Sunday, February 28, 2016

Two Small Projects

Hello Sweet Friends

Thank you for taking the time to stop by today
I am always delighted to know you've been here
And honored when you leave a comment
You are so special to me

Today I'm sharing two small projects
That I did this weekend

I needed to run into Target Friday after work
To pick up a couple of storage bins
Are you like me?
You go in for one thing
And come out with so many others?

Well, Yes!
I spied this cute unfinished ladybug stepping stone
For only $3 and thought it would add some nice color to my yard
And would be a quick project

Although I used a few of my own colors
I love how it turned out
It took a couple of hours
But that is because I was also working on another project
And I kept going back and forth
While letting each color of paint dry

I'm not positive she will stay under my bottle brush
However, she matches so nicely
I thought she'd be happy here for a while

Super simple
Super inexpensive
Super cute

The second project I finished
Was this little table I share with you a week or two ago
I purchased this little telephone/bedside table
At a craft/antique show about 15 years ago
From day one, I wanted to paint it
I've used it all these years
She Finally got her make over

I had a small pot of Annie Sloan discontinued paint
And plenty of wax left from another project

Because the wood is SO old and dry
It soaked up the paint quickly
And honestly I ran out

I just call it a Happy Oopsie

There are several places where the paint doesn't really cover
However, It looks very vintage/antiqued
I'm pleased with how the light grey color
Mixes with the bits of red and grey I have added to my bedroom

Someday I will learn how to take better photos

Someday I will finish my bedroom
And share a reveal here

Until then
May you be blessed by all things Good
Look for Joy in the little things
And give someone a 20 second Hug

Many Blessings

Sharing At
What Meegan Makes

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Around The Yard Today

Hello Sweet Friends

It is so humbling to know
That you have been taking the time to pray
For myself and my son

And I am thrilled to report
That we are both doing much better

The doors have been open
In my small little home
Enjoying the best this season has to offer

Walking around the neighborhood
And my own yard today
I took a few quick photos

It doesn't matter what the calendar says
Spring in alive and blooming in Arizona

The day my Red Bottle Brush Blooms
Makes me smile

I know many of you are still
Cuddling up in blankets and sitting near the fireplace
You may be drinking hot cocoa
Or putting your warm and comfy robe and slippers on
I pray you are safe and not being threatened
By storms and fierce weather

This is our 'happy' weather time
Soon enough we will be seeking
Any form of shade and shelter
From our 110-120 degree temps

So for Today
I am grateful for flowers that are beginning to bloom
Open doors
Breezes that send the fragrance of blossoms
Wafting through the house
And Your Prayers

May YOU and Yours
Live in God's Blessings

Today I'm Joining
Poofing The Pillows
Art And Sand
Have A Daily Cup

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Looking Forward

Hello Sweet Friends

Looking Forward
That IS what I need to do

The past 5 months have been filled with
Unimaginable pain, sickness and stress
I'm ready to Look Forward

Matthew is home from his 3rd stay
In Patient Treatment
He is over the influenza
Praying he stays healthy in every way over the months to come

I am down with something again
I had my mini hospital vacation in October
And since then I have been sick 3 times
I'm usually fairly healthy
I believe all the stress has
Depleted my immune system
I need a Huge Re~Charge!

Late Wednesday evening I decided to
Start a project
(what was I thinking)
I've been wanting to paint this
Super sweet bed side table for years
I've had a small pot of Annie Sloan paint
I guess I decided there was no time like the present

The only problem was
I got sick
So, the piece is half painted
Waiting for me to get to feeling well enough to finish it
Hopefully this week

Even though I have a fever and feel crumby today
I kept thinking about my taxes
And I really wanted to get them done
I drug my achy body into my office
And forced myself to get her done

Check that off my to do list!!

I'm back in my black easy chair
And with a little help from my friends
I hope to be feeling as good as new tomorrow
Work is calling, you know

And Yes!
The Chocolate IS the best medicine!

May YOU have a beautiful week ahead!
Enjoy the fullness of HIS presence
And the beauty of HIS creation!

Thanks for stopping by

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Love Language

Hi Sweet Friends

Happy Heart Day

I'm sure most of us have read
Gary Chapmans' Book
The 5 Love Languages

1. Acts Of Service
2. Gifts
3. Physical Touch
4. Quality Time
5. Words of Affirmation

Many years ago I read the book
And found my Love Language to be


I have, though, always been embarrassed of that gift
I feel like it makes me a 'materialistic' person
Yet, I personally don't think it has anything to do with that

I've read enough to know
That it really is just what makes us tic

Being a 'Gift' person
Doesn't just mean I like to 'get' gifts
It also means that I LOVE to Give Gifts

For the past two weeks I've been
Gathering the items needed to make my
Annual goodies for the staff
That work at the office I work in
I totally Love to make little Valentine gifts for the girls

Even the act of putting these together makes me happy
Creating the little tags and
Adding the goodies
IE: candy, confetti, sequins, etc
Gives me JOY

Friday I took these cute little bags of goodies
Into the office and gave one to each employee
I just love handing them out

What surprised me this year
Is that I never really even thought of getting anything
I usually don't get anything
This Year
I was surprised

I received a package on Thursday
From Kris
Who sent a wonderful bag of treats
And a great coloring book

Color Me Happy
I Say
Thank you KRIS

On Friday I received another package from Stephanie
She sent a sweet hand made Mug Rug
I didn't have one and LOVE this beautiful piece
I will enjoy using it daily

As I was preparing to leave the house Saturday morning
I heard a knock on the door
A friend from work stopped by to share
A couple of her beautiful roses with me
Thank you DIANNE

While babysitting my granddaughters on Saturday
My K~Bel gave me this totally cute
Ponies Valentine Card
I cannot remember the last time I got such a cute 'real'
Valentine Card
Thank you K~BEL

"Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you."
Luke 6:38

I never decide to give so it will be given back
However, I am So very grateful that God has
Chosen to place people in my life
Who have blessed me so

May your Heart Day
Be Blessed
So You can be a Blessing to someone Else!!

My youngest is in the hospital again
Update HERE

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Week In Photos

Hi Sweet Friends

It's been busy this week
And I didn't have time to do any decorating
So, I thought I'd just share a few photos from the week

This is my oldest son and his middle daughter K~Bel
They went to the father/daughter dance at her school Friday night
They had a great time
They stopped by my house afterward
K~Bel's first words to me as I opened the door
With a HUGE smile on her face were:
"Nana, I had SO MUCH SUGAR"
She cracks me up!!

Well, sugar or not
She is a sweet girl

I did a little coloring this week
Very relaxing

And, I needed some relaxation
After working on my taxes this week

We were up all night on Saturday
103+ fever for Madi
Spent Sunday morning in the UC
Influenza B
Tamiflu, fluids, Ibuprofen and rest in the days ahead
Hoping to get some sleep tonight

Watching the Super Bowl this afternoon
So far, so good
We'll see
Who are YOU rooting for?
Well, that is, If you are a football fan!

See my Header photo?
Well, Yeah!
Ummm...Stress will do that to you

I'm praying you have a great week
Valentine's Day is not just for Couples
Lots of single folks find this week hard or sad
Be intentional about blessing someone you know
Give an extra Hug
Hand out little pieces of Yourself this week
You will be glad you did!!!!

Blessings to ALL

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Full Hearts

Hi Sweet Friends

It's been a busy season around here
Having Madi home has been good
But challenging as well

Trying to balance medications and moods
Lots of restless and sleep deprived nights

But, my heart is full
And I'm thankful for all that my Lord
Is teaching me during this time

Last week I ordered a sweet heart
From Stephanie's Etsy shop
It arrived and is making it's debut in my LR

It's hanging on one side of my entertainment center
I love looking at it

On the other side of the entertainment center
I hung some smaller hearts
That I handmade last year
I just added them to ribbon so I could hang them this year

I love little plant sticks
And have had these two for years
I love hearts so these get two votes for loving
I just added them to a vintage glass bottle
And used red/white candy to hold them

Candy is a fun way to decorate, I say
You get to have a snack now and again
AND, you don't have to find a place to store it

A small heart wreath on the front door
Just a sweet little welcome
I love the two little birds
But just realized that they are facing away from each other
Hmmm...need to change that tomorrow :)

My Heart was FILLED the other day
When I had unexpected guests
They were only in Phoenix for 30 minutes
But my friends from Texas stopped by
On their way to CA
Madi wasn't sure about the 'camera' being used
But at least I got a great photo of my friends

Although we only had a few minutes to share
My Heart was Filled with Love and Joy
For these moments
Thank you Bill and Susan for the HUGS!!!

Susan told me that everybody needs
At least one 20 second hug a day to stay healthy
Well, I don't often get any hugs
LOVED that I got several on Saturday!!!

Another unexpected 'hug' came in the mail today
My blog friend 'DEB' surprised me with
A sweet package filled with Valentine JOY

Thank You Deb
I felt that hug as well

So, I have a full heart
A heart full of Love

And, although I didn't take a photo
I made myself a cake last night
(Haven't made a cake in ages)
Now, I'm going to have myself a piece

May you have a blessed weekend ahead