Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Olympics are Over

Hi Sweet Friends

Wow, it has been a while since I blogged
I attribute that to a few things
1. The heat of summer has gotten to me
2. I'm still struggling with anemia
3. The Olympics has been going and I have been addicted to watching every moment of inspiration that I can. What a joy to root for each and every person who worked so hard to achieve their dream. True commitment and Work Ethic - LOVE

Since I am back on the ol blog
I thought I'd share a fun and crazy fast 60 hour trip

One of my besties and I got in my car and drove West
All because I wanted to do this:

Put my feet in the Sand

Meet my blog friend Carol from ArtAndSand
And see her cute 'she shed'
Meet her hubby and of course Lulu


Sit by the fire and enjoy a delicious meal

Take photos of the ocean crashing against the jetty

See some really cool things along the shore

As well as a few 'oddities'
I should have brought this rock home - too funny

Enjoy a beautiful sunset

Be Rebellious
Do something the sign says NOT to do
Because I could

Put my feet IN the water

And eat things that should be illegal to eat

60 Hours
Great Friends
The Beach

I do hope to get around to visit blogs in the next few days

Blessings to all!