Sunday, November 24, 2013

JOY #24 Son #1

August 1983
This little guy came into our lives
As a 21 month old foster child

Who would not have fallen head 
over heels in love
With this red headed, freckle faced
Chunky little kiddo

Married and raising My 3 K's
He is still the joy of my life
And even with a face full of hair
Tattoos around his neck
And sunglasses 24/7

I'm still head over heels 
In love with my oldest son

Happy 32nd Birthday

JOY #24


Saturday, November 23, 2013



Phoenix doesn't get a whole lot of rain
So when we do

It rained for 30 straight hours
Ahwatukee got just at 3"
My pool is filled to the very top

It was cool and damp today
But no rain for about 14 hours

It's raining as I type

MY JOY #23


Friday, November 22, 2013

Joy #19 #20 #21 #22 SENSES

You may ask yourself
What happened to Cindy's
Joy Posts?
Well, once in awhile
I go through a little 'funk'
Like this week
Coming up on the Holiday season
Is challenging when you spouse
Passed away on Christmas Eve
And his birthday is New Year's Eve
I'm better now
Just had a few low days
So here are my JOY's
I am SO Thankful for our senses
I think of people around me
Who are unable to hear or see or even taste
At 55 I am grateful to still have the ability
To do all 5
I was sitting in the backyard yesterday
Watching and listening to my youngest
Granddaughters play
I cannot imagine not having that Blessing
It filled my heart with SO my JOY
I decided not to share photos of them
But just a photo of the senses
We are blessed with
That is my JOY

Please pray for others who have lost senses
Do you know that cancer patients can lose
The sense of smell and taste
Many with diabetes lose the sense of sight
Many in our world don't have the ability to hear
And what about folks who are amputees
They have lost the ability to HUG
Count your blessings today
If you are able to
See, Hear, Smell, Taste and Touch

Monday, November 18, 2013

JOY #18 Work

JOY #18

After spending a few days away from the Office
It was a Joy to return
And find I had plenty of work to do

With so many people out of work
I am always grateful 
To have a job I absolutely LOVE

And to have that job working with people I 
Appreciate, Admire and Adore

MY JOY #18

Sunday, November 17, 2013

JOY #17 Open Doors

 Although the photo below is NOT my home
I am thankful today and find Joy in
Open Doors

As many across our world 
Have faced weather related tragedies over the past several days
I am thankful that I can open my doors
And enjoy a bit of cooler air

Arizona is a land of deserts and extreme heat in the summer
We live with doors closed
Air conditioners running
And very seldom spend any time outside
For several months of the year

This is the time of year
We can open our doors and enjoy

My heart goes out to those
Whom today
Have lost the door to open
To those whose homes have been destroyed by tornado's
I am lifting you up and praying that God will comfort you
That God will provide your every need
That neighbors and friends far and near
Will reach out to you with compassion and love

In some way, I pray that the weather events
Of the past week or so 
Will be Open Doors for all of us 
To step through and Minister in some small way
To those hurting around us

Is there an open door that you need to walk through
Literally or figuratively 
I ask you to seek the Lord tonight
Ask what opportunity He has set before you
What door has He opened
For YOU to walk through

Enjoy the breeze of the literal open door
But also enjoy the Challenge of the figurative
Open Door that God has placed in front of you this day

God Bless 
JOY #17 Open Doors

Saturday, November 16, 2013

JOY #16 Helpers

It was Such a Blessing 
To have my brother and my oldest son
Come to the house and help clean up some 'treasures'

The guys loaded two trucks full of those treasures
One we took to the dump
The second my oldest is taking to the
Scrap Metal business next to his work

Speaking of his work
When we went to the dump
He thought it would be nice to take us to his work
Which is just down the road from said work site

I was Totally Not dressed for photos
(Please disregard my 'style')
Yet, it was fun to climb on this chipper machine thingy
Thanks for the tour of your playground kiddo

Thank you to both of you for cleaning up the side yard
So nicely :)
This momma is Happy 

MY JOY #16

Friday, November 15, 2013

JOY #15 God's Word

I chose God's Word
As my Joy for the center of this 
Thankful Month

Because God and His Word
Must be the Center of my Life
I am Nothing without the Lord

Many folks believe that
Psalm 118:8
Is the center of the Bible

Some believe it is Psalm 117
I do not claim to be a theologian
Nor have I ever sat down to count
Chapters and do the math

So, for today
I captured Both verses

I will however focus on Psalm 118:8

"It is better to take refuge in the Lord
Thank to trust in man".

The Lord and His Word
Are my refuge, my strong tower and
My complete Center
When all else falls apart around me
I KNOW where I can find my Peace
My stabilizing force, My Rock

My JOY #15

Thursday, November 14, 2013

JOY #14 Day Trippin'

Because this is my vacation week
And I had to postpone my trip
And we have worked so hard on projects
I decided we needed a day trip

We drove up to Payson and then
Tonto Natural Bridge

Be Ware
Photo Over Load 

The temperature was about 60
There was a slight cool breeze
You can see in the above photo
How the water is being blown as it falls

It was a perfect day for colorful photos

Beautiful Crystal Clear Blue Skies

LOVE the color of these leaves

Twisted Trees

Matthew's Doggie and Me

We did an impromptu photo shoot of 
Matthew's hair 

Nearly made Matthew sick
When I slammed on the breaks to take a 
Shot of this windmill

Color Everywhere

More twisting and turning

Under the Bridge

More Hair
Oh, how he Loves his hair

JOY #14
Day Trippin'

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

JOY #13 This GUY!!!

This Guy
This Silly Guy

Placed in my arms 28 years ago this month
By a sweet and trusting young woman
Who thought we might be able to nurture him
Give him a home and some love
And accept the facts of his 
Not so glowing prognosis

This guy
Has amazed us all
By his fight, love and that infectious smile

This guy
Has worked so hard this week
Helping his momma
Tackle a Huge project

This guy
Has brought more joy to my life
Than anybody deserves

The project is not yet complete
But today 
MY JOY #13

This GUY!!!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Joy #12 Laughter

When you give up your vacation trip
That you had been planning for months

When the dog steps in wet cement
In your house

When you MUST work a project
Instead of going on said vacation

When your home office 
Looks like a tornado went through it

When things go wrong
And they often do

Laughter is the BEST medicine

Nobody got time for crying and anger

JOY #12

Monday, November 11, 2013

JOY #11 Veterans

To ALL Who Have Served

I Thank God for YOU

Sunday, November 10, 2013

JOY #10 A Sneak Peek

Just a quick 
Sneak Peek
At our Project for this week

M is doing his fair share of the work

This is the very last piece 
Of powder blue carpet
That was in the house when we purchased it in Jan 1995
Happy to see it go..........

Being Wise about Toxins

JOY #10
A Sneak Peek

Saturday, November 9, 2013

JOY #9 My 3 K's

MY 3 K's

Each with their own unique Personality

Their own Creative Bent

Their own special way
To Melt this Nana's Heart

My JOY #9
MY 3 K's

Friday, November 8, 2013


Although I am not going on a trip :(

I do have the next 9 days off  :)

My To Do list is longer than my time

Yet, I am looking forward 

To checking a few things off of it

It will feel So Wonderful

To see projects 

Finally crossed OFF my list


Maybe a mani/pedi or massage as well!!