Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Final Farewell!


You were only a part of our lives for a few short months
but the impact you had will last a lifetime.

Oh yes, you came in with an attitude liked to bite
However, none of us could help
but to fall in love with you.

I've never seen a horse flap his lips the way you did
but it seemed you always had something to say.

Lessons learned through patience,
perseverance and practice
were many.

You taught us to be kind and understanding
when someone is in pain.
And to listen with our eyes and hearts
and not just our ears.

Being strong is good
but being compassionate is better.

You built confidence in our children.
Somehow, even with your persnickety attitude
our kids knew they could trust you (sort of)
and chose to.

I personally watched Matthew
grow into a confident rider
while on your back in Flagstaff.

I saw the same with Courtney
who came into riding with fear
but once she met you
began to blossom and believe in herself.

Ribbons will come and go.
Competitions will too.
But our memories of you will
last forever.

So Bose,

we thank you for allowing us to love you,
for pushing us to have patience and
perseverance when we wanted to quit.

Thank you for accepting us
and teaching us to accept you.

Thank you for building confidence,
compassion and love in our kids.

I don't want to type these words
but here is one final farewell.

We love you and miss you our friend.
Enjoy your life with Buzz.
And watch as our kids blossom
...Because of you.

Take a bow and accept one last
kiss on your head.

Considering Bose With Joy,

Sunday, September 20, 2009

That's What Happens...

I had to get a new domain name!!!

That's what happens when you never check your gmail and your domain hosting fees are due. It's what also happens when your credit card on file with google expired and they can't automatically charge your account.

So here we are weeks later...and a new domain name.

Now you are all receiving notification from me because I am sometimes known as a 'dork'...and yes I really do know what 'dork' means but sometimes you just are!

I hope I haven't lost all my fellow bloggy friends...I will be visiting all of you during this next week.

Quick update on my mom...she is doing very well. I can't believe she broke her hip 10 days ago at age 73 and she is already up walking around and taking care of herself. I just got off the phone with her and she sounds great. It is amazing what God can do when you trust Him and live a life of positive affirmation.

I hope to begin posting on a regular basis again as we are all getting back into regular routines now that summer is over (well, at least in most areas). It's still over 100 here:(

Blessings to all!
Considering It All Joy,

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Update on Mom


Mom did break her right hip.
She had surgery yesterday (Thursday) and will be in the hospital/rehab center for ?a week?
Thank you so much for praying.
She is doing well.

What would be all do in life if we didn't have Jesus to lean on and friends to lift us up to Him? So Grateful!!!!

Please pray!!!

My 73 year old mom fell at a restuarant.

She was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Possible broken hip and...

Please pray!!!

I'll update when I can.

Thank you,
Considering Prayer Warriors Necessary,