Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Silly Times

I'm in a Good Place
I'm Not sad!!

Tonight I just miss the Silly Times

The times when photo ops just went wrong

When cake became a weapon 

When hats were in fashion 

When 'That Look' said it all

I miss this guy
He made my heart smile
I miss being Silly

Make sure you laugh today
Smile today
Have fun today
Be Silly Today

Friday, October 24, 2014

It's My Birthday And I'll .......

...Cry If I Want To

Well, fortunately I didn't cry today
I did yesterday but NOT today

It's my birthday and I'll Celebrate if I Want To
And I Did

I work at a Pediatrics Office
Where we believe Birthday's are Special
All Staff members have the Honor of wearing our Famous Tiara
On Their Birthday

I shared it with my great niece who 
Happened to come in for her 
Annual check up
She's such a doll 

A Dozen Beautiful Roses
From the Staff

This really Cool Plant from my sister

These beautiful Chrysanthemum's from my niece
Decorated with my Tiara

My youngest son made me this awesome card
Absolutely melted my heart
And this cute scarecrow

Cards and Gift Card

The office also hosted a Super Salad Bar
**need to stay on my eating program**
Complete with tons of veggies and fresh roasted chicken

Yep, It's Great to have a Birthday

Thank you for all of the FB Wishes
And for thinking of me today

Monday, October 20, 2014

Oh How I Love Happy Mail

I was so excited to receive this package today
I needed a bit of a lift after a long day

Is one of my favorite Etsy shops
I ordered one of her beautiful fall pumpkins
I love how she packaged it
Touches of fall and a couple of sweet fall tags added

This is such a sweet piece
I absolutely Love the bling with the ribbons
But what sold me was the little tag
'By The Sea'

I love the ocean and would love to some day live by the sea

I also love the drift wood she used for the pumpkin stem


I don't think it will stay here
I just set it there for photos
I'm sure it will take up permanent residence 
In my home office that is being updated 
With a subtle beach theme

Thank you Becky ~ I Love it!!

Thanks for stopping by today 
I always Love your visits and comments ;) 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tiny Touches of Fall

I certainly haven't been on top of decorating for fall this year
Today, after the grands went home
I pulled out a few pieces for the front door area

Mostly, I just added some color
And a few small pieces

I had gotten the wreath up a couple weeks ago
I doubt I will be able to add anything else here
I  wish I had the magic touch
To make things beautiful
But I'll take what I can get this year

In the dining room
I pulled out my crazy crooked dough bowl
And added a few real white boos
As well as a few small corn cobs
Then filled the rest of the bowl with some faux pieces

You know
It's really okay by me
To just add a bit of color
A bit of the season
And be happy with that

I'm learning in this new life
Less stressing
Makes this girl Happy 

Have a Super Happy Joy Filled Weekend!!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thursday's Joy's

My 3 K's Photo Overload

It's fall break and I got to share the day 
With all 3 of my girlies

Lots of outside time
Because it is Finally cool enough

Lots of fall craft time




We made necklaces

And Colored Ornaments

And Another Fall Craft

It's My 3 K's Play Day 

Can you tell I get JOY~FILLED on these days
Blessings to All

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Finally...A Touch of Fall

Life has been busy around CC's Place
So, I have not had time to put up any fall decor

Until tonight

Nothing else is done outside
But I do have my wreath up 

One small ceramic pumpkin in my bedroom

I took an old black vase and sprayed it white
Added a bit of burlap as well as a burlap sunflower

It seems to be the best I can do of late

The holiday's have Always been the happiest time of year
And even though I anticipate happiness to flood my soul
There is still something missing without Mark
I keep asking God why he had to pass on Christmas Eve ~ sigh

Maybe this weekend I'll get motivated 
And fluff my house all up for the Fall
Cheer me on :)
Blessings To All!!

Thursday, October 2, 2014


So Proud of 
My K~Bug 

She received an award today for
Outstanding Academic Excellence

Her teacher introduced her as:
The student with a thirst for Knowledge :)
Nana's Heart Is So Proud 
Of This Young Lady