Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cooler Air

As you can tell, I haven't blogged for a week.

We have been away enjoying the cooler air of Flagstaff, Arizona.

Phoenix has gotten so terribly HOT and we needed a break.

If you think we were just sitting around, lounging and enjoying the pool, you are wrong.

We enjoyed several days of fast paced, hard work.

Our son Matthew was involved in the Copper State Horse Show.

What an event.

This is only his second show and his first B Rated Show.

I am absolutely amazed at how much he has learned since he first began taking lessons last September.

I believe more will be explained by just sharing a few pictures.

12" cross-rail jumps

With his trainer Kristin after the first competition

He and his horse Bose with his first day ribbons

A special thank you to his horse

Matthew won 5 first place ribbons and the overall chamionship of his division the first day.

The second day he moved to a higher division and won 1 first place and 2 second place ribbons.

You should have seen his smile:D

We can't thank Kristin from Silver Lining Hunters and Jumpers for all of her hard work dedication to our son and her program. Matthew has blossomed and is thriving due to her commitment to see kids learn not only riding skills but skills for life. Riding and all that goes with it has become therapeutic, not just for Matthew, but for our family.

You Kristin, are our HERO~~

When I think about the day the social worker placed Matthew in my arms when he was 4 months old and gave me the limited prognosis for his life, when I think about the day at 5 years old when Matthew was kicked in the face by a horse and lost all of his front teeth, when I think about the day we nearly lost Matthew due to a ruptured appendix, and then I look at this young man today well, a more proud and grateful mama you could never find:)

Considering The Love For Our Kids With Joy,

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Answered Prayer!

The news we have been waiting for has arrived.

After nearly 8 long months of working 4 jobs, I may be able to quit one of them.

The letter reads: Approved!

No denial, no appeals process, just approved.

It seems that Renal failure/transplant are automatic approvals for disability.

Yes, that is right, my husband was finally approved for disability.

But how can such sweet notice be met with such bittersweet response?

It seems while I am doing the HAPPY dance,

My husband is feeling less that Happy.

I never thought about how this would affect him.

My husband is a born provider, nearly a work-a-holic.

Now, with this news, he is face to face with the reality of never being able to work again.

Though we knew he couldn't work, there is just something about seeing it in black and white.

Now the true adjustments begin.

Or, haven't we been making those all along?

God walks us through the journey.

He doesn't move us from point A to point Z.

Daily our lives are being moved around the playing field like pawns in a game of chess.

Us making moves and God rearranging our movement (as we listen to His voice) to get us where he ultimately wants us:

Check Mate!

He captured us!

He captured our hearts!

He captured our hopes, dreams, and lives!

He captured our love and attention!

Check Mate ~

Captured ~

By a Loving Father ~

There is no other place I want to be!

Considering Being Captured With Joy,


Sunday, July 19, 2009

A "Messy" Book Review!

Let God make something beautiful out of the messes of your life.

Here’s hope for every woman who worries she isn’t good enough or doesn’t do enough to merit God’s affection. With warm authenticity, Lisa Harper takes readers on a story-driven study of select Psalms, providing a clear picture of how God’s incomparable love transforms messy lives into gorgeous works of grace.

Caught up in the self-imposed pressure to do and be all the things they think a Christian woman ought to do and be, countless women are working desperately to convince everyone, including God, that they have it all together. Few have any idea that the Creator of the universe looks at them with delight even when they yell at the dog, drive a minivan littered with French fries, or think bad words about that rude clerk at the store.

A Perfect Mess offers hope to every woman who yearns for a vibrant relationship with God but worries she isn’t good enough or doesn’t do enough to merit His affection. With characteristic authenticity, speaker and author Lisa Harper shares poignant stories from her own imperfect life to showcase the real-life relevancy of the Bible in the lives of modern women.

There is Freedom for women hidden throughout the verses of God's Word. Dig in, take a bite, savor the sweetness and enjoy the refreshment of the Psalms while coming to terms with our imperfections and His Redeeming Grace.

Author Bio:
Lisa Harper is a master storyteller whose lively approach connects the dots between the Bible era and modern life. She is a sought-after Bible teacher and speaker whose upcoming appearances include the national Women of Faith Conferences. A veteran of numerous radio and television programs and the author of several books, she also is a regular columnist for Today’s Christian Woman magazine. Lisa recently completed a master’s of theological studies from Covenant Theological Seminary. She makes her home outside

To purchase your copy of A Perfect Mess go to: Random House

Friday, July 17, 2009

Here we go again!


You may find the photos below gross
Do not look if you don't like open wounds

After one year of visiting the Wound Center on a weekly basis

We thought we would never have to go back

Mark has been, for the most part, wound free for nearly one year

A couple of months ago he had a tiny little sore on his leg

Now it looks like this

We are praying for closure
So it doesn't start looking more like this:

Wound of 2007/2008

A kidney transplant is a wonderful treatment

for Renal Failure

And...We are grateful for 5 1/2 years that we

did not think we would have

But the side effects of immunosuppressant's

can be as difficult as dealing with the kidney failure

In all things

We Praise the Lord

For He is Good

And He is God!!

Consider it pure joy, my friends, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. James 1:2-4

We continually search for Good in ALL Things

We continually See God's Blessings

While we are being made mature and complete:)


Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday's Question!

Here it is, short and sweet:


Yes, that is the question.

What does it mean?

It is summer.

We are all so very busy making sure our children and families enjoy every moment of their summer break. We certainly don't want to hear our children say they are BORED!

We pack our cars and take short trips, go to the park, swimming pool, beach, McDonald's play area, amusement park, library, any place to keep our kids busy, busy, busy.

Then if that weren't enough, we go on vacation - nope - those things above weren't vacation - they were just things to do. Now we are off for a REAL vacation! Seven to fourteen glorious, event filled days. Running here and there across the country so our children can tell everybody 'What they did on summer vacation' when they get back to school.

And, just in case those little darlings do get bored, we can always invite every child in the neighborhood over for a swim party, BBQ and sleep over.

By the end of summer, mom is exhausted, the finances are depleted, and the kids are still bored.


Have you taken time to be quiet before the Lord this summer?

Have you stopped to smell the roses, daffodils, or gardenias this summer?

Have you stopped to thank God for the blessings of life?

Have you stopped to just look into the eyes of your loved one and tell them face to face how blessed you are and how much you love them?

Have you stopped to just read a book, sit at the dinner table, or play in bed with the kids in the morning?

My list could go on and on but the question is simple:


Considering Stopping from time to time Joyful,

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday My Little Angel Bug:)

In the early hours of the morning of July 12, 2004
through sleepy tear-filled eyes we welcomed
Kori Alexis into the world, our family and my heart.

I cannot remember a more precious moment,
even the thought of it now takes my breath away
as my eyes become moist with tears.

It is hard to believe that 5 years have passed.

So many treasured moments have been shared.

Today, with joy, I say:

Happy Birthday To My Little Angel Bug:)

Nana loves you so much.

I cannot imagine our lives without you.

I treasure every moment we are together,
And miss you terribly when we are not.
You are a gift that only God could give.
You are so loved.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Sometimes God says NO to miracles!

Sometimes God doesn't answer prayers the way we think He should.

Sometimes we just can't understand.

Sometimes we suffer great loss.

Sometimes our hearts are torn by pain.

Tonight, the miracle we were praying for did not happen.

Tonight, I don't understand.

Tonight, loss is hard.

Tonight, my heart is aching and tired.

Tonight, I thank you for your prayers!

Tonight, when I close my eyes to rest

I Still Trust God 100%

Because, tonight,

God still sits on the Throne,

Is still Father,

Is still Son,

Is still Holy Spirit,

Is still Lord,

Is still God,

And Continues to Love!

Tonight, I Love Him more than ever!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Prayer Request!

And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19

I do believe with everything within my being that God supplies all of our needs.

It is not my habit to ask for anything unnecessarily.

It is not my habit to ask for anything out of selfish ambition.

It IS my habit to go before the Throne of God

when a need is pressing my heart.


Tonight, I seek Your face for a miracle.

You, my Precious Lord, know the need before us.

You, oh Lord, can hear our hearts cry.

On my face I seek You.

On my knees I lay my request.

Openly and Humbly

I pour out my heart and ask You to intervene

Where only You can.

Tonight, Lord, we need a miracle.