Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Mail ... AND ...

I was so excited to win a blog contest recently over here! Chocolate and Books, what a great blog, anyway the book arrived today...Happy Mail!!

I think someone is trying to tell me something...

Now I need to get busy in the kitchen!!

Thank you Cindy Baum for hosting!


A friend has encouraged me to join her and many others in getting out our camera and posting a photo a day for the month of June. Since I have had little to say lately, I am jumping on board and plan on following the 'calendar' along with them.

I only recently purchased my Canon T2i so this will be a great practice time for me. So, get ready because for the next 30 days this blog will be my play gallery:)

Considering June with Joy,


Sunday, May 22, 2011

I DID IT !!!!

As I got into my car, hands filled with plumbing supplies, tears filled my eyes.
Home Depot is not the place I usually cry but this trip was hard. It was the first Home Depot trip I have made alone to purchase something I needed for the house since Mark's passing. Home Depot was the place we always shopped together. There was nothing in me that wanted to make this trip except for the need to replace our garbage disposal which broke just a few days after Mark passed.
Living without it was becoming troublesome, especially since that side of the sink would no longer drain and it began to have a stench associated with it.
I've been watching too many Hoarder programs and one thing I have noticed is that most of them (the hoarder) became hoarders after a tragic event. They begin to not care about their homes and cleaning is the last thing on their list of 'to do's'. Fixing plumbing or electrical issues is also something they ignore. I DO NOT want my television debut to be on Hoarders so I thought replacing the disposal was becoming a priority.
So with tears streaming down my cheeks I came home and began the project.

The first priority was to gather ALL of the necessary equipment and parts for the job.

And I mean ALL ~~~

This is what I needed to replace. It leaked all the time so that blue bowl was the water catcher (I have since thrown it in the garbage).

First task accomplished ~ Removed the old disposal.

Next, I needed to do a little electrical work ~ attach what was in this package

To the wires coming out of the new disposal

Do some good old fashioned caping and taping ~ making sure ALL connection were color coded correctly and tight fiting.

Everything is now taken apart and ready for the new disposal and 'stuff' to be inserted.

I really did do this by myself with the help of my favorite youngest son.
New disposal complete with electrical connections.

Putting everything in place.


It took about an hour I upgraded to a 3/4 HP instead of 1/2

Thanks to MJC who handed me tools, parts and held the flashlight

He also got to plug it in

It does work, no leaks and nobody was injured in the process

So I sat on the floor and cried again!

There is still nothing in me that wants to live this life without Mark

But I am so grateful that he was the kind of husband who encouarged me
to work along side him through our 30+ years together

Now, I believe I have earned myself that sprite and a little TV time

Considering An Accomplishment With Joy,

PS: Thank you Home Depot Staff for helping to make sure I got everything
I needed on the first trip :)

No services or donations were received for this post, I just LOVE Home Depot

Monday, May 16, 2011



I have no words...

May 16, 1981

The Good Days

The Bad Days

And Even The Silly Days


Happy 30th Babe

I SO Wish You Were Here...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Glamorous Job

I bet you have always thought that the life of an Administrator is a fun, exciting, and glamorous dress up time!! I bet you are wrong:)

What I did today!

First off I wore denim capris! Our dress code does not allow jeans but today I cheated (I suppose that is what you do when the boss is out of the office for the day) LOL! Actually, I believe that if your business or work place has a dress code then you are to follow it! And I usually do but today...well...today I had WORK to do!

I drove my hubby's little truck to work!

Oh! My truck is SO dirty and needs a Bath ... Any volunteers???

I took a ladder with me!

I made a quick trip here to get fluorescent lights and batteries.

I replaced 12 lights as well as batteries in our lab timer, and 2 pulse oximeter machines. I ordered batteries for the audiometer because for some reason they all decided to die at the same time.

I carried 13 boxes like this to my little truck and took a trip to our business storage unit. While there I rearranged all of the boxes so I could get to the ones (6) that needed to be returned to the office so the contents can be shred!!

By then I had a dehydration headache and took (1) Excedrin and managed to eat a little lunch.

After lunch I unloaded new shipments at the office, priced, labeled and restocked the shelves.

I had the 'fun' job of destroying 2 PC's! So much fun! If you ever need to take out any frustrations, that is the way to do it. I needed to make sure that the hard drives were completely destroyed so lets just say I enjoyed using a hammer and very large screwdriver:)

After accomplishing a few other tasks I decided that I 'stunk' and needed to leave the office a bit early!! LOL

I absolutely LOVE my job!! I never get bored and always get to use my more 'macho' skills!! But, not to worry, come next week I will be back in my girly clothes, seated at my desk, crunching numbers, writing schedules, and the like:)

Now I am home, cleaned up and waiting for my mom to arrive.

These next few days will be difficult as it was the time period that hubby and I had planned to take our 30th wedding anniversary trip. Mom will stay a few days and then it will be a quiet weekend. Monday the 16th would have been our 30th!! A few friends from church are going to take me to dinner for which I am Very grateful!!

I don't usually ask for too much for myself, but I know I could Really Use Prayer over the next 5-7 days!!! My heart is broken but I plan on trying to remind myself that we had 30 wonderful years together!

Considering Glamour on the Job with JOY!!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Going For It!!

There are two things in my life that I truly regret!

1. I regret that I never went to college and worked for a degree.
To many people that is just not a big deal but I have always felt incompetent and 'less than' because of that decision.

2. I have always wanted braces. I dislike my smile because of my crooked teeth. So many would say that is foolishness and a waste of money, it's possible I would agree to a point yet it is something, that in these days following Mark's death, I think about regularly. Maybe it's a way of self medicating or covering some sort of pain, I'm not sure; I only know I made an appointment.

All of my adult life I have cared for my children and husband. My children both had braces and in the later years of hubby's life we spent $$$$ for dentures for him because his teeth were so badly affected due to all of his illnesses.

I suppose I'm just saying it's time for me!!


Remind me when I am crying in pain that I really wanted to do this!!!!

Considering This Choice With Joy (I Think)