Thursday, January 30, 2014

These Are The Days

These are the Precious Days
I live for and adore

My K-bel decided that Sam
Needed a crown
Not too sure he appreciated it much

K-bel and K-baby
Driving around in their automobile 

We enjoyed the 70+ degree weather
And played Play-Doh outside
K-bel made an ice cream cone

K-baby just wanted to tear little pieces off
And feed them to Sam
NO, I didn't let him eat it

Even though it is only January 30th
My lemon tree has decided to show it's beautiful buds

I Love the color of these
So pretty against the green/yellow leaves

It was a glorious day
I'm enjoying our weather
However, we have NOT had any winter
And are going to be in big trouble
Come summer when everything is super dry
I'm afraid we will be watching fires all summer :(

What did you enjoy about today???

Monday, January 27, 2014

Hello Pictureless Monday


Joining Lisa Leonard today
Saying Hello to a new week
With new opportunities to seek adventure

HELLO Clean Office
This morning I got up and just stood in the doorway of my home office
I smiled and took a deep breath
I Love My Clean Office

HELLO Work Week
Have I told you how much I love my job
How exciting it is to do new things
Meet new people 
And learn new tasks
Yep, I love my job

HELLO Healthy Eating
It's definitely past time to get back to healthier eating
So, I'm working on that aspect 
I wear my 'Lisa Leonard' Health necklace daily
Just to remind myself of my goals for 2014

HELLO Home Cooked Meal
I was so busy working in my office over the weekend
That I didn't cook at all
So, I promised my son I'd make a nice
Home cooked healthy meal tonight
YAY - I kept my Promise

HELLO Friends
Welcome to Hello Monday
Open your heart to the possibilities this week can bring
See what wonderful blessings God reveals

Sunday, January 26, 2014

It Worked - Sort Of

48 hours ago my home office
Looked like a mini tornado had gone through it

Here we are at the end of the weekend
And I believe I have accomplished what I set out to

My office is Clean and Neat
Not fully decorated

Mrs Beasley has her bench back
I do need to decorate this empty wall but 
At least it is a blank slate

I LOVE my dresser
I purchased it many years ago (paid too much for it)
But it is a great place to store craft supplies
And a wonderful place to work
It is the perfect height for me to stand
And create projects
(I'm good at creating, just not finishing a project)
(I found 5 unfinished projects while cleaning)

Above the dresser are a couple of my boys
Award winning art projects from their school days
Ribbons and all

This is the upper part of the right cabinet
I do have the lower shelf as my office area
The rest is pretties and craft supplies

The upper part of the left cabinet 
Is where I keep more craft supplies
And some of my favorite journals

I still have some work to do in this area
It feels rather barren
The green sewing cabinet is a find my son owned
He taught himself how to sew on this vintage machine
When they moved to a smaller place
He gave it to me - I love it

This is my closet
I purchased the block shelving at IKEA several years ago
I store my scrap-booking supplies here
My finished books, blank papers
And many other things are neatly put away
Someday I'll do a scrap-booking organizational post

I also keep my file cabinet in there
As well as my vintage CD player
And all of my picture boxes

I have added a shower curtain that I can pull closed
If I have guests over

I love to use boxes to store things
I found this one pre-decorated at
A scrapbook store when they were closing

This one shelf is where I keep all of my daily office stuff
Check books, calendar, pens, stamps, clips, etc

Here's another box I found at a yard sale
It was $2 and I added a coat of red paint
Perfect for small note pads and 
All of my 4x6 MatStacks
And of course my cute little chicken guy

These glass jars have come in handy
For buttons, threads, wires and ribbons

I wasn't quite sure how to use this basket
But it fit perfectly on one of the shelves
And tipping it on it's side
Made a great place to put a few of my 
Favorite journals

So, this is my home office work space
And I'm one happy lady tonight
I'm tired
A bit sore
A major migraine
And a few projects to complete decorating the space
But I'm Pleased with having it clean

If you have any tips for adding some 'flare'
I'd sure accept them 

Thanks for the words of encouragement
You all kept me 'in' the project
I'm SO glad I took the risk to openly admit my 
Procrastination problem
It has paid off


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mid Project Update

Here is a quick mid project update

By mid morning
I had pretty much emptied the room 
And begun cleaning
 Curtains down and in the laundry

As you can see in the next 2 photos
Everything I took OUT of the office
Ended up here
On, under, and around my dining room table

Yes, I have created a Huge MESS
However, I have started putting things away
In a nice, neat and orderly fashion

This cabinet on the right side of my desk
With host my camera's and equipment
As well as a few labeled bins
With note cards, gift bows, small gift bags and such

The cabinet on the left has paper, note pads
Kids games and my scrapbook supply tote

This is one of my favorite finds
I purchased this little bench at Merchant Square
Many years ago for only $17
I Love it 

I usually have a few special scrapbooks and 
My Mrs Beasley doll on it
It's a happy place

That's it for tonight
I am tired and already in my jammies at 7pm
I'm not sure I will be able to walk tomorrow
My legs are cramping up big time :(

I am motivated to finish this room tomorrow 
Watch for my post 

Words of encouragement are Always Welcomed :)

Friday, January 24, 2014

Procrastination Buster

Procrastination is one of my pet peeves
When I say I am going to do something
I do it in a timely and organized way

It bugs me to let things go 
When I can get them done now or today

I LOVE crossing things off of my 'to do' list
And seeing that accomplishments have been made
I love Progress

I have found in my 'embracing widowhood' season
I have become an at home procrastinator
I keep telling myself I need to get something done
And then come the end of the weekend
The project has yet to be addressed

SO, with humility and some embarrassment
I have learned the art of 
Procrastination Busting!!!

Are you ready???

Post photos of the untouched, unfinished, project
Post a date, deadline or timeline to complete the project
To the World

Below you will see photos of my home office
I'm ashamed to show them
Because I DISLIKE immensely
The condition of said office

However, if I don't set a timeline to get this place cleaned up
It seems I will never even begin to start
Close your eyes or turn your head
If you have a weak stomach
Because below are photos of the shameful mess I need to tackle

I pray that by Sunday evening
January 26, 2014
You will never see photos like these again!!

I'M Going IN..........

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Finding The Joy

I began my day with this status update:

Today: As you head off to work or play or errands or whatever it is that you have planned, LOOK for the joy in the everyday! I'll be back tonight to share what I found! How about YOU??

Guess what happened?
Yep, you know it!
The enemy attacked me ALL day long.....

Doesn't it make you frustrated when you set out to 
Truly have and enjoy 
The day that God has created
And you find the enemy tries to steal it away

It seems from the moment I set foot outside
I was attacked
Oh, he's sly, it's just little pokes and prods all day long
Nothing big or worth worrying about
Just little innuendos throughout the day

You know the kind
Yep, you did that wrong
You didn't do this right
She really doesn't like you
You're not on the 'friend' list
You are fat
You are unworthy
You are dumb
See, you work hard and it's not rewarded
They don't care about you
They just want you to 'do' stuff
You are just a worker 
You are NOT a friend

Jab, jab, jab
With nothing but lies from the enemy
It distracts you from your intended focus
Finding the JOY in the day

So was my day

Yet, tonight
I can say

I'm grateful for this day
I have a great job
Many items were processed and completed today

I have a nice little home 
That is paid off
My vehicle runs well and gets me where I need to go
My cupboards have food in them
The refrigerator in NOT empty

The mail came today
And with it came bills
That helps me remember I am alive (wink)

This little old laptop works just fine
My feet are covered with a blanket and are nice and warm

I may not be anybody's best friend
But my son's doggie loves me 
I mean, what could be better (haha)

So tonight
I find joy
In living
In breathing
In the mundane
In just being

Tomorrow is a new day
With new goals, hopes, dreams and intentions
I rest in HIS LOVE
For there is Nothing Greater

Monday, January 20, 2014

Hello Monday

Hello Monday

Hello Blue

I was in a bit of a 'blue' mood
Not of the color type either
So, this morning I thought I'd turn that mood
Into something Fun

I chose BLUE from my closet!!

Above is the blouse I wore 
Along with the necklace and earrings
It kept me in a Happy Colorful mood all day

Hello Holiday

Well, I did work
Medical offices are usually open on most holidays
But it was a great day anyway
Lots of patients and lots of progress on work projects for me

 Hello Granddaughters

Because of the holiday
My granddaughters were out of school
The oldest came in today for her
Annual Well Child Check UP
Loved seeing and playing with the little's

Hello Dinner

Steamed Veggies
Grands Flaky Biscuits
Guess I better get to cooking

I'm connecting with Lisa Leonard tonight
Hello Monday Blog
Come on over and join us


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Happy Mail

Hi Friends

I always get so excited when I receive some special
Treat in the mail even if I purchased it for myself

My love language is Gifts
Sometimes that makes me feels selfish
However, at the same time
I love to Give Gifts away all the time

Have you heard of Lisa Leonard Designs
Well, I've seen several blog friends 
Who have purchased some of her beautiful creations
Yet, I've never purchased anything for myself
Until Now

When I recently saw that she had created 
A Key
For our 2014 Word of the Year
I was a quick taker (purchaser)
I think I have a little crush on her (stuff)

This is the piece I received 
My Happy Mail
I am Absolutely In Love
The key is the perfect size and hangs on a great chain
With a cute little pearl
I know I will enjoy wearing it everyday
And being reminded of my Word for 2014
Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical

What is even More exciting
Is that it looks great 
With my Embrace The Moment necklace
That I purchased last year
As a helpful reminder to Live in Today
It is about the same size 
And also has a cute little pearl

This one helps me to embrace where God has me today
Allow my Faith and Trust in God to grow 
While He worries about tomorrow
I Embrace Today

What are you embracing today
What life circumstance has been weighing heavy on your heart
What has been the 'thing' you are yet to let go of
And truly begun to embrace the good in

For me, it's widowhood
I am learning to "Embrace Widowhood"
And Finding Joy in the Journey

How about you
Let's encourage each other
By sharing something we are 
Learning to Embrace