Sunday, August 31, 2014

K~Bel Turns *4*

It is SO hard to believe
That our Sweet K~Bel 
Is already 4

This little Miss brings such joy to my life
Along with her sisters

She totally enjoyed her party

I bet you cannot guess where we went ~ LOL

One of her special 'cousins'
He's really an uncle once or twice removed
But cousin just works better

K~Bel absolutely Loved the gift
That K~Bug made for her 

Beautiful Little Miss

Beautiful cake created and decorated
By her grandma (not me)
So Talented

You are a delight and the most curious little Bel in the world
You both challenge and melt my heart
There is almost nothing in the world I wouldn't do for you
I just won't tell you that ~ YET!!!

Happy 4th Birthday 
My Sweet K~Bel

Monday, August 25, 2014

Baby, She Needs a Makeover

Hi Friends

I found this little beauty about a month ago
And Baby, She Needs a Makeover
But she was on $22 so I couldn't pass her by

I think she's older than I am
So we Know she's old - LOL

And, she is well worn
Kind of like me

She has such character, charm and she called my name

It doesn't show well in these photos
But she has a yellow color to her 
Which does not fit into my home at all

Her cabinet doors have all but broken off
So she'll need lots of TLC
To try to restore her 

But she is definitely worth the effort it will take 
To bring her beauty back
Or at least, Make her more presentable

I'm looking forward to working her over
This coming weekend

What are your plans??
Have you found a fun piece to re-make lately??
Do Share!

Monday, August 18, 2014

An Appreciated Respite

A Heartfelt 
To Dianne
One of our great providers 
At our medical practice
Who graciously invited the staff
Up to her 'cabin' in the woods for the weekend

 Just a little 4500 sq foot place

Enjoyed lunch on the deck
With absolutely Beautiful Views

Most of us have 'short' hair
Yet we all put our hair up in ponies
So we could play 'spoons' without hair pulling

Lots of photos were taken :)

A Beautiful weekend 
And a fun time with our office staff
I'm so thankful to work with such an Awesome Team

Thanks again, Dianne!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

My Little Artists

Thursday's at Nana's House
Are Just TOO much Fun!!

Although I miss my K-Bug so much
(back to school)
It is still such a joy
To spend these days with my little's

We decided to make today 
A Paint Day

I gave the girl's rectangular paper bowls

They just started pouring in the paint

And voila
We had messy all over
Couldn't have been more fun :)

One of the beautiful things about being a Nana
Is that you Never sweat the small stuff
Enjoy the Moments
And allow them to be Kiddos!!!

Thanks for allowing me to share my girlies!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Heart at Peace

Today was not a day I was looking forward to
I've had a migraine for two days AND
The entire pool cleaning system
Needed to be Cleaned
Internal parts, filters, baskets, and salt cell
All needed to be removed from their homes
And receive a heavy-duty cleaning

Each part removed
All eight (8) filters ready for their showers

This used to be a job I rather enjoyed
Spending a couple of hours
Hanging out with my husband
Talking, laughing and enjoying each others company

Now, It's just another chore
One that takes several hours and lots of physical labor
Yet, it is also a quiet time for my heart
To listen and hear the Lord
And that is what happened today

The past month has been tough for me
My son was in the hospital with a severe injury
Two days later we left on a Much Needed and Very Over due vacation
That was fun but over 2000 miles of driving
The following week we had company arrive from California
My heart felt heavy and rushed to accomplish things 
From my 'To Do" List

But today the Lord reminded me 
That, just as the internal parts of the pool cleaning system need to be cleaned
So do my internal parts, especially my heart

The internal parts are what make the pool inviting
Pleasing to swim in, look at and relax by
 Therefore they need to be in excellent working order

The same is true for our hearts
When our insides (hearts, spirit, soul) are in good working order
We are pleasing to others

When our hearts are weary, frustrated, and overwhelmed
We put off an unpleasant aura 

When I came in from working on cleaning the pool system
I opened my Bible to this verse.

"A Heart at Peace Gives Life to the Body"
Proverbs 14:30

Oh how I needed this reminder today

The pool system has been cleaned and 
All parts have been returned to their homes

But more importantly
My heart has been reminded of it's own need for cleaning
Through God's Word and spending time with Him

I have a Heart At Peace

I pray you do too!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

We're Baaack...

After being away for a year

We Have Returned To


They arrived today
And We Couldn't Be Happier!!!

BuBuy Windows Phones :)