Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Where Have I Been?

Hi Sweet Friends,

Where Have I Been?


I'm not quite sure


If you find me

Will you please send me home

I'm Really Tired!!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Hi Sweet Friends,

It has been a quiet and peaceful Thursday
I had my little K~Baby today
She is so very sweet and such a joy
She was pretty low key today
So, that made the day restful
And, after the past two weeks
That is exactly what I needed

Matthew is home from his 10 days of treatment
We are learning to navigate these new and uncharted waters
God is doing a mighty work within my spirit
Each day I learn more about grace
And unconditional love than I thought possible

The past couple of days have been sweet
I received a beautiful package in the mail yesterday
From a blog friend (Deb)
Who blessed my heart with these fall goodies
And even a few pieces for Christmas
My birthday is Saturday and she just wanted
To let me know that I was being thought about
I cannot thank you enough Deb!!

Because I'm taking Friday off work and 
I'm always off on Thursday
The office staff had a fun and delicious lunch for me yesterday
BBQ chicken, homemade mac n cheese
And a host of other treats
I also received flowers, balloon, and gift card

Then, in the mail this week I received
A couple of cards from other sweet bloggers
Who really have lifted my spirits in recent weeks
Along with a couple of gift cards and birthday wishes

Being hospitalized last weekend
And having my son in the hospital as well
Along with all of the 'challenges' we are facing

I am SO very grateful for those people around me
Who have taken time to:
Pull weeds in my yard, take care of my dog,
Send a card, note or comment on a post
Like or 'heart' a photo
Give me a hug or word of encouragement
And drag me to Yoga

YOU have blessed my week and helped to
Support me as I take each step 
Along this new and very challenging path

YOU are my HERO's

I am Thankful on this Thursday
for YOU

Blessings to All

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mini Hospital Vacay

Hi Sweet Friends,

Well, It has been a Very Long,
Interesting and Difficult Week

Last Saturday at about 1 am I woke up not feeling well
By 2 am I decided to drive myself to the ER
I was having numbness and tingling in my mouth,
Lips and under my left arm
So, my mini hospital vacay began

Let me tell you that the view from my suite was gorgeous
Especially in the early morning hours
The sky was ablaze with fire
And if I didn't look too closely
I could almost convince myself I was waking up on the beach

I spent lots of time with my feet up
Just relaxing the days away

With Palm Trees swaying in the morning breeze
Room service delivered meals to my bedside
Three times per day
And, If I needed anything at any other time
All I had to do was ring my bell
And some sweet person would come running to assist me

I received personal attention
And my body received many nice services
Massages were received while the MRI was banging away
I had what I think was acupuncture to relax my heart
*or maybe those were electrodes*
I enjoyed an awesome photo shoot of my heart
And, those fun games I got to play every two hours
Were just what I needed to rest my mind (HAHA)

It was a joy to try on many expensive pieces of jewelry
But in the end I decided to leave most of them behind
Although I did take home 2 cute bracelets

Oh, and while I was 'resting'
My son decided to cut himself 
And guess what?
He got a personal ride to the hospital in an ambulance

Yep! It was an interesting vacay

Now, seriously
I am home with a medication change and doing very well
What they thought was a stroke in progress
Ended up being 
Hypertensive Urgency and possible a TIA

They made a good blood pressure medication change

And I am responding to that very well
I go to my PCP in 2 weeks
I really am feeling well

My son, on the other hand
Has been transferred to a mental health facility
Where, I am praying, he is receiving some much needed
Therapy and counseling

We both have a very difficult road ahead of us
If he is insistent on making the changes in his life
That he has spoken of

My momma heart is still broken
I am overwhelmed with sadness and concern
But believing, all that we have experienced in the past week
Will lead to answers and a plan of action
For my son and myself

In other news:
My birthday is next week
And I am Just Praying for better days

I promise to get by and visit your blogs
And to answer your emails
I've just been trying to get through the days

You are a blessing to me
And I'm grateful for your visits

 Finding JOY in the Midst


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Hi Sweet Friends

It's been a busy week 
So having today off work was a good thing

Being Fall Break at school is a good thing as well
Since that gave me a full day to have 
My 3 K's

Since fall is attempting to make it's way to Phoenix
We were able to play outside for an hour or so this morning
That is before it became to hot

Then we came inside
And did crafts, colored, and baked cookies

My K~Baby is not a baby anymore

K~Bel has grown up so much since starting school in August

My K~Bug is in middle school
And really turning into a wonderful young lady

Since it is 'fall' I decided we would make
Candy Corn Cookies
Yellow dough

And Orange dough
Although you cannot see that in this photo

I do believe these sweeties ate more cookies than they took home
They melt my heart
And I am so very thankful for the JOY they add to my life

And then we 'seriously' took a nap
3 of us in my big black chair for 2 hours
I think my arms are still numb

It was a precious day filled with memory making moments
Which is Exactly what I needed

May your upcoming weekend be Blessed
And filled with JOY

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Black Monster

 Hi Sweet Friends

Because October is the Scary month
You know, Halloween, Monsters and such
I thought I'd introduce you to 
What I call
The Big Black Monster
Here She Is ...

Now she may not look that big to you
But she's 8 1/2 feet by 8 feet
My living room is only 12 by 17
With low 10 foot ceilings
She takes up almost the entire wall

About 10 years ago I found her at a consignment shop
Fell in love with her but couldn't afford her
Every week I'd check to see if she was on sale
After a couple of months
She went on sale and I drug my hubby to see her
I did a bit of sweet talking
And got a bit more of a discount
And she came home with us

I'd LOVE to paint her white
However, I think it would be lots of work
So - for now -
She's the Big Black Monster
And I still love her

Today was cleaning day around here
But I did get a little fall decor going

I added just a few neutral fall touches
Atop the Monster
And I am pleased

I found the brown/white transferware pitcher at Goodwill
Just a few dollars
It adds some much needed charm

This is the top of the Monster
Maybe I should call it The Mantel

I added a few pieces atop the hutch
Love the spool pumpkin that I purchased from Celeste

And my favorite #3
That I purchased from Sweet Salvage last year

Now, If you ever have wondered
Because, I'm sure it keeps you up at night
This is where I blog, and crochet
And watch TV almost every night

In the Big Black Chair
In front of the Big Black Monster
With my little broken laptop
Cell phone, remotes, bottle of water
And my feet up

Just in case you were wondering - LOL :)

Have yourself A Happy Weekend
Go out and Find JOY in the Simple Things