Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December Daily {17}

Happy December 17th Friends
What a busy day it has been

First I want to remember a very heart touching anniversary

On this date 11 years ago (2003)
Our oldest adopted son, Andrew
Placed himself up on an operating table
And allowed a surgeon to remove one of his kidneys
In order to donate it to my Mark (his adopted dad)
That selfless gift gave Mark 7 years and 7 days longer to live

I can never thank him enough for his gift of life
Some day I'll have to rewrite the story here
It was truly amazing!

Today's jewelry
Jingle Bell earrings

Secret Santa Reveal Day 

No photos of the food 
That I worked Very Hard to avoid
But I did have a few bits of some 
Delicious comfort food
Some of the staff after they opened their gifts

More of the staff
We had such a blast 
We have such an awesome staff
It is so fun to work with peeps that you like

One of the providers had my name
She gifted me a handmade basket
In the perfect colors for my home
She has been such a great secret Santa this year
Thank you SO much
You truly touched my heart today

Now I am off to a play at our church
My nieces 3 children are performing
I can't wait to watch them

Praying you have a blessed night/day/week


  1. Looks like you had a very lovely day. XX Jo

  2. Such a loving thing to do to donate a kidney! God is by your side this holiday!


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