Monday, March 31, 2014

One more little addition

I'm so glad it's Monday
I'm not sure what was wrong with me 
Over the weekend
But I slept almost the entire weekend away
Whew...that is Not me
Although I still feel really tired today...

Anyway, On with the week

I stopped by Target this morning
To pick up a couple of items
We needed for the office
I had my list and was intent on sticking to it

When all of a sudden
Something jumped right off the shelf and into my cart
I was shocked 
However, once I realized what it was
There was just no way I could put it back on the shelf

Are these not just the sweetest little boots around

They told me they just absolutely Needed to come home with me
And help decorate the girls Kottage

You know
My 3 K's Kottage

I just couldn't look into the depth of their color and cuteness
And tell them they had to stay at the store

Just couldn't do it
They are now a permanent fixture
Just outside My 3 K's Kottage
Any I think they knew exactly
Where they wanted to live

Don't you Agree???
Love Them

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

You Be The Judge...

Well, My K's have been here twice
Since I re-made their 'Kottage'

I'll let you be the judge...

Do you think this Nana is Glad 
She spent so many hours/days remaking their little place

What do You think???

Pure JOY!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Treasure Hunt Finds

Tonight I thought I'd share a few of the items I purchased
during my treasure hunt weekend

But first I'd like to share a cool pay it forward
That actually happened to me today
I walked into Kohl's on my lunch break today
No intention of purchasing anything
Kohl's just happens to be in the same area that I work

Anyway, as I was walking in
An older gentleman was walking out
He wasn't paying attention to anything except a  piece of paper in his hand
I tried to move around him so he didn't crash into me
As I did he (without looking up)
Handed me the paper in his hand
I realized it was Kohl's cash
And immediately said thank you, thank you very much
He was already gone
Then I realized it was $30.00
I was so excited 
What a blessing and tonight
I'm publicly thanking whomever gave it to me
And thanking God, because I believe He is always in the details

Believe me - I do pay it forward at times

And I will continue with Joy

Now, on to my little finds

The #7 cue ball will go in my basket of red/black/white balls
A little pair of red shoes-too sweet
(I have several little red shoe photos on my pinterest board)
The coolest set of keys 
A cute little bunny

I found this neat little child's silver cup for just a couple dollars

This really nice candle holder for $2

Of course I couldn't pass up this 2 foot tall K

I cannot wait to refinish this little 3 foot mini dresser
It's going to go in my LR 
It was a bit pricey but Exactly what I needed

Fell in love with this silver plate
It has an inscription on the back dated 1971
Love it

Mostly I love the cute little feet on the bottom

Speaking of little feet these adorable shoes
Have NO idea where they will end up
But I just couldn't pass them up for $5

These will go someplace - just love them

Got these 3 tin containers for my office
Filling them up with craft supplies

Of course you know there was NO way
I was passing up this #3
I'm sure it will get a make over (paint)
And make it's way into the Kottage

And a final photo of this sweet little bunny
She's on my dining room table with her new buddy :)

Absolutely cannot wait until the next Sweet Salvage Sale Weekend
And looking forward to:
Junk in the Trunk
Show at West World in Scottsdale in May

What treasures have you found 
Gotten rid of this week

Sunday, March 23, 2014

'Second Nature' Treasure Hunt

This past Friday and Saturday was definitely
A Treasure Hunt couple of days

I learned about Sweet Salvage from a blog friend
Susan at Must Love Junk
She introduced this wonderful shop a couple of months ago
She lives in Ohio while I live in Arizona
The shop: in Arizona
Yep, I've lived here for 19 years and needed a blogger from Ohio
To introduce me to a great shop just a few miles downtown

Sweet Salvage is only open 4 days per month
Every month they choose a theme and display items
In the most creative ways
All the while sticking to their theme

This month was 'Second Nature'
I absolutely fell in love with the shop
It will now be on my monthly
Must visit list :)

I did purchase a few items
And one item from the photo above
Can you guess which one?

Springtime sheet music

I loved how they used the ripped photos on the wall
As a back drop to this birdcage display

Though I did not purchase this window (almost)
I do think this idea will end up in my bedroom makeover
Sometime in the next several months
They had two windows hinged to the wall
I think it would make a great headboard 
With the addition of a gate or something similar

I always feel a bit different
Mostly because I was the only shopper there by myself
Everybody else was with a spouse or group of friends
(If you live in the Phoenix area and like to go Junkin'
I sure would love to tag along sometime)

I love fresh cotton and have some I 'borrowed' 
A few years ago from a local field
This display is much more than I would ever use
But I do like it in the bucket

I also ventured to:
Rust and Roses
Brass Armadillo
Merchant Square and Flea Market
And a couple other small shops

I didn't take as many photos as I had hoped to
But I will share my purchases in the next couple of days
I found a few items I just couldn't live without :)

Have a super start to your week!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

My 3 K's Kottage Reveal

19 years ago our little family
Moved into my current home
In the backyard at that time was this little playhouse
In those 19 years
It has served as a fort, club house, and
playroom for the boys and their electronic games
More recently it has served as a storage shed

This old place has seen better days
But I truly have wanted to allow my granddaughters to play in there
In just over 3 years
All of my grands will be in school
And I won't get to spend as much time with them as I do now

So, I began to plan
Gave myself a $100.00 budget
And got to work 
Turning this old shed

Into This Cute little Kottage for my K's

I searched for just the right 'stuff'
At garage sales, thrift stores, and antique marts
Then just let it all come together

Because I have added an abundance of photos
I will just let them speak for themselves

I must add here
I pulled out my petticoat from my wedding
(size 4 - haha - 33 years ago)
And decided to use it to make some simple curtains for the windows

They aren't perfect
But it is a special little touch that makes me smile

I'll say that it was a lot of work
And I spent many hours painting and preparing
But I personally think it turned out SO cute
And the girlies just love playing in there

I can't wait until all my K's 
As well as my sister's grands
Come over and just play 

I believe there will be many hours of
Using their imaginations creatively with
Play-doh, crayolas, scissors, markers 
Cooking, playing house and school
Just plain old fashioned fun times

NO Electronics Allowed :)

I hope you've enjoyed the photos
I sure enjoyed putting this little Kottage together

And Now I am going to go eat 
Strawberry Shortcake for dinner!!

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