Wednesday, December 24, 2008

He Held Them All!

*Update Below*

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This will be my final post of 2008. It is time to reflect and rejoice in the blessings of the year and look ahead to the future by spending time with God and my family. I hope you will have the time to read a few of my December posts about my sweet guys as you await my return.
I love everything about Christmas. From the importance of the nativity (by the way, I collect nativities and have about 80 of them) and the gift of Christ to the shopping, wrapping , baking and even Santa, there is just something rather magical about the Christmas season. But this year I have decided not to do a traditional Christmas post or message. I want to share with you something that God has done in my life in hopes that this Christmas season you will not just meet the Baby Jesus but will meet the living Son of God.

This post will be the most meaningful to those of you who know me well and especially those who walked 'Behind Those Eyes' with me. But my prayer is that for anyone who reads it, you will be blessed and see why I love Jesus so much.

He Held Them All
The dam so carefully constructed of metal, brick, mortar and concrete stood proudly as it held back the waters which flowed from distant places to this one vast collection spot. It was a beautiful dam which was built over time with patience and hard work. Day after day, month after month, year after year, piece by piece, layer upon layer was crafted and precisely positioned to stop the natural flow of waters. When completed the builder of this vast masterpiece beheld it's beauty and marveled in the accomplishment.
Each day the builder would proudly boast of the greatness of what had been built.
However, unbeknownest to the builder, beneath the lapping waters trying desperately to be free, small stress fractures were breaking down the mortar and weakening the dam. Little by little, spot by spot, cracks began to appear. The builder frantically tried to patch every crack but to no avail. Eventually a leak sprung and water began to seep through a tiny spot in the dam. Then another and another. With every crack the builder would carefully and urgently try to stop the water from leaking through the dam.

Finally, it was just too much for the builder to keep up with and the dam came crashing down as the waters broke through never to be held back again. The builder sat in dismay as the creation which took years to make was now in ruins. The builder stared at the waters now flowing freely and was mesmerized. The builder's eyes began to see the waters in a new way, not something that should be held back but something that must be free. The waters seemed to be dancing with joy as they flowed through the valleys and across the obstacles in their path. They rejoiced in their new found freedom.

And so it has been with me. The dam I had built to hold back years of tears cause by hurt, pain, rejection, bitterness, anger, saddness, and even joy has been destroyed by my creator.

With love, grace and mercy, God has day by day, month by month, year by year, piece by piece and layer upon layer removed the dam I created to free up my tears and...


My creator cares for and carries my burdens. He is real and gentle, loving and forgiving. The Baby wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger whom we celebrate at Christmas is the same Jesus who lives today and cares about every tear we shed. I had built a dam around my tears and my heart. As proud as I was of it's beauty God knew it was not what was best for me so he gently and patiently (very patiently) began to tear down the dam which held not only my tears but everything that cause those tears to be held and now HE Holds Those Tears!!!

I rejoice this Christmas in the freedom God has given me. I rejoice in the love, grace and mercy He has shown me. I rejoice in the Baby and I rejoice in the Crucified and now Living Christ.

It is difficult to grasp the vastness and completeness of God but if you just catch a glimpse of Him this Christmas season, I am absolutely positive He will change your life.

My prayer this Christmas season is that you find and know Jesus in a new way. I pray that your knowledge of Him would become a love for Him and that you would fellowship with Him. We are the reason for the season. If it weren't for us and our sinfilled nature Jesus would not have come to save us. He came for us. He came for me. He came for YOU!! Open your heart to Jesus this Christmas, not just the baby but the Savior!!!

May the peace which is God's be yours today and always!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Considering Everything Joy!!!

*I just had to add a couple pictures from Christmas
and a statement that melted my heart*
Christmas Eve Family Photo

This picture was taken when Kori reached over to give her daddy a hug and said:

"Daddy - you are my best Christmas Present Ever"

My Nana heart just couldn't hold back the tears. She melts my heart!!

More after the 1st!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Meet Matthew ~ Our Miracle!

Matthew James Cain, born Jeremy Mellor June 23, 1985, came to join our family on November 1, 1985 as a foster child. His adoption was finalized on December 23, 1987.

I began praying for Matthew months before he was born. We knew his birth family and it was not a healthy situation for any child to be born into. When I began praying for this unborn child I never know that he would end up with our family. I often wonder what would have happened to him had I not begun to pray.

We received a phone call in October 2005 asking us to take this little boy until they found a suitable institution for him to go to. Matthew, we were told, was deaf, blind, paralyzed on one side and would never walk, talk, or function in society. The social worker said she didn't even expect him to live a year but they just needed a temporary place for him to stay. Of course he came to our home a few days later and we have never looked back.

Matthew's therapy sessions began the second week we had him and included, physical, speech, occupational, and the like. We had people in our home nearly everyday until the school district started a pre-school program when Matthew was 3.

Needless to say, God did work a miracle and Matthew is not deaf, blind or paralyzed. He does have some mild developmental delays but he is a healthy, happy, and a smart young man. Matthew graduated from high school 2 years ago and has since taken 2 college courses. He loves video games and computers. He works at a local grocery store, and has been there for over 3 years. Prior to that he worked at Jason's Deli. He has several friends who all enjoy the same things, video games! (Here is a picture of him with some of his video game buddies.)

Matthew was the co-president of Best Buddies and was afforded the opportunity to travel to Houston, TX where he met Anthony Kennedy Shriver, the founder of Best Buddies. What an honor to represent the state of Arizona. He has traveled to Washington DC and Mexico on mission trips as well as a wonderful trip with a teacher and two friends to New York City.

Matthew enjoys reading about presidents and things that happened in th 1800's. He also loves California as wishes we would move back there. (Probably not going to happen). Matthew is the kind of kid everybody just loves. He is pettit and sweet, has a great smile, and a cute shyness about him.

This year Matthew has taken up English style riding and loves it. We knew that horses were a love of his when, at 5 years old he was kicked in the face by a horse and then proceded to go out to the horses, after hours of surgery and days of recovery, and kiss and love on them again. He has already begun saving his money to buy a horse and will be entered into competitions this next year. He can't wait.

We are filled with gratefulness to our God that He chose Matthew for our family. Our lives are richer and our relationships deeper because of him. He has caused us to be more compassionate and loving toward things that are different and we have learned to accept all that God has chosen to put in our path. Our journey with Matthew has not been an easy one but it has been rewarding in ways we never would have imagined.

I hope you have the opportunity to meet this very special young man.

Considering Matthew All Joy, Cindy

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Celebrate Andrew ~ Our Lifesaver!

***Update: Today 12/18/2008 is the 25th anniversary of walking into Judge Roberts chambers and signing the final adoption papers to officially make Andrew a part of our family. Andrew, you have brought so much joy to our lives - I can't wait to hug you tonight!***

Today 12/17/2008 is a day of celebration in our home and the perfect day to introduce you to our son, Andrew!

Andrew Mark Cain, born Donald Jay Moore Jr. on November 24, 1981, came to join our family August 29, 1983 as a foster child. He was the cutest red headed, freckle faced little boy I'd ever seen. From the moment I laid eyes on his picture I knew he would fit perfectly into our family. And, as it turned out, he has. Andrew's adoption was finalized on December 18, 1984 and there was no turning back.

Andrew is the most giving, non-judgemental, personable young man I have ever met. From the time he really began speaking we just couldn't keep him quiet. He could talk to anybody about anything and he still does today. There is something about him that just attracts people. Andrew is a rough and tumble kind of guy. He likes dirt, grease, and junk. Fishing, hunting, and outdoors are fine with him. He likes fast, fast, and fast. He couldn't live without a bicycle or motorcycle (Yikees!). When he played baseball they called him 'WildThing'. He loves a challenge!

Andrew does not love clean, tidy, or neat. Just ask his mom! (He probably likes them, just doesn't do them!)

In 1999 and 2000 Andrew was blessed to travel the United States with a youth ministry. They were able to minister to thousands of kids all across this great country of ours and see many lives changed for eternity. What an awesome opportunity he had. He went places and did things that most of us only hope to do. I know he will have many jewels in his heavenly crown because fo this trip.

Andrew is also a life saver. He was secretly tested in 2003 as a possible kidney donor for his adopted dad and turned out to be a perfect match. With great hesitation, we agreed to him donating one of his kidney's to Mark. We worried about his future health, but Andrew would not take no for an answer. He literally did save his dad's life. For that we are eternally grateful. And today - 12/17/08 - we celebrate 5 wonderful years since that transplant!!!!!

But we are also grateful to our precious Heavenly Father who so creatively selected Andrew to join our little family. I could not imagine my life without him being a part of it. He has brought so much joy to our lives. He is funny and loves to laugh. He loves 'Dukes of Hazard' and cartoons.

Andrew has also kept us on our knees. No, he is not perfect. We spent many sleepless nights during his teens and early twenties praying, seeking God for his wisdom on how to help Andrew. Through much fasting and prayer we now see the fruits of God working in Andrew's life.
Today Andrew is serving the Lord at a local church, has a great job. He is a daddy to the most beautiful little girl in the world and living a respectable, happy life.

I am sure I could fill up a book with Andrew stories but I'll save those for later posts. Today I'll just add that Andrew is a treasure and a joy. I hope someday you have a chance to meet this wild and crazy guy with a heart of gold.

My dear sweet Andrew, today I thank God for you. You have filled our lives because of your presence. You have loved us, hated us, made us laugh and made us cry. You have kept us on our knees and close to God. You have also given us 5 extra years of memories because of your unselfish act of devotion and love toward your daddy. I pray that we have offered you love, devotion, joy and a lifetime of beautiful memories. Though I could not understand the future all those years ago when I was dealing with infertility and a hysterectomy at 26, I certainly understand now. God wanted you in our lives and I am so glad He chose you. I am grateful that I have opportunities to see you, hug you and cut your hair (hehehe) several times a week. But mostly today I am just grateful for YOU! You make me smile:) and I love you!

Considering Andrew All Joy!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Markie;)

What can I say about my Markie? We met in December 1979 when my parents purchased a restaurant in a small north eastern town in California. He was first a customer then an employee and eventually my hubby. One of the things that drew me to him was our ability to talk about anything and everything. I felt so comfortable sharing life with him. We married in May of 1981 and the rest is history.

Mark is a wonderful sportsman. He loves to hunt, fish, and hike. Since moving to Arizona in December 1994 he has not been able to do much of that but if he gets a chance he is out there and fast. He was raised in a small town of about 500 and lived there most of his life. Coming to Phoenix, Arizona (the 5th largest city in the country) was definitely culture shock for him and I'm not so sure he has gotten over it. He has also spent a great deal of time doing wood work, wrapping fishing poles, tying flies (fishing hooks), and working on his 1949 Chevy Pick-Up (still needs ALOT of work). Mark also enjoys racing. Drags, Nascar, Midgets, Boats, anything that goes fast. We have been able to go to a few races but always look forward to being able to go again.

Mark showing off his NASCAR tickets in November of this year.

Mark has been employed by a gas pipeline company where he works in the warehouse, stocking, sorting and distributing parts along with a myriad of other tasks. He has been with the company for 12 years. The past 5 years have been difficult for Mark. He was diagnosed with complete kidney failure on March 29, 2003 and started dialysis on April 9, 2003. He was told he needed a transplant and so began the long process. He spent the next several months at dialysis or doctor visits making sure his body would accept a transplant. In October 2003 he made it to the transplant list and the wait began. Fortunately the wait was very short. We were quite surprised when we received a phone call a few weeks later saying they thought they had a perfect match. Little did we know that it was our oldest adopted son. With more tests and lots of prayer, Andrew, was a perfect match and on December 17, 2003 the transplant took place. What a miracle the doctor's told us was happening. It is almost unheard of for the timeline to be so short and to have an adopted child be such a perfect match was very rare. Less that 9 months from diagnoses to transplant. Praise the Lord. This next week we will celebrate 5 years since his transplant. We continue to give our God ALL the Glory. Andrew is doing very well, perfectly healthy. I'll share more about him in another post. Mark's new kidney continues to function great. He has had a difficult year though. One of the side affects from all of the medications he needs to take is a weakened immune system. He is also anemic. Last July 2007 he was injured and had a wound open up on his leg. He spent nearly 11 months going to the wound center every week for treatments. I changed his bandages every other day and now the wounds are completely healed and again we are praising God. We also continue to Praise the Lord that Mark has been able to continue to work and his company has been great about adjusting his job to meet his needs.

Mark got personalized license plates this year ~ Donate Life Plates:)

Mark became a Christian in 1986 and has volunteered many hours serving the Lord in various capacities. He always says 'behind the scenes' is best for him. Now that we are settled in our new church Mark is seeking the Lord as to where He wants him to serve. I'm sure it will still be behind the scenes ~ probably a Mr. Fix-It kind of ministry. Mark also continues to be very supportive of the call God has placed on my life for ministry. It is my life breath and I'm so thankful to have a hubby who understands me.

Mark putting up with some of my silliness!!

Mark has been a good dad and has great relationships with his boys AND...he also loves his granddaughter. She truly is a joy in our lives. If you ever think about Mark, please lift up a prayer for him and his health. One great thing about him is he does not complain about his health and he always does exactly what the doctor orders. He is a great patient as long as he is NOT in the hospital. It is so hard to make him rest!! Thank you for stopping by and getting to know Mark a little better.

Considering My Hubby All Joy!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

What do you expect? It's the Christmas Season!

My Oh My!

I don't seem to be finding time to blog the way I would like to .
I promised myself I wouldn't do too much this season but ...

Unfortunately most of my free time has been spent with a variety of doctors.

One of the "JOYS" I have found since turning '50' is that there are numerous tests doctors think they MUST run to make sure you are healthy.

  • Heart Echo ~ Because I have issues
  • Heart Stress Test
  • Blood, blood and more blood
  • DexaScan
  • Colonoscopy
  • Endoscopy ~ 4 Biopsies
  • Mammogram
  • Bi-lateral Breast UltraSound ~ Because I have issues
  • ???

I have one more such test in the morning and then on the 18th I will receive all the GOOD REPORTS:)

Then there is church stuff:

  • A night of fun shopping and eating with the ladies
  • Decorating the church for Christmas
  • Tonight ~ Wrapping about 25 boxes for the church decorations
  • Tuesday Night ~ Ladies Christmas Party which I am still planning for and making last minute preparations for. (lots of cooking, baking, wrapping, studying and praying still to do)

Then there is work stuff:

  • Go to work, go to work, go to work
  • Work Christmas party last Thursday
  • Go to work, go to work, go to work

Then there is this new business I just started

  • I can't belive I did this now
  • What am I doing?
  • I know this is in God's plan
  • Christmas Party
  • What did I just do?
  • Trust God

Then there is family

With this I'll just say: Husband, Children, Grandchildren, Mom's, Sister, Brother's, Nieces, Nephew's, and all the family that go with each.

Then there is Christmas itself

  • Shopping
  • Lists
  • Shopping
  • Wrapping
  • More lists
  • Shopping
  • Lots of wrapping
  • Baking
  • Eating way too much CHOCOLATE
  • Shopping
  • Wrapping some more
  • Eating more Chocolate
  • Wow ~ I'm tired

Then there is blogging

  • UUMMM? What is that? I just don't have time...Because


This is His birth we are celebrating! This season is about Him and why He came for Us! My focus needs to reflect my love for Him and that is what I intend to do...Focus On HIM!!!

So...for the next couple of weeks I will be posting some things from my previous blog I had before I started this one. I would like you to get to know my family a little better so I will post a short bio on each of them. I hope you enjoy them. Then I will attempt to do a Christmas post ~ hopefully something special that will bless you.

After the first of the year I'll begin a new on-line Bible study and get back to a more regular posting routine.

I so enjoy blogging and miss it but I must spend some quality God time and Family time during the Christmas Season.

Considering It All Christmas JOY, Cindy

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I Said I NEVER Would:)

I said I would never do this!

I promised I would never do this!

I cannot believe I did this!

I am officially old enough to live in a retirement community.

The only problem is ~~~ my budget forgot to read the memo!

Have a Joy~Filled Day:)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Fabulous Award~

My friend Connie is turning 50 today ( 12/2 ) and gave me this Fabulous Blog award to celebrate! She now enters my club of '50 and Fabulous'. Make sure you stop by her blog and wish her a Happy 50th Birthday. And by the way Connie is doing a giveaway for her birthday so be sure to check it out today.

So here are the rules: Copy and paste the rules and instructions in your post. When posting on receiving the award, make sure you include who gave you the award and link it back to them. Post five winners and link back to them as well. Post FIVE of your addictions. Add the award image. Let your winners know you gave them an award by leaving them a comment on their blog.

My 5 addictions ~ Do I have to tell?

1. Chocolate ~ only the best ~ no chocolate ice cream or pies or syrup ~ No ~ not for me ~ only real beautiful melt in your mouth chocolate.

2. Scrapbooking ~ well at least shopping for scrapbook supplies.

3. Organizing ~ I am constantly organizing my home office, my work office, cabinets, drawers, closets, etc ~ I know I'm dorky.

4. My granddaughter ~ I just can't get enough of her.

5. Ask my hubs ~ he'll probably say TV, computer, blogging, facebook, hotmail, email, anything to be able to chat.

Now I have the pleasure of passing this fabulous blog award on to some fabulous bloggy friends.

1. Alene at PositivelyAlene who always makes me laugh or think which I believe is a great combination. She is one of the most positive women I have had the pleasure of meeting.

2. Cindy at ArmyBratsandMe who has been battling breast cancer and has so willingly shared her journey with us. She is amazing as she facing the challenges and trusts God to walk her through this season.

3. Angie at ByFaith who shares her life and shares the scriptures in such a positive way as she journeys through them cover to cover.

4. Laura at TheWellblog whom I met during a book study we just completed. I always wanted to check out her take on the study first because she has such eye opening insight. She is also a wonderful poet.

5. Lee at PrayerGifts whom I have personally met and love her dearly. She has a heart to pray and is always so encouraging.

Please check out all of these blogs. These ladies are FABULOUS!!!

Thanks for joining the fun today.

Considering It All Joy,