Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy Birthday Mark

It has been a struggle today
Deciding if I should post or not
Many think that it's been long enough
And I should let go of the past
Yet, when you spend 30+ years loving someone
You just don't let go so easily

Today would have been Mark's birthday
We always had a huge birthday party
 On New Year's Eve
Because my brother and brother-in-law
Both had birthday's on the 29th
It became a family tradition to celebrate together

Well, it's more difficult to spend 
New Year's Eve alone
I just miss my Mark so much

Below are just a few of my favorite photo's
And they help remind me of the 
30 wonderful years I was blessed
To spend with the love of my life

Happy Birthday in Heaven Mark


Happy New Year To You All

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Jesus, It's YOUR Birthday

Happy birthday, Jesus
I'm so glad it's Christmas
All the tinsel and lights
And the presents are nice
But the real gift is You

Happy birthday, Jesus
I'm so glad it's Christmas
All the carols and bells
Make the holiday swell
And it's all about You

Happy birthday, Jesus
Jesus I love You
I love You Jesus

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I Hope You're Dancing

Three years ago today
You left your earthly body behind
Filled with it's pain and disease
You met Jesus face to face
And began your true eternity

I miss you every moment
But would not ask you to return
For you are free and at peace
And in the presence of our King

Happy Jesus Day, Mark
Merry Christmas
In Heaven

I Hope You're Dancing

Three years ago today
You left your earthly body behind
Filled with it's pain and disease
You met Jesus face to face
And began your true eternity

I miss you every moment
But would not ask you to return
For you are free and at peace
And in the presence of our King

Happy Jesus Day, Mark
Merry Christmas
In Heaven

Monday, December 23, 2013

December Daily - Catch Up Style

December has gotten away from me
That is For Sure

Here are just a few shot from the past week

I bought myself my very first apron
I've never been an apron wearer
But thought it was a good time to start

Took a walk with my two littlest K's
Oh, it was such a beautiful day in AZ

I had the privilege of helping out
At the Neighborhood Christian Clinic last week
 It isn't in the greatest location in town
But it certainly was a blessing to go and help out a friend

I was playing with my camera the other night
During the full moon
Took some fun shots

These two have been my constant companions for the past week

A friend stopped by the other night
She just dropped off some flowers
What a Wonderful treat
Kind of felt like God stopped by to bless my heart
Sure did need that (N) Thanks

Picked up this antique Santa the other day
At Tillies Attic for $1.00  - Oh Yeah!!!

And Now
These are my constant companions for the next few days
Was diagnosed with pneumonia (AGAIN!!!)
Yep, gonna be hanging around the house tonight and tomorrow

My mom should be here in a few minutes
She's going to spend a few days with me
Maybe she will take care of her sick girl :)

See you all tomorrow 
Can you believe it will be
Christmas Eve?????

Sunday, December 15, 2013

December Daily 14 & 15

Within the Big picture of Life
There is nothing greater than spending
Time with People
And developing a personal relationship with God

Lists, Plans, Ideas and Hopes
Pale in comparison to Relationships

Did I accomplish everything on my
To Do list this weekend ~ NO

Do I have peace in knowing 
This was a weekend well spent ~ YES

Because I spent it with my mom 

We talked, laughed, ate too much
Watched some TV, went shopping, took a nap and ate some more
A weekend well spent!!!

And in the midst...

I cleaned my refrigerator

Made sure mo had the freshest 
And best coffee in town

Went to church with my son and his wife
To watch and listen to this precious angel sing

And dance a little bit 

Prepared my wrapping station

With ribbon and bows

Boxes and Tins

Loads of Christmas Bags

And many tags and embellishments

But mostly
Continued to Build Relationships
With People and My Lord

How was your weekend

Friday, December 13, 2013

December Dailys

What happens to the days
I've taken photos
But have not taken the time
To post them to my blog

My hope is to document
Each of the days leading up to 
I put together a photo book
All I have to do is add the photos
It will be 1 project I may actually 
Accomplish before year's end

Below are a few of the photos
I've taken in the past several days

A friend has been inviting me to her dinner club
It is so much fun
There is always a theme
And the history of....
This month it was High Heels and Tennis shoes
I wore the high heels
My friend wore the ??? dusting slippers :)

It has been fun this year to 
Do much of my shopping on-line
So happy that my packages have begun to arrive
And I don't need to ship anything :)

Have you ever been to a Christmas Party Gift Exchange
Steal the gift from a friend party
Yep, it was a Blast

This year our office decided to have our 
Christmas Party
In Our Jammie's
Talk about a super fun and comfy night 
Nope, Mr S didn't wear his jammies
But all had a fabulous time anyway

Tonight I hope to:
Prepare my Wrapping Station
This weekend I plan on:
Spending time with my mom
Taking her shopping
Write out all my Christmas Cards
(this will be a first since Mark passed)
Wrap most of my gifts
Clean my home office
Possibly stay caught up with my December Daily

Wish me luck
What are you plans for the weekend???

Thursday, December 5, 2013

December Daily 5

These are just a few of the shots
From today
December 5

This is what happens when you have
3 granddaughters who have played
At Nana's house
At least once a week
Every week
for over 9 years
Yep, nana has a few dollies :)

I rearranged the garland on my little tree
I tucked it into the branches
I like it a Lot better now

My Boy 
Always makes my heart happy

Just a little bit of Christmas 
Around the house

I LOVE December
And Christmas
Each day I focus on Celebration
Of the Risen Lord
Of Hope
Of Joy
Of Peace
Of Life

God Bless You All

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December Daily 3 & 4

December Daily

Secret Elves

That appear with gifts
Out of nowhere

And Secret Santa's
This week I have been blessed 
Beyond measure
With Gifts that have come like Hugs From Above
Oh, what a joy to be Loved

Thank you to ????

December Daily

I finally decorated my 'little' tree
Not sure I love the garland
But I'll live with it a day or two
Even if it comes off
I Love my Little Tree

In fact,
There is Nothing about Christmas
That I do not Love
I LOVE Christmas
I LOVE December

Happy Day 4

Monday, December 2, 2013

December Daily #2

I am so excited to have actually gotten my little 
Christmas Tree out of it's 
Hibernation sight and into my living room

Yes, it is a small tree
But at least it is up
My youngest son attempted 
To talk me in to putting our BIG tree up
It has been in hibernation 
Since I put it away after my hubby passed
Since I am not hosting a dinner this year
I decided our little tree would be just dandy

I do hope to decorate it tonight
So the finished product
Can be my 
December Daily #3

Wish me luck :)
Happy December

Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Daily 1

Somehow I didn't quite finish
My November JOY Series

Here it is already December

For my December Daily 1
I will post a few of my Thanksgiving Photos

My K-Bug

My K-Bel

My K-Baby

My Boy

The youngest Thom praying for our meal

Yep, These are the Cain's
And yes, That IS my K-Bel

Some of our girlies

And that 1 cousin boy

It was a full day of family
21 of us at my brothers home
Way too much food, fun and laughter

Welcome December

Sunday, November 24, 2013

JOY #24 Son #1

August 1983
This little guy came into our lives
As a 21 month old foster child

Who would not have fallen head 
over heels in love
With this red headed, freckle faced
Chunky little kiddo

Married and raising My 3 K's
He is still the joy of my life
And even with a face full of hair
Tattoos around his neck
And sunglasses 24/7

I'm still head over heels 
In love with my oldest son

Happy 32nd Birthday

JOY #24