Thursday, December 31, 2009


Happy New Year Everybody and Welcome to my Blog!

I begin this post with a picture of my hubby who celebrated his 60th birthday tonight.

Yes, I fortunately married a New Year's Eve Baby.

So, the end of each year brings joy to our home.

2009 was a difficult year in many ways but especially relating

to my husband losing his job 01/09/09.

Finances fluctuated
Stress levels soared

Exhaustion enveloped my life

However, God supplied

December brought a beautiful wedding
and a daughter into our family.

And now an opportunity to celebrate 60 years of life

It wasn't too long ago that we couldn't see this day

As we journeyed through Mark's illness and transplant.

But here we are: Celebrating God's Goodness

This year we chose a quiet family dinner.

Melissa had to work so it was just the 5 of us

But it was a great night.

On the menu

Sparkling Cider

Filet Mignon

Veggie Salad

Twice Baked Mashed Potatoes

And Dessert

Individual/Mini Angel Food Cakes
(And yes, I prepared and cooked all the food)

With a choice of four different Haagen Dazs Ice Creams

Cherry Vanilla worked just fine for me

But the Carmel Chocolate Cone

Was good too.

One last 2009 photo with our precious granddaughter

And another year comes to an end.

Where 2010 takes us

Well, I have no idea but I know that wherever we go

God goes with us.

Our family motto:

Through It All: FAITH!!

Peace and God's Best Blessings for you and yours in 2010

Thanks for becoming my bloggy friends

I plan to see more of you in 2010.

Considering 2010 with JOY,


Thursday, December 24, 2009

UPDATE...Urgent Prayer Request

Newest Update...

Christmas Night

Todd is awake,

talking and joking

Doctors say he is in the less than 1%

who will recover from

a massive brain hemerage

Surgery is scheduled for Sunday

But tonight

It would seem

that GOD has choosen to do a miracle

On this Christmas morning

Todd is beginning to respond to commands

Continuing to Pray!

(Original Post)

Calling all prayer warriors

on Christmas Eve

Friend of family


36 years old

Has wife and young kids

He had headache yesterday

Son found him this morning having seizure

In hospital now

Bleed on brain

Unsure of outcome

Family is just waiting

Very critical

Will update when information is received

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Six Years...

It's December the 17th

Six years ago today my hubby received a kidney transplant

A second chance at life

A light we thought had faded

Now shines brightly again

Six years ago a young man gave life to another

And so we were able to experience this

Last week after the wedding the kids all came over

This is the first time we have all been in the same room

Matthew and his dog Sammy

Andrew, his bride Melissa and their daughter Kori

Cindy (Andrew's birth sister), her hubby Joe, their girls Adrianna and Emaly

Mark and myself

We met Cindy and Adrianna a few years ago but they live in Sacramento

We had never even met Emaly (what a cutie)

We do consider Cindy as our daughter

and her girls as our granddaughters

So we felt like we had our entire family together

for a VERY special weekend

All because Andrew came into our lives as a 21 month old boy

who needed a home

And was willing to give up a kidney to save his daddy

That's Love

That's Joy

That's Family

That's Peace

That's Christmas

That is what Jesus is all about

For our family

The gift of life came as a child

For the world

The gift of eternal life

came as a child

And lives today!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I...Am Not You!

I...Am not you and that is what has kept me away from blogging for quite some time.

When I first began blogging a few years ago it was just to journal my life and journey.

I loved it! Almost daily I would come to this place and just begin typing whatever was on my heart. It was the place I felt safe and comfortable to share the truth about who I am and what I was facing as I journeyed along my path.

Somewhere in the midst of my journey I got lost in the world of numbers. Number of comments, followers, and posts which eventually made blogging become more of a job than a joy. I was attempting to figure out what people wanted to follow, to comment on and what would make others come to MY blog. I tried to do things other 'BIG' blogs did, attempted to lure 'followers' so my comments would be higher but ultimately quit blogging all together.

For me blogging had lost it's purpose and I was no longer fulfilling mine.

I've spent many months seeking the Lord about my life and where I go from here. He has graciously shown me areas both of lack and abundance. He has lifted my eyes and let me gaze upon my life from His perspective. I have seen error in some of my ways and realize where I went wrong. That is why this post is entitled " not you".

I am not the blogger who has hundreds of followers, comments and posts everyday.

I am not the blogger who beautifully writes a post on every situation she faces.

I am not the blogger who can transform everything she touches into works of art then posts the photos as proof.

I am not the blogger who capture's life through the eye of a lens then blogs about it.

I am not the blogger who lives with a Pastor, leads Bible studies and easily blogs about what God is doing in the world.

I am not the blogger who has written several books and can captivate an audience with a few words.

I am not the blogger who see's all of life in pictures and is able to translate to the reader.

I am not the blogger who...

As it has become clearer and clearer of all the things that I am not...
God has opened my eyes to all the things I AM...

I AM...first and foremost a child of the King, the King who has filled my heart with JOY and PEACE.

I AM...a woman who loves Jesus and lives seeking to find joy in every circumstance I see.

I AM...a wife to one man for nearly 29 years. Our life and family motto has always been: 'through it all...FAITH'.

I AM...a mom to two wonderful adopted boys and one of their birth sisters who recently came into our lives. They are my world.

I AM...a nana to three beautiful granddaughters ~ who have brought joy to my heart just by being alive.

I AM...a daughter, sister and auntie! My extended family is vitally important to me and I value all of the moments we get to spend together.

I administrator, from the center of my being (just ask my hubby) who loves her job and receives great joy in a job well done.

I AM...genuine, loyal, encouraging, honest, hard-working, passionate and compassionate.

I AM...filled with integrity.

I awesome organizer.

I write.

I LOVE...scrapbooking, photography, decorating and refinishing furniture.

I THINK...I even love blogging.

So, I am back ~ As Me! The person God created! The person who I was meant to be! The person who fell in love with blogging just because!

If I have people who want to follow my blog ~ That is great!

If there are others who want to leave comments ~ I welcome them!

But I won't live for them or try to create them. I just welcome them as the encouragment they are meant to be.

I am happy to be back during the Christmas season because I LOVE CHRISTMAS, I LOVE shopping, I LOVE taking pictures and sharing my heart!

Considering Being Back To My BLOG with Great JOY,

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Coming Back...


I am coming back to my beloved blog...

After the wedding...

Which is only 67 hours away...

See you soon:)