Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Days {2} {3} {4} of 60 to 60 And Keys to Life

Hello Sweet Friends

Tonight I will start with day 4 of my 60 to 60

My day didn't start out as planned or 'normal'
I couldn't find my work keys

I think I live with my work keys more than my car/home keys
I never know when I might receive a call or text
And need to head into the office
It's just part of the job
However, I panicked when I couldn't find them this morning
I was to open the office at 7:30 and nobody else (with keys)
Would be there until 8:30

Long story short, 
I called a fellow employee and stopped by her house
On my way into the office, 
picked up her keys and opened the office
As I walked into my office, I opened one of my desk drawers
As I also set my purse and phone down on my desk
My phone opened to a visual of a post entitled:
What are your keys to Life?
And, my keys were lying in my desk drawer

Yep, there they were, in my desk drawer
My keys to life!!
At least a good portion of my life!! :) 

Here is my take and why I started this past 3 days
Of my 60 to 60 with this:

I realized that most of the past 3 days have been about 
Life, everyday, regular day life
No special events or treats
No projects being finished or worked on
Just every day life :)
Here we go!!

Day {2} of my 60 to 60 
Didn't take me out of the house until 3:00 pm
I think I over did on day {1}
My body was achy and I was over tired
Didn't fall asleep until 4AM and didn't get up until noon

However, I was so happy to have dinner with son #2
Some of you were able to guess
We had a super dinner at Texas Roadhouse
Madi just LOVES steak...

We had a little shopping trip to the Wallyworld
I usually go get Madi snacks and stuff after our Sunday dinner

Came home and placed my 'bulk' trash
Out to the curb
Then in for the night

Day {3} took me to the office
For a regular day in front of my computer

I was so very sad to hear the news of one of our 
Long time Arizona Senators passing away over the weekend
I was so grateful to see our local post office flag at half mass
No matter your political bent
We should all be thankful to anyone who gave so much of his life
To and for our country!
I pray for his family and friend over the next 
several days and weeks
As they will need to hold their chins up
And be stoic as they go through the process of 
Allowing our country to mourn this great loss

Regular life found me paying bills
Mailing packages that needed to be mailed
And praying over a special package
That will arrive at my granddaughters home tomorrow
This is the first grandchild birthday I will have missed
In the 14 years I have been a Nana
I'm so sad to miss K~Bels birthday 
But pray her blessings and favor in her new life

There are those keys in my desk drawer
Just were I left them :( 

Another important key in my life
Of balance and community
I went to the polls today and put in my 2 cents 
Again, I don't care what your political bent is
To me, it is an honor and joy to have cast my vote
 In Every election since I turned 18

Because I worked in the front office today
(which is always a bit stressful for me)
I had to sneak into my office to grab a little 'protein'
During the day ~ LOL 

To end this day {4}
I found 'Happy' mail in my box
Oh, yeah, it's a small package of garnets
And some beautiful oceany blue pieces of ???
To help decorate my LR, when it is complete

So, there you go, Days {2}, {3}, and {4}
In the books
Lots of 'keys' to life and understanding balance

Have a great rest of your week
I will be taking mom to a couple of important doctor 
Appointments over the next two days
Hope to fill you all in of Friday


Saturday, August 25, 2018

Day {1} of 60 to 60

Day {1} of my 60 days to 60
Began with me sleeping in until 8am ~ YAY

I decided to take a photo of this sign I have hanging in my bedroom
I will remind myself of these good rules for life 

Motivation from my honest post last night
Took me to my dining room table
Where a brand new rug has been laying for a couple of months
It was definitely time to fix my table issue

With the help of my BIL and sister (last weekend)
I had my dresser and desk hutch moved to my living room
It has been waiting for some TLC
Which it received today

On the opposite wall
The entry area
I fluffed a few pieces that were already in place

Moving over to a corner of the room
I added a few bits and pieces from my beach cottage collection
My new rug finally found it's home
As did a couple of pieces I have received/purchased from friends

This room is not complete yet
But I made a huge start on it
And feel that my first day of 60
Has been successful

Thank you, to each of you who took the time to 
Respond to yesterday's post
I will send personal replies soon

Now, I will have a bite of dinner
And relax for the evening
Thank you for sharing in my journey!

Friday, August 24, 2018

Hello from MIA and I need your input

Hello Sweet Friends

I know I have been MIA for so many months that I'm not sure anyone is still out there.
It has been a grueling and HARD year for me.
I have not taken care of myself and put all of my energy into taking care of others and other things.

My youngest son has moved into a group home, 
that was on February 3rd of this year.
I see him every weekend, take him to dinner and do a bit of shopping for his 'wants'.
He still struggles with not being here, 
but he is in the best place for now.

My oldest son moved to Texas on February 10th of this year.
After commuting for several months, 
his wife and daughters have now joined him.
I purchased a home for them in Mineral Wells, TX.
I made a quick trip out there in July to sign papers and 
help get them settled.

As I began coming to terms with being an empty nester (alone)
After 33 years of care giving for my special need son
And 10 years of care giving for my late husband
It seems my mom will need extra care and time
I have been taking her to doctor appointments almost every week
We have 2 next week and 2 the following week
There is a possibility that she may come live with me
Sometime in the future (more near than we might like)
But that is a last resort, it depends on what all the test results are
I believe my caretaking days are not over

With all that said and SO SO SO much left out
I am asking for input

In 61 days I will turn 60
As I approached 50 (a decade ago)
My life was so very different and I embraced the change
Planned many fun events and enjoyed life

Today, life is not so fun
I'm extremely tired, worn down and battle depression
To the point I have had serious thoughts that I won't share

My goal is to begin to embrace 60 with Joy
And Hopefulness instead of hopelessness
I want to celebrate the next 60 days in special ways
Here is where YOU come in

I need ideas
Ideas of what small things I can do each day to Love myself
I'm talking things that don't cost a lot of money
And don't take up tons of time (that I don't have)

Here are a few of my own ideas:
A pedicure (I haven't had one in more than a year)
A Vacation DAY for myself and NOT a doctor appointment
(I haven't had one of those in over a year either)
Go see a movie (can't remember that last time I did that)
Finish a Project or two or thirty!!!
Read a magazine - WHAT???

You can see, I have not treated myself with any love, 
respect of gentleness
For more than a year, 
In fact it is probably more than a decade.
I try very hard to put others needs before myself and 
I believe that is good (in general)
But I am 'nearly' at my highest weight ever
Am battling anemia 'again'
Battle depression and would rather pull the covers up over my head
And stay in bed all day, than to get up an leave the house
I am in excruciating pain everyday
I take way too much Excedrin and suffer from insomnia

I MUST make some changes and I want this to be a start

60 Days to 60
What should I do??