Monday, April 29, 2013

A long overdue restoration update

It was my intent to update my total mouth restoration
Every quarter
Oh well...

The above photo was taken July 18, 2011
The day I had my braces put on
At age 52

This was taken tonight
Now at 54
21 months into my total mouth restoration
I am SO excited with the progress
My teeth look really yellow; it's just the color in the photo...
However, since you cannot use any type
Of teeth whiteners while you have braces
I will admit
I can't wait to get them off
And have my teeth Whitened :)
Only a few more months.....
I hope!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Sunday, April 7, 2013

10 Days in Photos

 My K-Baby
 My K-Bel
 My K-Bug
Learned to ride her Bike
 My Mom on Easter
 My mom and 6 of her 12 Great-Grand Children
 My mom with my 3 K-Girlies
My Bel playing the Egg Game
 Kids made a remembrance
 With an Empty Tomb
 My Bug as 'Nancy' the 50's waitress
 Mom and 2 of her grandchildren
Mom, me and my girlies 
 Mom, my sister and some of her kiddos
 Mom, my youngest brother and his family
 Mom and her 2 girls :)
 Mom and 1 of her Grand D-I-L's
 Mom with friends of ours since 1971ish
 2 of our kiddos doing a talent show for us on Easter
Busy, Fun, Beautiful Week