Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Bel

Today is My Beautiful K~Bel's
1st Birthday
Where does the time go?
Here are just a 'few'
Of the 156 photos I took on Saturday
At her party:)

 Having lunch before the crowd arrived
 Always drinking her water
Gift Time
 A Cookie Monster Cake
 Checking out the candle
 I can't believe you are eating MY cake
 Testing It Out
 What a Mess
 Now What
 Isn't she just the cutest
 Between my sister and I
We have 7 grandchildren at this point
They were all at K-Bel's Party
All of them are between 1 and 7 years
Only 1 Boy :(  Poor Z

Considering The Joy of Grandchildren,

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Estate Part 3

Welcome to The Estate Part 3

Tonight we will talk about

A trust is not something you absolutely Must have
Yet, it is something that is extremely helpful
When you do face the unexpected

Mark and I decided on a Trust and Living Wills
about 12 or 13 years ago
It changed the way we handled our finances
And gave us a sense of peace
When it came to the management of our estate (ha)
If something ever happened to both of us

We also needed a trust due to the fact
That we have a disabled child who needed
A Supplemental Needs Trust
In place to take care of his needs after we are gone
(If you have a child with special needs, on SSI or SSDI
or who receives services from the state or government, you definitely
need a supplemental needs trust)

Our trust encompassed everything we needed
Which included our wills, powers of attorney and 'living' wills

I do believe it is important to have an attorney
Execute your trust because there is a lot to it
It can be a bit pricey
However, from the experience I have recently
Lived through, it is well worth every penny

The Most Important thing to remember when putting a trust together is:
Funding The Trust!!!!
I cannot stress enough the importance of this step
There is NO sense making a trust
If you are not going to fund it

When Mark passed away on Christmas Eve
I didn't have to do anything with our existing assets
Everything automatically became mine
They were funded into the Trust
If they had not been I would have had to go to probate for them :(

Every state is different
In Arizona I did not have to file any paperwork when Mark passed
Although you do have to file a death certificate to Social Security
Check the regulations in your state!!!

I am more than willing to answer any questions you may have
Or get you in contact with someone who can help
Just email me directly

Next week we will finish this little series
With a few more important things to have at your finger tips
When the need arises.

Considering The Importance of Being Prepared,

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Busy Filling The Voids...NOT!!!

It was a busy weekend

Friday night I went with some friends from church
To 'Faith and Family Night'
At Chase Field

We took in a Diamond Back's Game

 D~Backs Won 5/0

There was a great fireworks show

The night ended with a
Toby Mac Concert

 After a full day of work
Getting home at 11:45 pm
Was a bit late but I had a great time

Saturday was also busy
With a party for my youngest Granddaughter's
1st Birthday
I took 156 photos and will
Share a few of them on Tuesday
Which is her actual Birth Date

Saturday evening I met a couple for
Frozen Yogurt at Orange Leaf
I can't believe we talked over yogurt
for 2 1/2 hours :)

Sunday morning was filled with
An Awesome Worship Service
And then home to babysit
This sweet cutie

The kids stayed for a few hours
Had lunch and just relaxed a bit

I spent the next few hours
Cleaing up around the ol' place
And now a little while on this computer
Before I absolutely Crash!!

It was an absolutely 'filled' weekend
With wonderful friends and family
Yet at the end of the day
My heart is ever so lonely
And longs to be filled

Nothing can fill the void left by the loss of Mark
Nothing except for allowing the Lord into the quiet places
Allowing Him to be my husband
And friends...
To be totally honest
I'm not exactly sure how to do that
And it's a scary place for this woman to go

Considering Tonight,

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Don't Want to Scare You But....

Christmas is only 4 months away!!!

What happened to the year?
I remember these photos from this post last year
I had intended to go through all of my
Christmas decorations and only keep the best

 It was less than 2 weeks later that my
Sweet and precious hubby went to heaven

I'm not sure about the decorations for this year
Since  (in my months of numbness after his passing)
I decided to throw much of what I had away
I'm not even sure if I kept any lights

Maybe that is just as well
Time to start some new traditions

Have you done any shopping yet?
I have noticed that all of the 'hobby' stores
Are in full swing for the holidays

I'm sure I'll be spending some time here,
here and here 
and maybe even here 
(because they always have cool stuff at great prices)

Above all else
I will be spending lots of time here
Without it
There would be No Christmas
No Peace for today and
No Hope for tomorrow

Considering Christmas With Bittersweet Memories,

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The one where she doesn't share her heart....

Marks the 8 month point
Since my hubby went to see Jesus

But instead of sharing my broken heart with you
I chose to do a little project

I got some 'Happy' mail today
These cool can organizers
So I went to work on my less than organized pantry
(oh how I wish it were larger)

 I have become a bit lazy in my caretaking responsibilities
Over the past 8 months
My cupboards have become quite a sight

At least now
I know what I have and what I need

I got some other happy mail today as well
See that cute lookin' chic sitting on the stairs ----->
She leads you to my 365 blog
Check out what else I got today :)

I think I'll just spend some time
Thinking about how much I miss my Mark

Considering 8 Months a Long Time

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Estate Part II

Welcome to The Estate Part II
Planning for the future nobody wants to acknowledge

Tonight I will share some MUSTS
That cost little or no money
However must be a part of your plan

But first I will recommend that you do make one purchase
Purchase a decent sized
Fire Proof, Combination Lock Safe
This is where you will keep all of the important
Papers which will become your Estate Plan

Now, on to the MUSTS

You can purchase will kits at places like Barnes and Noble or on-line,
you can also prepare a simple will on sites such as Legal Zoom
Everything you own needs to be addressed in a will of some sort

Here are some of the items/accounts you need to address

Autos/Recreational Vehicles
Checking Accounts
Saving Accounts
Money Market Accounts
Mutual Funds
401k, 403b, Investment Accounts
Income Property
Personal Belongings (especially those with a higher dollar value)

It is best if you have all important information related to each item
Name, Address, Phone number of Bank or Financial Institution
Account Numbers
Beneficiary Information
If everything is not going directly to the spouse
Have a list of specific items that are to be given to whom

Please make sure your parents and grown children have wills
It's a tough talk
Yet, it will save lots of hassle down the road

Answer the Question:
Who is going to care for our children
Should we both pass away???


Another MUST
Is having power of attorney for each spouse

It is important to have both
Medical and Financial Power of Attorney
There are many occasions where these
Need to be in place even if someone has not passed away

If a spouse or parent become unable to make decisions
For any of a number of reasons
You may have to make some tough decisions in their place
Please take care of this Before it is needed

I believe I have given you enough information for tonight
I will be back next Monday with more including:
What important papers you Must have copies of and
Trusts and how to fund them

You are welcome to contact me if you have questions:)

Considering This Important For All of Us,

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Day Filled With....

Enjoyed my morning
Worshiping at Adventure

I Always enjoy
Spending a couple hours with
Little K-Bel
After church so her mommy and daddy
Can enjoy Worship Service


Was able to spend a couple
Of hours with my mom
Went to lunch here
Here favorite because she LOVES breakfast
She also took home a
Beautiful looking Lemon Pie:)


Then I had the pleasure of taking
A meal to a friend/co-worker
Who had back surgery 2 weeks ago
I took a meal from here
It sure did smell delicious

But then...

I got the sad news
From my dearest friend of over 30 years
That her sweet and precious momma
Met Jesus last night
Of course we rejoice in the knowledge
That Jean is with the Lord
Yet, I feel the deep sense of loss
Going through Susan's heart tonight

Considering A Trip To Texas May Be In Order,

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sharing My Friends

Tonight I would just like to share a few of my friends with you.

They are each talented and gifted writer's whom I have grown to love and appreciate.

Each of them have their own bent in writing yet each speaks directly to the heart.

Leah Adams at The Point Minitries

From The Trash Pile to the Treasure Chest

Elaine Olsen at Peace For the Journey

Peace For The Journey

Amy Cliptson, Amish and Christian Fiction Writer

Gift of Grace, Life of Joy, Roadside Assistance, and more

Alene Snodgrass At Positively Alene

Dirty Laundry Secrets, I'm a Fixer Upper, as well as numerous articles

Lisa Whittle

Behind Those Eyes, The 7 Hardest Things God asks a Woman To Do, and soon to be released {W}hole

Lisa Buffaloe

Lisa has been featured on numerous radio programs and will soon be releasing a devotional of Joy and Laughter


SomeDay :)

If you stop by any of these blogs/websites please tell them I sent you but I am in No way receiving any compensation for this post.  I truly believe that each of the women above have Godly wisdom and words to share for Life Today.

Considering It A Blessing To Know These Women,

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What are Your Thoughts?

Have you seen any of the newest
Reality TV shows
About Kids

In this program
The mom's are a horrible example
Of proper relationship building

Would you do that to your child
Or grandchild just so they can win a crown?

This is very similar to Toddlers and Tiaras
The parents are rude
And again disgraceful
Examples of how to build relationships
And teach your children respect

Would you spend $32,000.00
On your child's birthday party?

I've popped in to a few of these
Shows recently
And I must say
I am shocked at how parents act
What they are willing to spend
And What they Say in front of their children

I definitely will NOT be
Allowing my granddaughter's to
Watch any of these programs

Of course,
These are just my opinions

What about you?
Am I the only ogre in the community?

Considering Some Reality TV
Not the kind of Reality
I want my family to Live,

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Estate Part 1

Truth be told
I am very aware that this is a subject
That None of us wants to discuss

Yet, as I continue to walk through
The recent loss of my husband
I have found it more and more
Comforting to have taken the time
To have this discussion
And make plans for our future

Over the next several weeks
I would like to take you through a few
Decision making 'helps'
Which hubby and I used years ago
That have made this Huge transition
In my life
Much simpler

I encourage you to put your discomfort
Regarding this subject aside
And venture with me
Over the next few weeks

Homework for this week:
TeeHee :)

Write down every single financial account that you have
Individual or Joint

In Part 2
We will discover what information is important
To have at your fingertips
If the need ever arises

Also, on a side note
Thank you to those who commented on my last post
The letter has been written, prayed over
And is ready to mail :)

Considering Estate Planning,

Monday, August 15, 2011

Tonight...I have a question

Short post tonight!

Just a question that I am seeking some answers to!

I have an acquaintance whom I have known for about 3 years.

Recently she did a job for me which I paid for.

I am extremely disappointed with the results.


How do I tell her?

I do not want to hurt her feelings yet I am very discouraged that I cannot use the final product.

I don't think she ever reads my blog but I would rather not mention what project she did for me here.

What would you do???

Really!  I want to be extra kind but I'm frustrated at the unprofessional results!

Thanks so much, Cindy

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Attempting to Settle In

Hi Friends

I thought I would share
Just a few more photos
From my recent trip to California

Son #1 met his birth sister in 2005
She has become such a part of our family
It was so wonderful for her and her family
To meet us at my MIL house
For Mark's Memorial

 We spent a little time at Twin Lakes
One of hubby's favorite places
There were deer everywhere
These two were just having a little lunch
Down by the lake

 Here I am with all my granddaughters
They are so very silly
But I love them all

And Great Grandma
Who got to meet the youngest
       3 girls for the 1st time

This is Son #1
His birth Sister
And all of their girls

Son #2 with his little dog Sam
They are such great travelers

Now that the above mentioned trip is over
I am attempting to settle in
To this new life without Mark

There are great days
And very difficult days
Yet, each day I feel the presence and peace of the Lord

Thank you for sharing these last 7 months
With our family
As we have walked through
The worst season of our lives
We are stronger because of your prayers!

Considering It All Joy,

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Think I Have The Rambles.......

I think I have a little case of the Rambles....

 Thursday night I met a few friends here

 We enjoyed some DeLish Frozen Yogurt
And a night of Laughter
Ahhh...some great medicine

Friday night I went here
With another friend
We had dinner at the Ko~Sin Restaurant
And ate the most wonderful
Dinner and
Fabulous Desert Ever!!!

I am home enjoying some quiet time
Son #2 is spending the weekend
Somewhere NE Arizona
With a friends family at their cabin

I am wondering WHY it is so difficult
To throw away my favorite sandals
They have worn out their welcome
And their worthiness
Yet, they have not made it into the trash

They need to GO!!!!!

I took this photo the other day
From my backyard

Nobody but our God could create
Such Beauty

And now
I will just continue to enjoy
Some much needed quiet

Considering Ramblings With Joy,