Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Couple Goodies

Hi Friends

I had a great time at Sweet Salvage this weekend
I not only went on Friday
I popped by again today and picked up a few more items

Once home I worked on one small project inside
And a project outside
Here is what I did inside

There has been a fairly blank wall in my kitchen 
That needed a bit of something

I pulled the sign in from my LR
And added this cute picket fence post hanger
(found at Tillie Attic)
I painted the top of an old round table
(need to paint the legs next week)
I added a $2 lamp post
A bird house that I found at Sweet Salvage
As well as the white apron I found there
A photo and my cute little squirrel

There were many bird houses at the shop
But I liked the size and shape of this one
So it came home with me

When I saw this picket fence post
I knew exactly where it would go

I Love the knobs that it was created with

This piece has such character

Maybe I will purchase another apron or two
But for now, I like what I have

I like this once empty space
I'll live with it for a few days
And make changes as I feel the need

I have plenty more items that I purchased
But will probably share them
As I use them in my home

Can't wait to head back to Sweet Salvage
Next Month :)

Have a Super Week

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Sweet Goodness

Where I spent my morning??

This months theme
"Color Stories"

This was my second trip to this fun, fun, fun store
I almost don't want to call is a store
It's just a fun place
Where they sell 'stuff'

Sweet Salvage is only open 4 days per month
They have a theme each time they open
This months theme:
'Color Stories'
Each vendor chose a book with the name of a color in the title
Then they decorated their space based on that color

Maybe this booth was 50 shades of grey

Something Red
Hmmm...Red Badge of Courage - just guessing

It took every ounce of strength within me NOT to buy these keys
Or the red/white towels

This 'Lavender' area was simply gorgeous

I must have been to busy looking at everything 
To actually find out what book they based each area on
But that's okay, I enjoyed

They didn't have a 'K' in this set of letters
Oh well, do I Really need another one?

I almost purchased this cute lamb
But truly it was way larger than what I am looking for
But it sure was a great piece

I did purchase something from this vignette
Can you guess what it might be?

This framed chalkboard was already sold
But I sure thought the message was fun for the girlies

I'll share what I did purchase in the days ahead
More projects in my future

Oh, and BTW, everything I purchase is Susan's fault
She, at her blog Must Love Junk, is the one who 
Turned me on the Sweet Salvage, Just Sayin'

Enjoy your weekend!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Painting ~~ Planting ~~ Play-date

You may recall from yesterday's post
I had found this planter and terracotta pots at a thrift store
For just a few dollars

My list of projects from my recent finds is long
Yet, today one was accomplished
Along with having so much fun

I enlisted the help of my two youngest K's
And began the painting part of our play-date

I allowed them to choose colors and brushes 
And just paint away

Wisely, their clothing was covered
The outside table was covered

Using washable paint is a Great Idea

I believe little Miss K-Bel was pleased with her first piece

After a short break
And time to find a new friend
We headed back outside
To begin the Planting part of our play-date

Love my little K-Baby
Who isn't a baby anymore

Filling up the pots with soil and plants

Of course we must water everything again

And water and water and water

I believe this little project turned out just adorable
Allowing my grands to participate in these projects
Is MOST of the Joy
I'm not sure where it's permanent home will be
However, it does look kind of nice where it is

They Did Well

Now these plant stands need a bit of a makeover
Yep, I think we'll be painting again in a few days

Love getting projects crossed off my list
Especially when I get to complete them with
The help of  my little K's

Blessings to All 

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I See Many Projects in my Future

This past week I found a few moments
To venture into a thrift store or two
I came home with Many items
For very little $$$
And I now have quite a few projects in my future

This $2 bunny will land in my backyard
Somewhere beneath a red bottle brush bush
He will have many neighbors to hang out with
I'm sure he will be very happy there

I got this plant stand and 3 pots for about $5
It is actually larger than it looks
I had purchased a few plants over the weekend
And this is going to be Perfect for what I bought
I will have the girls help me plant tomorrow
It will be a fun project
We may even paint :)

Just couldn't turn my back on this metal basket
I'm not sure where it will end up 
But it will get a small makeover
And find a new home soon

Speaking of makeover
This frame 24x18 will definitely get a fresh coat of paint
And some distressing
It's kind of old but has Lots of potential

I found this cute frame with chicken wire and a few clips
It will also get some new paint
And find a new home
I'm opening an Etsy shop and this may be
One of my first pieces to go on sale

Though I paid about $6 for this 2 foot cross
I absolutely LOVE IT!!!
You may not be able to see it 
But it has a beautiful brown/green patina
I may not touch it at all
I may simply put it in my front porch flower bed

So for less than $20
I have many items and projects to work on

Stay tuned for some after photos in the next week or so

What have you found lately???

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Monday, April 14, 2014

It All Started at Glendale Glitters

It was December 2005
When Glendale Glitters got me started on a new collection
A cute little vintage shop
It's just a tiny red bowl I said
I put it back a couple of times
However, it won and came to a new home

Over the years
More little red/white bowls have joined the family

They just speak to me
Take me home too

They are always tiny little prices too
Matching their tiny statures

Almost always found at cute little
Boutiques or Vintage Shops

Over the years that one little red bowl
Has been joined by many more
I've only shared a few here
These are the cuties that sit on my microwave
I use them regularly
But it is amazing how one $5 purchase
Led to a collection of tiny red bowls

There are more bowls out in the garage cabinets
Red/white and other colors as well

Sure do love my little red bowls

Do you have a collection that kind of started accidentally?
Do Share!!!