Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December Daily {9}

Hi Friends,

Happy December 9th
Happy 50th Anniversary to Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
Which I happen to be watching as I type this post :)

Today was a super busy day for me work wise
As I am taking tomorrow off so I can 
Take my mom to 2 doctor appointments and a 
Variety of other errands

I wasn't sure I'd have much to post tonight
But, God has Blessed me SO Much

Today I received this cute basket and 2 scented candles
From my Secret Santa
Oh how I am enjoying SS this year :)

I received this super fun package from a business associate today
I will be honest
I took 90% of the candies and goodies out of the boxes
And put them in the kitchen at the office for the 
Other employees to enjoy
I kept the boxes, they will make great packaging for gifts!

Then, when I got home and got the mail
I found this sweet package from a fellow widow
She had read about my jewelry challenge for the 
Christmas season
And she gifted me the following

Two very fun pair of earrings
Three darling lapel pins
I was so excited I could hardly contain myself
Giggles and Tears all at one time
These will always be treasured pieces in my collection

And for today's jewelry piece
One of my nativity bracelets
I found this several years ago and absolutely Love it
It has the creche with Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus
And then there are kings on camels and sheep around the sides
Just a very special piece

Well, that's the photos for today
Not sure what tomorrow will hold
As it will be busy with mom time
But I'm sure to find more Christmas JOY
In the day to share with you

Thanks for stopping by
Now I will continue to watch RTRNR
One of my Favs~~~

May God Bless You Now


  1. Cindy, My Mom and I have had the same kind of together days. She had several surgeries last year and many doctor appointments. Things are good now. I love all the goodies you received. Those boxes and jewelry are pretty. Enjoy your day!

  2. Hi Cindy,
    Love all your gifted items. Those boxes the candies came in are so pretty. Love your nativity bracelet. So sweet.

  3. Cindy, how special for you. You are such a great lady and you deserve all of it. You reminded me, my Christmas time fav is Little Women. We watch it every year, even the hubby likes it. Your bracelet is really a beautiful piece..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  4. Cindy - How special that you get to have a day with your Mom. People just don't realize how precious time is with loved ones, do they?

    Love your nativity bracelet. So appropriate for the season.


  5. It looks like someone is really enjoying having you as their SS -- such cute gifts! I've been meaning to comment on your Christmas jewelry collection. I, too, have several pieces (not as many as you) and really enjoy wearing them during December. It seems they use to be so much more popular than they are now, but I don't care. I wear mine proudly!


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