Thursday, December 4, 2014

December Daily {4}

I sure am enjoying getting into the Christmas Spirit
But Christmas time is not just about
Decorations, present, parties and food

It's also about time
A precious commodity that many of us fail to give
During the most wonderful time of the year
We spend SO much Time
Getting ready for the season
Doing all the stuff for the season
That we forget to just 'be' during the season

I challenge each of us to spend the gift of time
*With* someone
Whether it be family, friends, neighbors, coworkers 
or even strangers

I absolutely Love this photo I took today
It reminds me that spending time
With my two littlest grands was Fun and Rewarding
Messes can be cleaned up
But time? We cannot get it back

Maybe I wore out little Miss K~Bel
And exhausted the littlest Miss K~Baby
But spending time with them
Is a treasure worth it's weight in gold

In honor of spending time with the little's
I chose a piece of jewelry that they would enjoy
My little stretchy bracelet with 
Snowmen, trees, candy canes and gingerbread men

And just in case you wanted to know if I have a real life
Why, yes I do
And I'm Thankful to God for protecting it as well

My water heater wasn't working this morning
After having the service people from the company 
that installed it in July
 Come out and tell me I had an electrical problem
I called an electrician

Begging them to come today :)
I learned that the wires inside the wall near 
The water heater
They promptly replaced them
And voila, the water heater works again

I'm not sure if you can see the black singe marks or not
But inside that space was a very scary sight
God has had to work overtime to protect this 
Home and family
And I am Forever Grateful

So, Happy December 4th
Life is Precious
I pray you Gift someone your Time today


  1. Oh, my! That could have been dangerous. Your guardian angel was definitely looking out for you.

    I have many stories of near misses in my life and know that I am being watched over.

  2. I am so glad you are seeing evidences of God's tender caring for you in your real life.

    Enjoy your holidays. Your littles look plain tuckered out.

    Love, hugs, joy, and peace this holiday season.


  3. Oh Cindy that could have been really dangerous so happy you had God looking out for you. The pics of the little ones asleep is adorable. Happy Week End.

  4. Looks like you simply wore those little girls out with fun and frivolity! I love the sweet & innocent look of children sleeping.

    I'm so glad your plumbing and electrical problem was solved before it became something much bigger -- scary!


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