Friday, December 5, 2014

December Daily {5}

Hi Friends,

Let's just start out very honestly
Some days are more difficult to be joyful than other days
Today was one of those days

I keep this little sign in my desk drawer at work
Every once in a while I need to pull it out and put it on my desk
Just to remind myself
To be happy and smile
No matter what
Nothing in particular was wrong
I think I was just a bit tired
After having 4 adult men stay in my home all wee
BTW: (That would be my son and his friends)

I forgot to post this the other day
This is the apron I received from my secret Santa last week
I think he is absolutely Adorable 

After my hubby passed away and I packed up all the 
Christmas stuff
I just couldn't get our big tree out again
So, I purchase a tiny 4 foot tree which I
 have used for the past 3 years
I had not found a tree topper for it
Until I walked into Fry's and found this little angel today
I think she is just perfect 
She's just like my large one, but fits nicely on this little tree

Today's piece of Jewelry
A sweet set of Rudolph earrings

And, just because I'm feeling a bit melancholy
I'm treating myself to some comfort food
Even if it is NS

I pray you have a blessed night
Filled with sweet memory making moments


  1. I also did not decorate for Christmas after my husband died Nov 2012, but last year as I gazed at the ornaments and recalled the 37 years we spent gathering them, I knew I had to bring them out and remember. He had bought special ones representing moments and memories just as I had. No small tree for these wonderful moments.

  2. Hi Cindy. I certainly can understand some of what you are feeling. My son's birthday is tomorrow. We lost him about 12 years ago. He would have been 50 yrs. old. I guess you just keep putting one foot in front of the other and someday you will feel like putting up the big tree again. Time never heals but it helps..Hope you have a good weekend..Judy

  3. Oh- we all have "those" days, Cindy. Glad those moments pass and we can find joy again. Love your little angel topper- she is perfect! xo Diana

  4. Hi Cindy,
    I know you have your good days and bad but so happy you can push through the bad days and still find joy. Love your tree angel you found at Fry's. She is so pretty.
    Happy decorating.

  5. Little trees are wonderful! I didn't do our large tree this year, and just decorated a couple of small ones instead. Love how quickly small trees go together! Cute apron and very cute earrings!


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