Thursday, March 31, 2016

Prayers Requested

Hi Sweet Friends

It has been a difficult week
For several people I love

Would you mind lifting up the needs
Of these precious friends please

"Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear," says the Lord." Isaiah 65:24

1. Dianne

Dianne is a sweet coworker whom I've known for 9 years.
She is a busy wife, mom, grandmother, sister and nurse practitioner
On Saturday evening she and her hubby, sister and brother in law
Were involved in a serious ATV accident
Fortunately Dianne was the only person
Who suffered serious injuries
They were a 3 hour drive from a hospital, So
After being transported to a local hospital via AirEvac
Dianne was diagnosed with several broken and fractures
Bones in her pelvic and hip area
She has had surgery as well as blood transfusions
She is doing well but will be off her feet for
Probably 2-3 months and will then be able
To begin weight bearing therapy
This will be a huge challenge for her

Because she is such a physically fit woman
I know she will heal well
However, I'm sure she will be challenged
Emotionally and Mentally

Praying for healing in all areas of her life

"I wait for you, O Lord; you will answer, O Lord, my God."
Psalm 38:15

2. Michelle

I met Michelle and her hubby and daughter 8 years ago in church
I had the joy of walking her hubby through a new believers class
And a family friendship began

During the month February, Michelle's mom began having pain
After numerous tests, specialists and finally surgery
Barb was diagnosed with metastatic pancreatic cancer
Just 2 weeks ago
Unfortunately, Barb (Michelle's mom)
Passed away on Tuesday morning
Just hours after being placed in hospice care

Barb's service is tomorrow
Please pray for her family
For Michelle, Steve and Kendahl

"For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and His ears are attentive to their prayers." 1 Peter 3:12

3. Renee

I have known Renee since she was a wee little tyke
She is the youngest of three kiddos
Who lived two houses down from our family
While we lived in SoCal in the 1960's - 1970's
My sister, brother and I all went to elementary
School together with her sister, brother and herself

We've stayed in touch over the years
And encouraged each other through
Life's ups and downs.
Renee is younger than myself by several years

This morning Renee became a widow
Her husband passed suddenly this morning

She lives across the country
And I won't be able to comfort her personally
But I do ask for prayers for her
For her sister and mom as they travel from their homes to hers
I know the brokenness she is suffering right now
And my heart aches for hers

Some of you are widows and know the deep
Sense of loneliness she will face in the
Days, weeks and months ahead
I appreciate any prayers, good thought and Cyber Hugs
You are will to share with her

It is so very Precious
So Very Fragile
Very Short

Hug a loved one or friend today
Look them in the eyes
Let them know how much you Love Them

Thank you for your Prayers

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Busy Celebrating

Hi Sweet Friends

I was too busy Celebrating my mom's
80th Birthday that I forgot to take many photos

I got a few
But none of the family
21 of us silly members
Having a super fun time
At mom's
50's Style Celebration

We all had a great time
Mom has been through so much in recent years
She's battled many serious illnesses
Including a broken hip and mini stroke
But has bounced back each and every time

This past summer she bought her own home
And now lives alone

God has been faithful to heal her
And we are So very grateful that we
Have been able to celebrate another year with her

It is always fun to have my 3 K's around
They are such Joy in my life

Fortunately we didn't Need the fire extinguisher

Mom's Birthday is April 4th
I'll send her all of your birthday wishes
Cards welcome :)

Easter was a bit of a rough day for me
But I did get 45 minutes with all of my kiddos and grands
I can Never get a good photo of all of them
But at least they were all in one place
At the same time
Lots of hugs and smiles

And finally

I purchased a card today
Wrote it out with kind and loving words
Signed it
Addressed it
Stamped it and placed it in the mail

I'm sure in a few days
I'll be SO surprised to receive it - LOL

Be Happy and Blessed

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Presence of Easter ... Revisited

Sweet Friends,

In the middle of Holy Week
I decided to share a post I wrote 5 years ago
May it help focus our hearts
On what Easter really is
Blessings to You

April 21, 2011

The Presence of Easter

Holidays! Oh how I love them! Ribbons, wrappings, flags, fireworks, turkeys, pilgrims, Santa's, lights, hearts, and even egg laying bunnies! Oh, and did I mention Candy??? The hustle and bustle of each holiday brings with it excitement for the big day with all it's splendor.

We are standing at the eve of another such holiday. The world shows us how it will play out. The stores are filled with candy, bunnies, eggs and decoration upon decoration just waiting for our purchases! The lines for those overpriced but coveted Easter Baskets grow longer each day. What child wouldn't want one or two? What parent wouldn't spend their last dollars to buy one? I mean come on, it's Easter for goodness sake.

The presents of Easter shine and cause out little ones to spend sleepless nights with anticipation of what they will receive. Our eyes as parents/grandparents wait expectantly to see those little faces light up with joy when they see their awaited gifts. Yet again lost in the fuss of commercialism is the true meaning of the holiday upon us.

The presence of Easter! Have we forgotten what Easter really is? In the presents of Easter have we lost the presence of Jesus?

Let's take a walk back in time and see if we can find what so many of us are missing and are desperate for.

As I open my Bible and begin to read the accounts leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus I find the presence of Easter in Gethsemane.

It is in Gethsemane that we see the anguish of Jesus, fully man, fully God and fully devoted to His purpose. As he prayed for His Father to take the cup from Him the pain he began to feel from that which He would face poured out of Him as drops of blood. I look at the price for my sin alone and the anguish I feel during this season of grief but I can hardly fathom the weight of the sin of a fallen world being place on one man's shoulders. With one word He could have changed everything, He could have said no, but he chose Love.

Easter is also found in the heart of a mother. This young mother whom like you and I, carried hope and dreams for her young son. As she pondered and treasured the words spoken to her by an angel, was there anything in her that could have seen the future? Now she stands at the precipice, the place where her heart will break and the son she loved will face His darkest hour. There was probably nothing that could hold her back from attempting to protect her child yet she chose Love.

It's found in the cross! Let's close our eyes for just a moment and picture that old rugged cross high atop a hill with the body of a man nailed to it. Imagine the wounds, the blood, the mockery and undeniable hatred that men of 'honor' held for the man of God. Yet, in that moment: "It is Finished", there must have fallen an eerie silence upon the crowd as the sun darkened and the veil was rent. I can only imagine that some felt a deep sense of loss while others a deep regret and fear. On that cross Jesus could have turned a deaf ear toward our sin, our pain, our weakness, yet He chose Love.

Ultimately we find Easter and hope in the empty tomb. As the women approached the tomb to anoint Jesus' body with burial oils they found the tomb empty. Fear and confusion must have filled their souls but in the days that followed hope began to pour forth as the realization of Christ's resurrection became evident. Today, some 2000 years hence we continue to have a great hope of a future, one in heaven for eternity, one that will never be lacking or troublesome. Hope of spending our forever's with that very same Jesus who so willingly said yes to death and no to self all because of Love.

Also in the empty tomb we find peace. I doubt there was peace in those first days when the women found the tomb empty or when the disciples learned about the mystery of the missing body. Yet, in the days that followed and now with our knowledge and hindsight view we have peace! An everlasting peace that allows us to walk day by day through our Gethsemane's, our broken hearts, our crosses and our emptiness and know He walks with us. He will never leave us nor forsake us, because of Love!

That hope and that peace bring me to my knees in humble adoration. How can I become so lost in eggs and bunnies when there is such a hope for my eternity, for my forever? This Easter season it will be my privilege to spend time in prayer at my own Gethsemane, the place where my soul meets Jesus' heart. My prayer is that each of you is able to do the same. Rest in the Lord as you Seek and Find the Presence of Easter.

Considering Easter with Great Joy, Cindy

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Camera Woes

Hi Sweet Friends

Being MIA was not my plan
But this past week I realized just how much
I depend on my camera for blogging

For some reason it will no longer read my card
So, I'm unable to take photos

I realized that problem while I was at the Carnival
With My 3 K's last weekend
So, No good photos!!

I'm hoping to get to the camera shop this week
Maybe it just needs a good cleaning
At least that's what I'm hoping

I do hope to get outside tomorrow and plant the
New bushes I purchased
It is supposed to be 93 degrees tomorrow
And 97 on Monday
Need to plant and water these pretties
Before it hits 100...

Oh My
Where did winter and spring go?

How are you?
What are you plans for Easter?
Can you believe it is next weekend?

Is it just me - or is time running on OverDrive??

I have a few fun events coming up in the next couple weeks
So I am hoping to get my camera working again

In the mean time
I am praying you are well
That God has shown Himself Faithful to you
And that You are finding Joy in the little things


Thursday, March 10, 2016

My 3 K's and a peak at Easter

Hi Sweet Friends

Thank you for stopping by

Today I was able to enjoy a bit of spring break
With My 3 K's

Besides playing
We walked to Taco Bell

It was in the upper 80's
So as we walked home
The girls enjoyed a sweet cool treat

A little ice cream never hurt anybody
Well, except my tummy
But who cares

When you get to watch these sweet faces
Enjoy a treat

I am happy to report that
Besides sticky fingers and chocolate faces
All three K's came home clean!!

The 2 smallest K's played outside for awhile before our
Hike to have lunch and ice cream
The sun was a little intense for smiling photos

Most of the afternoon was playing inside
It got a bit too warm
Little K~Baby was so excited
To give Nana a Shot!!!!

And K~Bel was making sure Nana
Had her check up 

While K~Bug enjoyed a bit of music
And a few fun games on her phone

I Love that I get to hang out with all 3 girls during
Spring Break
I just can't wait for Summer

I have not done a lot of decorating for Easter
But enjoyed pulling out a few fun pieces
For the table
That the K's are sure to enjoy

My little lambs and a cute bucket
Along with a few eggs and flowers
Make for a sweet and simple vignette

I found the white/pink table runner at goodwill last fall for $2
It's quilted with cute pink eggs
I'll need to get a better photo next time

I LOVE Thursday's

May you each be blessed for taking the time
To stop by
I hope you leave a comment
I certainly love to read them

Blessings for a Great weekend ahead

Sunday, March 6, 2016

When God Finally Says YES

Hello Sweet Friends

Living in the Desert Southwest
We tend to search for any bit of shade we can find

Drivers will park far from the door of a store
If they can park in the shade of a tree
You just don't know how hot it gets
In the summer when you get into the your car
Any amount of shade helps keep it a tad cooler

For the 21 years that I have lived in my home
I have enjoyed the shade of this tree in my neighbors backyard

However, it has been a love/hate relationship
The tree SHEDS all year
Into my swimming pool

It has created tons of work for me
Especially since losing Mark
No matter how many hours I work in the backyard
And around the pool
I just can't seem to keep up with the mess

I've prayed for 11 years that the tree would disappear
The Lord never saw fit to say yes

After visiting with my mom
Shopping for her groceries and prescriptions
Coming home and then running my own errands
Getting my own groceries and finally coming home
I had sat down to relax a bit
When I heard the familiar sound of a chain saw

You just cannot imagine my JOY when:

My neighbor CUT The Tree DOWN
All of it!!

I actually ran outside and thanked the neighbor
For cutting it down.
We chatted awhile
He is a landscaper and offered to help me
Get my yard in shape

God finally said YES
And I couldn't be HAPPIER!!

I'm grateful that HE cares about the little things

I pray you find JOY in little things today
Even if you haven't been praying for it for 11 years