Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sibling Photo Shoot

I am participating in a short 3 session
This week we were encouraged to attempt a Sibling Photo Shoot

This evening was rather impromptu
And I didn't get any good 'together' shots
But here are my
Most Favorite Girlies of All Time


I just Love These Girls
I wonder what we will have next?????????????

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lunch Wars Review

Who remembers those lovely green rectangle lunch trays?  You know, the ones that were filled with small compartments for each of the food groups.   Meatloaf in the large one, potatoes, green beans and a square of cake or Jell-o with the hard dollop of cream topping, and then of course the spot just for your milk or if you were really lucky chocolate milk.

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to travel back in time a bit while reading  Lunch Wars by Amy Kalafa.  What an eye opener. 

Working in the medical field (pediatrics) I consistently see overweight and undernourished children. My thought process has been, why do parents give their children so much junk food, fast food and soda? Well, this book written by the producer/director of ‘Two angry Moms’ has given me more to think about than to just look at the parents/family.

The rise of weight issues, ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Behavioral Disorders, and the like in our children is alarming. While reading Lunch Wars I was forced to look beyond circumstances and delve deep into pesticides, chemicals, hormones, and additives. It is no wonder we are a society with so much illness.

Amy has put much thought and research into this project and I commend her for doing so. It is imperative that we begin to truly look into what is being consumed by our young people. If you care at all about the health of the young people in your life, reading Lunch Wars will not only bring back memories, it will also help you to create a healthy environment around you.

Unfortunately, habits begun at an early age are difficult to break, as I am full aware due to my own upbringing. After reviewing Lunch Wars I am going to commit to work on changes in my own eating habits, by reading more labels and eating at home more often, as well as paying attention to what is given to the children in my life and how we communicate healthy choices to the patients we see daily.

You can join the discussion
"This was a paid review for
BlogHer Book Club but the opinions expressed are my own."

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This Place

So much I'd like to say
So much I'd like to share about this place
This quiet emptiness
This hollow

But tonight 
My words are few
My thoughts, too numerous to count
This place~I am waiting

Saturday, September 24, 2011

9 Months but Moving Along

Today marks the 9 month point
Since my hubby met Jesus face to face
I was going to stay in bed and wallow in pity
But it was just too boring
So I got up and starting taking some action

A couple of weeks ago I posted
Some not so flattering photos of my house
And tonight I get to post a couple
That are a bit more, 'clean' shall we say
Remember this

After today it looks more like this
Not quite finished but almost

Remember these shots
Yes, I was really sleeping in my bed
With clothes and stuff all over it
And my bathroom was a frightening mess

It's possible I may go to jail
After posting this but...
 Yup, I did a little cutting :)
And a LOT of cleaning
Now my room/bathroom look like this

 I think I will sleep well tonight

I miss my Mark
And I don't know that I will EVER get over losing him
But God is doing a work in my heart
And little by little
Giving me Hope for A New Tomorrow

Considering Clean~A Good Thing,

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Another First

In my attempts to get out of the 'PIT'
I find myself making first time choices

Since I am not lovin' the new Facebook
I thought I'd post here :)

Who will help me get my life back on track

Many sacrifices will have to be made
But it's time to put money and action
To my 'wants'

So, here we go
Time to get healthy

Considering A Challenge Before Me,

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tackling The List

I am so blessed to have my sister live nearby
She came over Saturday and helped me clean
One of the lingering projects I had on my list
Was to clean the fan I use in by bathroom
It has been neglected for sososo long
I'm not sure the photo does the dirt justice
But at least I got it clean and now
I can use it without sneezing :)
Very simple project I needed to do
Was to get rid of this
This heart wreath has been on my front door since February
I look at it nearly everyday
And say to myself
I need to take that down and put up something new
Holidays have past
Yet is still resides on its weathered post
Until today that is
I stopped by Tilly's Attic
And found this for less than $7

Now my front door has caught up to the 'season'
Now if the weather would just cooperate :)

And, no photos included
But my bathrooms were cleaned from top to bottom (hehe)
So now I can forge ahead with some more
Tackling in the next few days

Considering Even The Smallest of Tasks Completed
With Great Joy,

Monday, September 19, 2011

Where There Is A Glimpse

With the passing of time
She sets foot outside the doors
Only to find death surrounding her
 She wonders if life will ever hold meaning again
Or if her broken heart can ever be repaired
There are just some things which cannot be fixed
Sometimes it is too late for hope to be restored
Walking through the yard
Though searching with all of her strength
There are no signs of life to be found 
 Lawn, trees, & plants
Have all been left to die in the summer's heat
Without water or care they cannot survive
Perhaps it is time to 'dig' up and walk away
Yet with one more turn
Something catches her eye, a glimpse
There in the center
Just a small bit
Yes, can you see it
Somehow there is life in the midst of death
And upon further inspection
She finds one more glimpse
Of what lies ahead
In the midst of death
She finds life, beautiful life
Bathed in sunshine and light
With the passing of time
God is returning what the enemy stole
Hope for a new tomorrow

Considering Life Again,

PS: Yes, unfortunately all of these photos were taken in my yard on 09/17/2011
There is MUCH work to do
But at least there is hope

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Few Shots from the Week

 Story Time with K~Bug
 K~Bel choosing her book
 My mom and Kitty (it doesn't really have a name)
My nephew S
From 1948 when my dad was 13
 My mom and her 'baby' youngest son
 I think my son #1 really IS a HillyBilly
A sad case of Photo Phat
But I had my hair cut and I colored it for the first time in nearly 20 years
 My son #2 Rides Again
And he can still jump as well

That's it
I have several posts planned for this week
So check on back:)

Considering A Week of Photos, PHUN!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

If Not Now...When???

I've been asking myself this question for a couple of days

It seems lately I have garnered a new habit of

What have I been 'putting off' until tomorrow
Well, just about everything

My home is a mess
My weight in reaching new highs
My garage is over flowing with boxes and piles of 'stuff'
My pool is turning green
My landscape is turning brown
Project after project are left unfinished
My camera sits unused
My blog/365 blog have been neglected
My Bible sits unopened
And my heart closed and in denial

If not for the knowledge that my job (of which I love)
Pays the bills
Some days I just wouldn't even get out of bed

Though it has been nearly 9 months
Since my Mark passed away
The past 2 months have been the worst
I believe the shock has worn off
And the numbness is gone
Reality has settled in
And I have crashed from the weight of it all

So as I have pondered these words
If not now...When
I realize that I need to make some changes
And NOW!!

I won't sit here at my computer and pretend to have the answers
I can't tell you what changes will be made
I can only say that
With prayer (yours and mine)
I believe the changes are on the horizon

I think it's time to start living again
Mark would be disappointed in my (now)
In my choices
And in my thoughts

So, to honor the memory of my Mark
I choose to Live Again

Oh...And if you have any
Suggestions, Tips or Encouraging Words
Yep...I'll treasure them all

If not now...When?

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Where you were
What you were doing
Being glued to the television

Images which are burned into your heart
Sadness, Shock and Fear
To pray for lives lost that day
And in the years which have followed
As many continue
To fight for our Country
To pray
To Believe
To cling to Hope
For a Brighter Tomorrow
With the rest of the World

Friday, September 9, 2011

Meet Sam

This is Sam
When we first got him
In the summer of 2009

 Sam is #2 son's dog
Yet when I am home
He follows me everywhere
Including atop my desk when I'm working

Sam is 3 1/2 years old
A mix of Chihuahua, Terrier and Pomeranian

Sam Loves attention
And treats
Kind of like me :)
This is Sam tonight
Not atop my desk
But right next to me as I type
He's a bit bigger than when we first got him
But he's just as cute (in a doggie kind of way)
And still loves the attention

Thank you Krista
For allowing Sam to become a part of our family
He brings much needed joy

And now,
I'm thinking about going to the
PetCo Adoption Event in the morning
Do you think Sam will mind?

Considering It All Joy,

Thursday, September 8, 2011

God Cracks Me Up

I'm telling you
God Just Cracks Me Up

Remember my post from yesterday
You know, the one where I can't believe I showed you
Photos of how dirty, messy and wrecked my house has become
Yeah, That one!!!

Well, Guess what came in the mail today

 I laughed so hard when I read the top
And then almost cried when I looked at the photo of 'me'
You bet...I think I may just enter this contest
Lord knows
I sure could use some help around the old homestead

And Guess What Else
We Have A Walker :)
Our K~Bel is walking
Come chase me Nana!!

Considering It All Joy,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I can't believe she posted that...

Honesty is the Best Policy
Truth is Hard to Process
Reality is Sometimes Ugly

 Though the outside may seem perfect
The inside is falling apart
 The heart is broken
The center lost
The peace is gone
The joy buried
Along with a life once lived to its fullest
 Can you see it there
Amidst the stacks and piles
Pain, grief, loneliness
 Inability to function
Unable to process
 The loss so great
Even the smallest of tasks
Left undone
 Disillusionment and Disappointment
Cover her like
A fog rolling across the oceans
Hope fades
Emptiness prevails
Honesty is the Best Policy
Truth is Hard to Process
Reality is Sometimes Ugly

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tonight we finish off our 4 part series on The Estate
We have focused on our assets during the first 3 parts
So tonight we will focus on our liabilities

It is not just important to protect what you own
It is also important to know what you owe
And be aware that if you do not have a will,
Your estate will go into probate and all liabilities
Need to be paid off

Remember, in some states even if you have a will
The estate will still go into probate
Please check you state laws and regulations

Just like we did with our assets
Make a list of all debts
Whether they are consumer loans, credit cards,
Personal loans, mortgage, or any other balance on an account
You also want to list other debts such as
Utilities, insurance, property taxes, or anything
That you pay on a monthly basis

I have found that keeping this type of list handy
(even if you are not the person who pays the bills)
Will help when the need for transition arises

Additional items to think about

Do you want your estate to make a donation to your church or charity
Will that come off the top after bills
Will that be mandatory for each beneficiary named

If you have young children
Who will care for them and how will the estate manage their care

If you want any specific items to be given to individuals
It is best to have that written down and kept with your will/trust

What do you want your loved ones to do with pets if you have them

As we get older
It is definitely time to sort through our 'stuff' and
Get rid of anything we really don't need
Let me tell you what I've learned
Our kids want Very Little of what we call Treasures
I have found with my boys
That there were precious few items they wanted
After their dad died
Mostly, they wanted the memories of his love for them
And the photos we took

I hope some of this has been of benefit to you
I realize that it is Not a subject we often want to discuss
But I also believe it is important to have these discussions
And make arrangements before something happens

Blessings to you all,

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fun with Friends

I just spent some time with good friends
While we made laundry soap
 Sometimes I think I'm a little nuts
And certainly do not take great photos
 But this was actually fun
And NO that is NOT Cheese
 Supposedly each of us now has enough laundry soap for 9 months to a year
And it wasn't very expensive
Find the recipe here
Now go find a couple of friends
And have yourself a little FUN :)