Monday, December 15, 2014

December Daily {15}

Happy December 15th Friends

I can hardly believe it is mid December already

Today started with these happy flowers
And super cute bowl sitting on my desk
At work when I arrived

I'm not positive if it's from my secret Santa or not
But I sure do feel spoiled this year

Today's piece of jewelry 
Is one I purchased at a yard sale last year
For only a couple dollars
I wanted to take an extra photo of it
So you could see all the charms

This bracelet is very vintage
I'm not sure what the charms are made of
(Pewter, lead or pot metal)
But they sure are cute
It's a bit heavy but was really fun to wear today

It was a busy day at work
So this evening I decided I would
Put on my Christmas jammies and socks
Put my feet up

Enjoy opening some Christmas mail
And watch Monday Night Football

Do you have a team you are rooting for tonight
I know Many friends (Julie, Brian, Kris, Lisa, & Jenny)
Who will be rooting for DaBears tonight!!

Whatever you choose to do tonight
Make sure you take time to reflect on All
God has blessed you with

Blessings To All From Cooler Arizona


  1. Who are DaBears? lol We are all about The Packers here in Green Bay!!! Love your cute bracelet and your flowers and polka-dot holder. xo Diana

  2. Ha Ha Cindy DaBears are so sad this year!!!! Poor Terry to endure this season but he is still a die hard fan and will always root for his Bears!!!! Got to give him credit to still cheer on his team this year with their sad performance.
    Love the cute bracelet. Glad you put on your Christmas Jammies and enjoyed watching the game.

  3. What a sweet surprise with the flowers. A cute charm bracelet and PJ's with your feet propped up in comfy socks... perfect!

  4. Hi Cindy, Love the bracelet-how cute! We watched a little of the game last night, but are true Broncos fans so those are the games we won't miss.
    Hope you are having a blessed day today dear friend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  5. Hi Cindy, Love your darling bracelet.
    Love your cute jammies and taking time to relax and put your feet up.
    Cozy Christmas goodness.


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