Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Dail {2}

Here we are for another installment of
December Daily

Today I had the pleasure of taking 3 of my many boys Shopping
Because It's almost Christmas you know
And...I'm cool like that :)

I actually wore 2 pieces of Christmas jewelry today
But I'll only share 1
It's this fun jingle bell necklace that I wore tonight
With my nightgown 
At our annual office Christmas Party

Which leads me to the next photo 
And another 'happy heart' moment

As a gift to the office staff
Our Leader/Boss/Doctor
Invited an artist to come over and teach us all to paint a fun picture
Sweet umbrellas in the rain
And guess what?
It was actually raining while we painted tonight
Thank You MJ :)

We also had a fun gift exchange and a bit of stealing
Always a highlight of our night

And although I didn't get any photos
Mr Shelly cooked us a Fabulous Meal
He is the BEST home chef I have Ever met
And feeds us all So Well

It was a super fabulous day {2} of December
Enjoy your night
See you tomorrow 



  1. Very cool! It would be fun to go to a painting class... maybe one day.

  2. Hi Cindy,
    So happy it was such a great night for all of you. I know you were looking forward to it. Love that it was raining while you painted your umbrella paintings. Too sweet.


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