Monday, September 24, 2018

Day {30} of 60 to 60

Hi Friends

Welcome to Day {30}
Of my 60 days to 60
Half way there and being honest
It's been a tough few days for me

I won't bore you with details

Here are a few photos from the past 5 days

I treated myself to a post rain storm walk
Although there were no rainbows
I found the gold for the day

Sure can come up with some fun 
Highway signs
Caught the 'love' sign this week

Got my Flu Shot
Important when you work in a pediatric office

Received a new piece of AZ petrified wood
To go with the two I already had

Cleaned out my [2] sock drawers
Some sweet people received some brand new socks this week

And, I reduced my collection to only [1] drawer
However, a friend had challenged me to reduce this by 1/2
Not sure it will happen, but I'll try

Had my Sunday dinner with kiddo #2
Where did we eat this week?
Yep, Texas Roadhouse Again
He LOVES Steak

Little glimpse of the full moon
Need to learn more about my camera

Volunteer Night

Thanks for stopping by
IF you happen to think of me this week
I sure could use prayers

Blessings to YOU 

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Day {26} of 60 to 60

An update of 3 JOYS

It's only about the JOY

An unexpected mid morning text from my oldest granddaughter
Just to say Hi and I Love You
Nothing could have made my day more Joy~Filled

This Girl
I love her so...

After month's of tests and doctor appointments
Our family has confirmed that our mom is truly a CAT

She has survived a Whipple Surgery at age 70
(look it up - it's seldom survivable)
A broken hip at age 73
A stroke at age 77
A craniotomy at age 79
This summer she has been faced with the 
possibility of spleen cancer
NOPE - not her
And today was receiving the results of which we were prepared 
Would be early Alzheimer's or Dementia
NOPE - not her
She has evidence of 3 strokes 
But NO Alzheimer's, No Dementia
Just a bit of early cognitive memory loss

We think she has MORE than 9 lives
And may just outlive us all
Thank you Jesus for a woman who taught 
Her children to believe and trust in YOU

A Lovely Post Rainstorm Walk
A perfect sunset to end a beautiful day

What could be more Joy~filled

Blessings To YOU!! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Days {10} ~~ {25} of 60 to 60

Hello My Friends

My goodness, instead of blogging more often
I seem to have fallen off the blog wagon
Where do the days go

Here we are (already) on day 25
Of my 60 to 60 Series

Because it has been about 2 weeks since I last posted
I will leave you today with an 
Over abundance of photos
Few words

These are the things I started, accomplished
Saw, did and enjoyed over the past 14 days

My Lula Girl Spoils me Rotten
Always adding a piece of cute jewelry to my order

My God Always spoils me rotten as well
Coming home from long work days
To His creations in the yard
This week
Bunnies and Quail

It has been since February 3rd
When my youngest moved into a group home
That I have cooked anything
I finally fried a steak for myself
It was yummy

This is my new fall favorite
I'm not a coffee drinker 
Or a Pumpkin Spice Girl
Just give me something with salt and sugar

Got to visit more of God's creatures
In the neighborhood

Finally finished my living room
I find great peace in this place

I even find a place to exercise 
Although that happens {seldom}

Some of my favorite
Rocks, Beach Glass and Wood

One day mom asked me to bake her a cake
Always follow orders *wink*

Decorated her fall tree
She has had this for a couple of years
I get to redecorate it for each season or holiday
It's been fun for me and she enjoys it

The HUGE project over the past 2 weeks
Has been the clean out of my closet
There comes a time to just Gut and Redo

I only kept 4 or 5 purses
The rest are going to a charity that gives them 
To women who are being rescued from trafficking

I only kept 2 pair of these
Plus my everyday and tennis shoes
If the charity will take these, I will donate them as well

Empty and CLEAN

Just can't get rid of Mark's special box though

Always a Project

Because I love to use tools


I made myself a Jewelry Board
5' x 3' Felt covered with hooks
I just have too much jewelry to fit in my armoire
Although I should get rid of some
I just couldn't do it
At least is doesn't take up as much room as shoes and purses
I still keep my special pieces in the armoire
And good pieces in the safe
But this is so organized and makes getting ready in the morning
So. Much. Easier.

Having gone through clothes, shoes and purses
I also went through my linens
Everything is neatly packed and labeled in these bins on the
Top shelf of my closet

Shoe/Purse cubbies are nearly empty

Clothing is hung by style 
I probably unloaded 1/2 of my clothes
Wow, does it feel great!!

I'm sure you have had enough by now
I'm tired ~~ I worked so Hard - just kidding

Thanks for sharing my 60 day journey to 60

Tomorrow I take mom for her neurology appointment
Where we hope to get all the test results and answers we need

May God Bless YOU This Week

Monday, September 3, 2018

Days {5} {6} {7} {8} {9} of 60 to 60

When I first decided to celebrate the 60 days 
Preceding my 60th birthday
I knew I wouldn't be able to blog everyday
But I really had no intention of going nearly a week between posts

Oh Well ~~

Day {5}
I met up with a friend and received my new rocks
Purely decorative to me 
Although some people would spend many $$ on them

I worked for awhile in the morning and then
Headed over to pick up my mom
So she could have her full body PET Scan done

She had not eaten all day
SO, when it was finally time for a meal
She did herself proud

Mom has always been a big eater
Although she only weight 97 lbs
But even the waiter was impressed that she finished 
The Entire Burger!!

There are times I have trouble sleeping after a busy day
I picked up my crochet hook
And worked a bit on this piece when I got home
Someday ~~ I will finish this

Day {6}
Had me on the road to my mom's again

Arizona lost her long term Senator last week
This was one way they honored Senator McCain
Our ADOT team come up with some 
Very creative signs during the year

Took mom in for her Oncology Visit
The results of her PET Scan and labs
Oh yeah, eating again!!

Everything was Perfect
Not signs of Cancer
Doctor Sud believes the mass they found in her spleen
Is residual scar tissue from her Whipple surgery 
Almost 12 years ago
We were and continue to Celebrate
Yes - With Water

I did go home and indulge in my 
Lemon Meringue pie from the night before

Day {7}
Truly this was a day about work
Having spent the previous 2 days
With mom and doctor appointments
I needed to get back to my desk

I am trying to and thinking about
Growing my hair long
At least my bangs out
It is such a struggle to figure out how to  keep them out of my face
And still have my hair look decent
It may just get chopped off again

Day {8}
 It actually didn't start where this photo was taken
I slept in and just relaxed a bit in the morning
My brother was in town from Texas
So, my sister, BIL, mom and I all hung out with him for the day

After I got home
I went out to my back yard and cut down my dead lemon tree
I have worked so hard to keep this thing alive since Mark's passing
But this summer just took it's toll and it died.
Sorry Mark

My brother had come back into town to pick up
Another load of items 
I won't share all of the photos
But getting this golf cart onto the trailer
Was A Hoot ~ well, for those of us watching
The wheel base was much more narrow 
Than the trailer panels and
Well, they had to 'rig' things to make it work
No Duck Tape was used in the process - LOL

Day {9}
I found my marbles
Although, they are not were they are supposed to be
Really, I needed to clean the jar
Again, something used for d├ęcor

I received my last couple of pieces of clothing 
I had ordered
I don't think I will need anything new
For A Very Long Time

After a long week
And super long day
I was greeted in my driveway
By a baby bunny 
It's momma was around as well

And 3 quail hanging out in the front yard
It was a nice treat
Although I live in the city
I certainly enjoy getting daily visits from creatures in the neighborhood

I will attempt to not keep my blogging day so spread out
But, I'm not making any promises
I'm still working toward embracing the changes in my life
And will at least share photos on Instagram
You can follow me here