Sunday, November 30, 2014

DownSizing Update ... So To Speak

It's been 8 weeks 
Therefore it's time for a downsizing update

Down 21 pounds
Down 11 inches

Happy to have survived Thanksgiving
Without too many indulgences

Enjoyed a Super Fun Day
With my siblings and mom
And a few of our kids

My brother is in town from Idaho
So this afternoon we will ALL hang out together
I think that means 23 of us :)

Have a super week
I start my December Daily Tomorrow
So looking forward to the Christmas Season


  1. Cindy, good for you! You look fantastic! :)

  2. Yeah girlfriend. So proud of you. This is so great. Have fun with your family. Have a great start to the week ahead.

  3. Way to go girlfriend! Keep it up. The holidays are hard, but you can do it! Saying that with my best cheerleader shout :-)


  4. Congrats Cindy ~ You are doing great!

    Have a wonderful Christmas holiday season.


  5. Good for you! I'm jealous but I shouldn't be because I know that you have to have discipline. Mine blew out the window during the Thanksgiving. I had lost every week (5 pounds) since I started WW a month ago. My doctor said 5 pounds a month is good. I'm afraid I gained it all back during the holiday weekend. Ughhhh. Starting over tomorrow. Happy for you!

  6. Way to go Cindy! You are doing great! Have a wonderful week!

  7. That is just awesome, Cindy! I know this time of year is a real challenge when it comes to food. I achieved the 20+ lbs. down this past week, despite making and serving Thanksgiving dinner and several restaurant outings with our friends. I have been hitting the gym quite hard, too. Now the next major hurdle will be surviving our cross-country trip and all of the Christmas foods we will encounter when we get to our destination. Hope my willpower and resolve will hold up!



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