Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December Daily {16}

Hi Friends,

Happy Day
Today's Daily post is all over the place

In November 2013 I got new neighbors next door
AND, cable wires running through my front yard
I've complained as I've tripped a few times
This is what I came home to today

My front/side yard torn up
Hopefully it won't be torn up too long
Last time they did this on the other side of my yard in 2012
It was torn up for several months

Above is another piece of Christmas jewelry
That I bought at a yard sale a few years ago
It is a 1995 House of Lloyds piece
It matched my outfit so nicely today

This is a close up shot
Just so you can see it better

Here's a bit of random, all over the place for you
I sleep with 6 pillows
Just in case you wanted to know :)

My bosses daughter had a baby today
Hopefully I'll have permission to share a photo tomorrow
It IS a Happy Day

Although it's only 6:00 pm
I already have my 
Rudolph jammies on
And my candy cane sockies

I pray your December 16th has been great
And you found JOY in something simple today
(like sleeping with 6 pillows)

Blessings To ALL


  1. SIX PILLOWS!!! That is a lot. I have one pillow under my head and one to cuddle up to. My 2 cats take up a lot of room on the bed so other pillows would not fit!

  2. Oh my! I'm sorry about your yard... at least it's during the winter, hopefully it'll be finished by spring??? New babies are soooo sweet and smell so good. Enjoy! and I sleep with 1 pillow between my knees... and a very flat pillow under my head. Fluffy pillows make my neck hurt, in case you wanted to know :)

  3. Not the best time of year to have your yard torn up. :-(
    I'm glad there were some other bright spots in your day!
    Merry Christmas,
    Mary Alice

  4. Cindy, we've had our share of 'issues' with neighbors...not fun! Hope your yard doesn't stay like that for long.
    Love your cute socks and jammies :)


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