I can't believe it has been a week since I last posted.

I would love to tell you it is because I have spent so much time pondering last week's question with the Lord or that I've been spending hours reading scriptures, praying and seeking answers for my future but in reality it is because I have been working too many hours and when I do finally get home, as late as 11:30 pm, I am just too tired to turn on my computer.

It could be that is how the Lord is going to lower my computer time ~ just make her work her fingers to the bone so she won't want to get on the computer ~ He's funny that way sometimes.

I've been thinking about this week's question for a couple of days. Because last week's question was a bit intense, at least for me, I wanted to lighten up this week, so here it is:

In light of our economic fragility this year, have you made changes in your vacation, summer plans? What are you going to do with the kiddos? Do you have vacation plans?

My husband and I did not travel last year due to the economy and this year, due to the fact that he is no longer working, we will not travel again.

I am trying to think of inexpensive ways to enjoy the weekends or other days that I may take off this summer. I have not taken any time off work in two years and am in need of some R&R.

We do not have young children at home but we do have a 23 year old 'special needs' son who lives with us so we need to keep him in our plans. We also care for our 4 year old granddaughter two nights a week therefore we cannot be gone for any length of time.

Also, due to my husband's illness, he cannot walk far or enjoy things that involve too much physical activity. Hmmmm??? Sounds like we will be staying home:(

Please share your summer plans so I can live vicariously through you:) LOL!!

Considering Vacation Time Joyful,

Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday's Question and Another Winner!

Hi All,

I'm a bit behind on posting my Monday's Question but better late than never.

I'll get straight to it.

Have you used blogging as a substitute for interpersonal relationships?


Yes, that is the question.

This is a very difficult question to ask but an even more difficult one to answer.

If you have read my blog at all there is one thing you know about me: I am nothing if not honest about life and what I have faced, especially in the past couple of years. That is what makes this question difficult for me to answer because honesty opens the door to vulnerability. There are those who read my blog whom I would maybe prefer NOT know some things about me but here I am.

Although I have been a sales director with Mary Kay, a Women's Pastor at a fairly large church and am currently the Women's Ministries Director at our sweet small church, I am generally a very shy person. It has always been difficult for me to make new friends but once made, I keep them for a lifetime. But in the past two years, after an extremely emotional and devastating separation from our old church, I have retreated and had a very hard time making new friends. There are days when insecurities cause my mouth to lock tight, and other days when getting out of bed seems nearly impossible. My mind wants to be friendly and join in conversations but my body becomes paralyzed with fear of being hurt again.

I have sought the Lord and His healing power. I can work without any hint of fear but when it comes to making new friends or getting involved in new things I just freeze.

Blogging became a part of my life a year ago as a means of journaling my experiences with loss and grief. I didn't really think I would make friends but I have and I greatly enjoy hearing from other bloggers as well as reading your posts. However, it has set up the perfect opportunity for me to have relationships without the concern of having my heart ripped out again.

Thus, in recent months the Lord has been speaking to my heart about the amount of time I spend blogging, on facebook or emailing in general. For me, unfortunately, the answer to this question must be yes, I have used blogging as a substitute for interpersonal relationships.

There, I said it, can I be done now?

Not so fast! When the Lord poses a question to my heart He usually doesn't just want a trite answer, but a heart-felt one covered in prayer and surrounded with honesty and a willingness to be transformed. This week I will be praying for myself in response to this question and for you. But I am sure that I am the only person who has this issue, right?

I am not quite sure where this leaves me. I am prayerful that God will adjust my blog time and number of posts. I will say that facebook will probably be a thing of the past though. For now I will be seeking my Jesus and His answer to this very question.

You may not want to answer this question publicly. You are welcome to email me or just let me know if it made you think!

Considering Monday's Question A Joyful Thing!

By The Way ~ The Winner of My 1 Year/100 Post is Debbie at HeartChoice. Congratulations and make sure you all stop by her blog for great Fitness Friday Tips.