Sunday, February 4, 2018

Fledging and the Empty Nest

Sitting in my home office
Watching the sun shine on my 1949 pick up truck
Memories flooding back of happier times

Tear stained cheeks
Sad that this moment has arrived
But filled with gratefulness and pride because it has

Whispers early on of poor prognosis
Years of therapy and hard work
Have yielded to spreading wings
And the fledging from the nest

Yes, the youngest has fledged
And my nest is now empty

Little Madi has moved into a group home
30 miles away
I know it's not that far
However, it is a Huge move
And a major change in both of our lives

Madi has been my side kick since Mark passed 
December 24, 2010
We have shared so many laughs 
And shed tears of joy and sorrow

Today, Madi is hanging out in his new nest
My prayers are for safety, peace and joy
Timing is right, it's a new beginning

The first of 'several' major life changing events
That will take place for me
Over the next several months
Has happened

Although, I've been away from blogging for some time
I shall be sharing more 
As the next life change
Will begin to take place next weekend
I'll share as things unfold

It's hard to live with puzzle pieces
And today, that is all I have
But, I'm excited to see all the pieces be put into place
To have a clearing understanding of what the Lord is doing
And how this picture comes together

I'll be back next week with more to the story...