Sunday, November 20, 2016

Staying Positive!

Good Sunday Evening
Sweet Friends

I cannot believe it has been 2 weeks since I last posted
I guess that is what having a tiny space
At an antique/gift shop will do to you

It seems as though it's been longer than 2 weeks
I work on items every single day
And drive to the shop at least 3 times a week

I'm trying to Stay Positive
So far, only 1 item has sold
I have added lots of little things for Christmas

My prayer is that this venture will bring JOY
Into my life and not disappointment
I've struggled with tears the last few days

But I'm putting positive thoughts in my head
And holding on to them

The time between my birthday and Christmas
When Mark passed, are tough ones for me
Working HARD at focusing on HIM
The JOY of this season that is now upon us

I do hope to share, in the days ahead
A few Really Great Finds
And hopefully some other good news

Many Blessings to you All

Sunday, November 6, 2016

It Happened So Quickly

Happy Sunday Evening
Sweet Friends

One day I was minding my own business
Serving time at jury duty
And the next thing I knew
I had signed a lease to open a space
At a local Antique/Gift Shop

Well, I had been thinking about it for several years
I had my name in (waiting list) at an Antique Mall
But I really hadn't prepared or gotten too excited
Because wait lists can be months long
And, quit frankly, I didn't think it would happen
Until, at least, after the first of the year

I got called to Jury Duty last Wednesday
After all of the panels had been seated
They didn't need me, so I was released for the day
I stopped by one of my favorite little shops
Just happened to talk to the owner
And, 15 minutes later, I had signed a lease
And told I could move in immediately

I had to go into overdrive to get something put together
I didn't have a shelving unit or anything
Found this wonderful gnome display at a yard sale Saturday
Didn't want the gnomes, just the shelf
They all came home with me
I guess they will be in my space in the spring :)

I had to cut one part of the unit off as it was a bit
Too long for my tiny space
I spent last night hand painting it
And this morning taking it to the space
And setting up just a few items

As you can guess
I have LOTS of work to do to fill up the space
And create some pieces for Christmas
But, it's a start to a MANY year dream
Actually, this is really the first thing I've dared dream about
Since losing My Mark almost 6 years ago

Happy Week Ahead

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Fall Tea Cup Exchange

Hello Sweet Friends

Welcome to
The Fall Tea Cup / Mug Exchange Reveal
Hosted by the Dear Stephanie at The Enchanting Rose

This is the second time I have participated
And, Oh I had so much fun putting my package together

It was fun to decide on a theme / color
And find little goodies to send off to my exchange recipient

This cute tea cup caught my eye
It was quickly purchased and the yellow theme started

A tea cup, journal, handkerchief, doily, two cards,
Spoon, candy and tea
Were packaged and sent off to Debbie in Texas
I haven't heard from her, but I sure hope she enjoyed her package

A week after I sent my package
I received this lovely package from Shirley in Virginia
Little scented soaps and a kitchen towel

A book, plaque, card and hot cocoa
(I don't drink coffee or tea - I know - I'm odd *wink*)

And this absolutely delightful tea cup
Can you see that the handle is butterfly wings
And the darling bee...

I'm so thankful to Shirley for blessing me with such
A Wonderful variety of items

And to Stephanie
Thank you again for hosting a fun and blessed exchange

Until next time