Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mom's Waiting...

A journey is a process of small steps, mostly forward, sometimes backward.  Choosing to find a safer route can force you to adjust your path and at the same time cause the journey to be lengthened.  All the while heading toward a destination but desiring to enjoy and find blessing as you travel.

At times there seems to be no joy in the journey, just a daily trudging toward a goal, a destination, a desired end. Stopping to look, listen and hear the still small voice of God through the journey is always a welcomed reprieve from the pursuit.

No matter what journey you find yourself on, I pray you are able to find Joy within.

In recent weeks we have found our family to be on a difficult yet praise worthy journey.  Several weeks ago my mom had a small stroke of which she has recovered from very nicely.  Yet, through the series of tests performed during her hospital stay, a lesion was discovered in her brain.  In the weeks that have followed she has had more tests and lab work done. What once was considered a large cancerous tumor in the  base of her skull, has since changed.

During a PETScan and subsequent visit to her oncologist, we have received excellent news. There is NO evidence of Aggressive or Advanced cancer, in fact the lesion is not even a tumor. Her lab work was perfect, I could only wish mine was so great!! That is Praise Worthy News!!

However, we have learned that the lesion is an area of total deterioration of the bone with unknown origin.  According to her neurosurgeon she has lost 40% of the bone.  It is still possible it is cancer which has eaten the bone or an old infection from many years ago. 

Our options are to wait 3 months and re-scan to see if there has been any growth or change or proceed with another set of CT and MRI scans with a possibility of biopsy to follow depending on the results of those 2 tests.  Mom has yet to make a decision, so we wait.

Did you realize that when you are on a journey it is ok and essential to take those moments to 'wait' (stop, look and listen)?  I'm so thankful for these moments of 'rest' and 'wait'. God weaves them into our journey so preciously. He desires for us to listen for His voice amongst the noises of a world vying for our attention.

Tonight I rest is His perfect timing and grace. Thank you for journeying with us and praying specifically for my mom.

Be Blessed!!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

...so Mom's journey has begun...

God's timing is always perfect
Even though, at the time, we may not realize just how perfect.

Just a few short weeks ago
I was able to take my mom on a fun and restful week vacation
We played, rested, and played some more
We shopped, ate and shopped some more
We watched people play golf, sat on the patio and watched more golf
We watched TV, some of her favorite programs
And played, ate and rested some more

Little did we know that just a few short weeks later
Mom's life would take a bit of a turn
And she would begin a new journey

On February 21, 2013 mom had a mini stroke
Which, thankfully, she has recovered from very nicely

Through the process of numerous tests doctors found something they were not looking for

It seems mom has two lesions (tumors) in or near her brain stem
We don't have all the answers yet

We met with her oncologist yesterday
(he is truly a delight)
Over the next 3 weeks mom will have more blood work done
And have a PET Scan

She has already had numerous CT Scans,
MRI's and even a full body nuclear med scan but they have yet to determine
what type of lesions are in her brain.
We will see a neurosurgeon in the days ahead
Although it is quite unlikely that he will choose to do any
type of surgery to either biopsy or remove the tumors.
It seems the location is not an area even the best of neurosurgeons venture to operate.

Mom has been staying with me this week
And will stay with me another week
Before heading home to my brothers
Which is just down the road a bit :)

She's hanging out with my sister tonight
Which afforded me the opportunity to get on my computer

We have an interesting journey ahead:

I ask for prayer
for wisdom
for guidance
and for joy in the journey

We believe in the mighty miracle working power of God
We stand on His promises
And we graciously thank Him
For His provision and Mercy