Monday, May 20, 2013

Impressive (or) 'Mystery Diagnosis' Worthy

Here's the latest on my mom's health!

It seems that my mother is super impressive or will be the next 'guest' on the hit show 'Mystery Diagnosis'.

We went to see her ENT surgeon on Thursday to have tubes removed and a check up on the surgical location.  While we were they the doctor told us that the pathologist who has been working on mom's tissues, which were removed from her brain stem, is unable to diagnose her. He has pretty much ruled out cancer but still cannot put any 'name' to the affected tissues.

It was discussed and a decision was made to send all of her tissues to John's Hopkins for further evaluation. Sending them to a research hospital may, in fact, give us some answers as to what is growing and disintegrating her skull.

Further, if we do not find some 'cause' then doctors are unable to treat her and eventually the 'stuff' will eat her entire skull away. Ummmm...the last I heard you kind of need a skull to protect your brain.

So our prayer is that God will work with the pathologists who receive mom's brain tissues and help them to find the exact 'abstract stuff' that is causing her skull to disintegrate and that once a diagnosis has been found, they are able to treat the problem.

I suppose we have another week or two to wait. In the meantime, mom is still staying with me and recovering day by day.

Thank you for your love and prayers!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Momma News and Other Great Stuff

Hi Friends,

Momma News...

After 5 hours of brain surgery on Monday, mom is doing very well. I went up this morning and visited, she was wide awake, had been in a chair for a couple of hours, and wanted a piece of cake. So, cake it was even though it was only 10:30 am.

Three surgeons came to see her while I was there, 2 from ENT and 1 Neurosurgeon. They are so pleased with her progress; she was moved from ICU up to a regular room and most likely will come home tomorrow.

As far as results, well we just don't know anything for sure yet. Doctors are all a bit puzzled as the mass does not look cancerous but they also don't know what it is.  They took 4 fragments for biopsy so we are in a wait and see mode.  We are hoping to get definitive answers next week.

Thank you SO very much for praying. Your prayers have been felt and have been very welcomed. The only comfort we have in this crazy world is knowing that, ultimately, God holds us in the palm of His precious Hands!!!

In other news...

After MUCH prayer and deliberation: Andrew and Melissa have decided to STAY in Arizona!!!  I cannot express what the past several months have been like as they weighed the pros and cons of 2 job offers.  In the end, Arizona won out and both Melissa's and Andrew's families are Elated!!!  Again, thank you for your prayers ~~~ This momma is Delighted!

And Finally...

My Pool is Clean
The Lawn is mowed
And I will attempt to get to bed before Mid-Night!!!

Happy Night!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

First Surgery Scheduled

Hi Friends,

Just a quick update on mom and the plan for the next few days.

It's going to be a special Mother's Day weekend for me.  We will celebrate my youngest granddaughter's first birthday on Saturday. The family will all come join us at my home. We will share a meal together as well as play, swim, ride bikes and eat cake. I cannot believe my littlest blessing is already a year old. How quickly time flies.

Sunday, although no specific plans have been made, I will spend with my mom. I am planning on picking her up Friday night and holding her captive until Monday morning :)  The only thing I am sure of for Sunday is that we will EAT!  She Loves to go out so I'm sure we will head out to one of the many nearby eatery's and enjoy a meal together. It will be a sweet day followed by a very difficult Monday.

I will take mom to the hospital at 5:00 am Monday morning, where we will meet my sister and brother. It's been nearly 3 months since mom had her mini stroke but also since the doctors located a mass in her skull. Between insurance and doctor staffing issues we have been delayed in having this procedure done.

On Monday morning she will have a surgical halo placed into her skull and two surgeons will begin the procedure to determine whether the, now three, masses in her skull are cancerous or not.
After the halo has been placed, the first surgeon, (an ENT) will insert a tube and camera through her nasal passages into the center of her head. Once the ENT completes his process, the neurosurgeon will continue to the exact location of the largest mass. Once he reaches the delicate location, he will begin to scrape the bone as well as cut some of the tumor for biopsy purposes. We are unsure at this point as to the exact length of the surgery but we do know she will go straight to ICU and remain there for at least 13 hours but more likely a day or two depending on any side effects or complications.

Since she has had 2 mini strokes we are, of course, concerned for any type of bleeding or stroke activity.

Our family trusts greatly in the Greatest Physician to touch mom and bring each of us strength and peace for the days ahead. 

Please join us in prayer as we, with great faith, walk toward the unknown.

Blessings to All!

Friday, May 3, 2013

I'm Guesting Today

Hi Friends:

A Widow's Might is a blog that has ministered to my heart during the 28 months since I lost Mark.

Today I am guest posting over on A Widow's Might, sharing about the victory of Courage over Fear.

Hop on over and make sure to leave a comment so I know you visited.

Thank you for all the support you have given to my heart during this process of grief.

You have encouraged me greatly!