Saturday, December 20, 2014

December Daily {20}

Hi Friends
Happy Saturday
December 20th
Can't believe it's only a few days until Christmas

Today I have spent most of the day organizing and wrapping gifts
Here is how I set up

I keep all of my Christmas supplies in plastic bins
Here are my tags and labels

This one holds ribbons and bows

This one has a variety of items
A few of the ornaments I gave my grandmother years ago
Cards, mini bags and boxes, and fun little adornments

I keep plenty of tissue paper
Cello bags, Christmas gift bags and boxes on hand

Of course I need some basic supplies

And a small amount of wrapping paper

This morning I set everything up on my dining table
And then went to work
No sore back or missing items
It's kind of like an assembly line for myself

I dress rather comfy and warm
It was only 60 degrees in the house when I got up
When I asked my son if I could take him shopping 
Dressed like this
Ummm...he said NO

I don't know why
Doesn't navy, pink, purple, red, green, white and black 
All go together

Okay, I changed my clothes and put some makeup on
I guess I really don't want to show up in one of
Nana Diana's crazy Walmart posts

We did get our groceries
And then I changed my clothes back 
And finished my wrapping 

And Now ~ I get to introduce our newest 
Work family member

This is sweet Daniel Joseph
He is the first grandson of my employer
And he is absolutely Perfectly Precious!!

Have an Incredible Day/Night


  1. You look very organized. That's funny that your son didn't care for your outfit. xoxo

  2. You are so organized...makes wrapping go so much better!
    What a precious little bundle you're holding.
    Wishing you a blessed Christmas, Cindy!! I appreciate all your sweet visits to my blog, and it's a pleasure and privilege to know you and have a small part in your world.
    Mary Alice

  3. Good Sunday Morning Cindy,
    You look so organized to get all your packages wrapped. I know they will be gorgeous. OMG you are looking so great in your picture. I can tell how much you have lost. So proud of you. What a wonderful Christmas gift to your boss to have that wonderful grandchild. Have fun with the wrapping.
    Love ya,


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