Thursday, December 11, 2014

December Daily {11}

Hi Friends

Lots of Fun Photos today
Had my little's and totally enjoyed the day

Everybody seems to love my new rocking horse
And that includes my K~Bel

This is what my LR looks like while the little's are here
They take everything out of the toy box
And play, play, play

I allowed them to *skip* putting it away
And when they left 
I gave the toy box a total cleaning :)

Poor Mr. Sam
Had the good pleasure of putting up with being a dolly
Do you think he likes being a *princess*?

While Little Miss K~Baby slept

I let this sweetie play dress up

And, something I Never would have let my kids do
But something I let my grands do
I let her use my camera and take a few photos

Not to bad for a 4 year old

The girls loved my snowman pin today
It's one I received in the mail the other day
He was a Big Hit


Before I sign off
While typing I am listening to several helicopters
Hoovering over my home

I've turned the news on and am asking for prayer
A young mom and her baby were shot a couple hours ago
Just a couple miles from my home
And are both in serious condition

It seems the suspect lives in my neighborhood
And the police have a home surrounded at this time
Please pray for safety for everybody involved

I'll update tomorrow 
If I hear more news
Thank You

Happy December 11th from Arizona!!!



  1. Looks like so much fun with your grands! You're a wonderful Grandma.
    Mary Alice

  2. So fun when the littles come. They are cuties.
    Prayers for you and your neighbors. I would be scared silly. Stay safe.,

  3. Oh Cindy,
    I hope that neighborhood situation gets taken care of how scary. Love seeing your little fun grands playing at your house. I know how my granddaughter makes my heart sing to have here so I know you must really enjoy yours too.
    Love the doggie with the crown on and necklace too cute.

  4. We are so different with our grand kiddies than our children, but I do find myself keeping the rules. You seem to enjoy them very much, and they you!

  5. Your grands are adorable, and I'd say you have a budding photographer in your 4 yr. old.

    How awful for that mother and baby. I pray for the safety of your neighborhood and for these two.

    I always wonder what is going on when a helicopter hovers over the area for quite sometime.

    May your holidays be calmed, filled with love, peace and joy.


  6. Hi Cindy,
    Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing a little of your heart. I am so sad for the loss of your husband. It's good to hear, though, that your joy is being restored, and that you are able to enjoy your blessed life again. I have known my hubby since 6th grade when I had a mad crush on him. We dated all through high school, and have been married for 35 years. I honestly can't even think of a day without him here with me. May God continue to heal your heart, sweetie, and fill you with His peace, joy, and love.

    It is nuts here, too, when the grandies are in the house! LOL! Sure love it though! :o)

    Hope your Christmas is wonderful!

    Love and Joy to You

  7. Cindy, I always love seeing pics of your 'girls'-they are so precious! AMe Mr. Sam is so cute, too :)
    P.s.hope the mom and baby are ok!!

  8. What sweet pics! You are a wonderful grandma! Hope everything turned out okay in your neighborhood.


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