Monday, August 31, 2015

Pocket Letter Pal

Hi Sweet Friends,

Thank you for sticking with me
Even when I forget to blog for a week

I actually took a MUCH needed weekend away
Some of our office staff went to the mountains
For the weekend and enjoyed
The beauty of a friends cabin
And the beauty of Heber, AZ
Cooler air and sweet friends
Was a needed respite for this girlie

Now for a fun post
I was recently allowed to join with some blog friends
Participating in Pocket Letter Pals
Thank you to Garage Sale Gal

To be honest friends
Before about six weeks ago, I had never heard of this
But, I'm so happy I found out about it
And got the opportunity to join in

I received a super fun package in the mail

Sweetly wrapped
And decorated for fall

Info about Pocket Letter Pals
Can be found HERE

The theme of the swap that I joined was:
So, I got out all of my fall themed papers, stickers,
Cards, ribbons, buttons, etc
And started crafting

I will be honest
My first attempt is Very Novice
And I have LOTS to learn

I had SO much fun putting it together
That I can hardly wait until 
I have the opportunity to join again

Now, as you can see from the above photo
My Pal is a Pro and sent me a beautiful array of goodies

I have had so much fun
Going through each and every pocket
Looking at all of the goodies
It's like a gift in each pocket

Check around with your blog friends
See what others blogs are hosting pocket letter pals
And, if you enjoy paper crafting
This would be a super fun experience

Have you ever participated in
Pocket Letter Pals
Please Share

You can check out my Pal
Deb at Garage Sale Gal
To see other pocket letters that she has 
Created and received
And check out her fun blog

Deb, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to join in


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Printer's Tray Re~Love

Hi Friends,

I hope you have enjoyed a wonderful weekend
Mine has been very busy, again!
I visited my mom yesterday and then went 
To my granddaughters 5th birthday party

However, in the midst I found time to paint
And complete the re~love of my printer's tray

This is the piece I purchased last weekend for only $18

When I first purchased it 
I wasn't positive of how I was going to use it
But I did know that it needed paint
So, I got out my Annie Sloan and went to work

It took about 1 1/2 hours to paint each coat
I only did two because I wanted to keep an older look

I chose NOT to paint the outside
I really love the vintage label with font size and type

And the great drawer pull with it's own 
Personality and character

I decided where I was going to use it
With a home of only 1150 square feet
I try to use my space wisely
So I had an idea to use a tiny strip of space with this tray

I'm not sure you can tell
But there is a small 4cm space between the 
bottom of the closet shelf and the 
Top of the shelving unit
It is between that space I decided to use the tray

I didn't have lots of time today to fill up the cubbies
But you will get the idea as you look at these photos

You know all of those bits and bobs
Buttons, ribbons, and items that you want to use
For numerous projects you have on your 'to do' list

Well, I decided to use this tray to put all of those items
Each type/color has it's own cubby
I am so very pleased with how this turned out

As you can see, I still have lots of room to fill up
And lots of colors to add
However, I Love what I see

And, I am hoping you can tell
That it fit perfectly on top of the shelving unit
I do not think I could have found any other piece
That would have fit in that 4 cm space
Especially an piece that will be so very handy
While I'm crafting and looking for just the right piece
To finish out a project

Which leads me to realizing that I have a project
In the works that needs to be in the mail soon
So, I better get to it
And you can bet that as I'm using bits and bobs 
For this new project
I will be placing the extras in it's new home

Thank you for stopping by

May you find Joy in the Simple Things


Thursday, August 20, 2015

It's a Start

Hi Friends,

I thought I'd just stop in with a quick update
On my newest find 
Remember, I just shared this piece that I found last Saturday

My new (to me) printer's tray
That I found for just $18
I've thought about using it as is
However, I just can't leave well enough alone
So, for all of you
Vintage Purest Friends out there
Please cover your eyes 
Or close this page now
Because ...

She's Getting A Make~Over

I'm so Excited to get her completed
And share her new home soon

Find Joy in Something Simple Today

Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Bit Random

Hi Friends,

Wow, I cannot believe it has been a week since I blogged 
It's just been a busy season at work
And my son had friends over all week
So, I guess I have been a bit preoccupied

I don't have a lot to share tonight
But I thought it was time to check in

How is everybody doing?
I hope to get by your blogs tonight!

I was at my mom's new home today
I'm continuing to help her get settled
She's doing so well
And Loving her new place
The above photo was taken in her back yard area
I'm not sure what type of flower this is
But they are blooming so beautifully right now
It was 117 yesterday and I think about the same today
I sure don't know how these flowers survive
But it was nice to sit outside and see something so pretty
Even in the heat of the day

Because I have been so busy with other things
I haven't taken much time to pamper myself
I felt like this afternoon was a good time
So, I took 30 minutes lighten my pearly whites
And another 30 minutes or so
To darken my not so pearly greys
And, a good time was had by {me}

On the way home from my mom's this afternoon
I stopped by Green Table Gifts
To pick up a couple items I needed to make my first
Pocket Letter Pals Set
AND ...
I found this beauty that I just couldn't come home without
It doesn't look very big in this photo
But it is 33 x 17
And the perfect size to be re-loved
For a project I have been wanting to do
And, best of all, it was only $18

I praying for a quiet evening so I can come visit your blogs
Have a wonderful Sunday
May you find Joy in something simple today

Blessings ~~~

Saturday, August 8, 2015

We MUST Stop Meeting Like This ...

It seems I am spending too much time 
Meeting with my Mailman 

Or shall I say 
I am spending too much time
Shopping on~line

My friend Melanie Dorsey 
Is such a creative person
She started painting, drawing, making cards etc
Which lead to her creating with fabric and items of interest

In recent days she has begun creating 
Tattered Tessie's
And I am so happy to say
I am the Proud owner of several of her works of art
But also one of her first Tattered Tessie's

She arrived today
Let me introduce you to:
Anna Shell Bell

She will spend her new life 
In my Beachy office

She fits in perfectly

She's already stolen my heart
And found a permanent home

Thank you Melanie
For using your gifts and talents
To create pieces that are fun, whimsical and sweet
But also bring Joy to the heart

And now
I Must step away from the internet :) :) :)

Have a blessed and joy filled weekend

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Perfect Timing ...

There are just times when God shows up
At the exact moment you need Him
Today was that day

I'll just share that I will miss these days
Now that school has started
No more piles of towels and swimsuits 
Left on the floor after the girls have gone home on Thursday
I'll still have my little K~Baby
However the two older girls have started school
K~Bel is in Kindergarten
K~Bug is in middle school
Where do the years go

I've shared many times how much I totally LOVE my job
It gives me opportunities to do a variety of things
And I not only love my boss
I also enjoy being with the girls I work with

I'm sure we all have days or tiny seasons
That challenge our abilities and understanding
As well as our patience
 This has been that week

There are deadlines and projects
That need my undivided attention
And I've been a bit stressed
So, I was extremely excited to come home today
And find some Real Unexpected Happy Mail 
Waiting for me

The package was wrapped so creatively
Pictures, ribbons, lace and words
Placed lovingly around the outside

And the inside was no different
Romantic Homes Magazine
A sweet card filled with encouraging words, tags and love

As well as a sweet towel
Wonderfully scented sachet
Cute doily and Love

Thank you Jo from Anne's Attic Design
Were Jesus with Skin on
I'm so grateful for the surprise Happy Mail
Thank you

Blog Friend are the 'Blessed'

May your day be blessed
And may you find JOY in the Midst