Friday, February 15, 2013

2 Tickets To Paradise

Well, not exactly 2 tickets
More like
1 rental car, 3 people, and several hundred miles

And, not exactly Paradise either
More like
Palm Desert, CA
Which was as close to Paradise as we could get on this trip:)

Day 1 took my mother, my son and myself
Driving several hundred miles
In a rented vehicle
(because my car had a fit the day before we left)

Beautiful weather
Leisurely drive
Food stops and laughter

Day 2
Lots of time in the great outdoors
At least outside our room on the beautiful patio
Which overlooked a gorgeous golf course
Jammies on early and lots of rest

Day 3
Lots of shopping
Cabazon, CA Outlet mall is one of my Favorite places
Coach and Brighton our favorite shops
Even my son enjoyed his shopping excursion

Day 4
Since my mom and son were making plenty of remarks about my 'snoring'
(I have Never heard myself snore)
They bought Pink Ear Plugs
To help them sleep
Oh My Goodness

Oh, Did you notice my mom's hair?
I cut it today :)

Day 5
We ventured into Palm Springs for the day
Can you believe who we found?
Yes, a larger than life Marilyn Monroe
Who recently traveled to CA via Chicago
I guess she likes to travel
Mom Loved It!!!

Here we are with our Day 5 Photo
Out side our Resort room

Day 6
It was actually quite rainy
We were supposed to go into LA
The road were just awful and we were instructed to just stay put
Staying put was a bit boring so we found
An nearby Mall to spend the day at
Yep...More Shopping

Day 7
We actually did stay put
Sort of
We drove back to Palm Springs
Drove by a few of our favorite locations
Which we enjoyed many times while I was growing up
(Palm Springs was our family fun spot in my young years)
We did a bit more shopping
This time
At the local grocery:)

Day 8
Found us traveling home in the rain
We did stop at Quartzsite, AZ
I've wanted to visit their town wide
Flea Markets/Swap Marts for several years
They are only open from Jan - Mar
So this was my chance
Didn't purchase much
But did enjoy getting wet and looking at all the fun stuff

On This Trip
I sat here
On the Patio
With my feet up
Enjoying watching silly adults play golf

I laughed a LOT
Rested more than Enough
And enjoyed time with my mom and son

2 tickets to Paradise?
I'll just take 3 adults to Palm Desert
In a rented vehicle for 8 glorious days of FUN!!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

I Promise

I'm going to update my blog


I Promise!

Soon :)