Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Happy Mail ... Or ...

Hi Friends,

Today I received 2 packages in the mail
I've always called these days
Happy Mail Days
But truly I'm wondering if I'm wrong

But before I go there
Let us see what arrived today

This is my second order from KEEP Collective
You can click above to see what it is
Today I received my double Keeper
And 5 of the 6 keys that I will wear on it
This is a new jewelry line to me
And I am loving the piece I received last week
Can't wait to put this piece together 

I also received a beautifully packaged
Item from Must Love Junk
I love how I (kind of) received 2 items
Because Susan put together the sweetest tag
It has a flash card with cute paper attached
As well as a tag and a sweet key and ribbon
I love it

Inside is what I actually ordered
The cutest Ever vintage pail with lid
So chippy white and sweet

It has a new home 
In my beachy office
On top of my inspiration shelving unit
I'm not quite sure what I will put inside it
But it will have a place of honor in my office
I love it!!!

What is the ...or... on a Happy Mail Day?

I'm wondering if my Happy Mail Days'
Are just an outward manifestation
Attempting to fill
An inward empty and lonely heart

No amount of purchases can fill an empty heart
But it can give you moments of joy
Although they are just fleeting moments

Many of you know that I have battled depression
Most all of my life
It is a daily struggle to find joy in each and every day
Most days I do quite well
Some days are harder

Because I have changed my eating habits so drastically
I no longer run to food to feed my emotions
However, there are days I run shopping
Hmmm ... And then I have a really cool Happy Mail Day

I'm sharing the reality of my heart
Truth can be hard some days
Something to think about

Many Blessings for the Day

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Pool Time and Parties ...

 Hi Friends,

It's been a busy few days with
Lots of pool time
Lots of cousins
And Birthday parties

School starts in two weeks
So we are attempting to get in lots of cousin time

Somehow swimming makes the little's hungry
Lots of cookies and juice
It's okay, summer is almost over

Lots of craft time too
One thing that all the kids know
Is that Nana/Aunt Cindy
Has LOTS of craft supplies that they are welcomed to use
And they do ... makes me happy
To see them be creative

Today we celebrated K~Bugs 11th birthday
More swimming, food and fun

Some little Bug was Super happy when she opened this huge box
To find a small gift inside
Yep, daddy bought her ~ her first phone

Middle School here she comes

More cousins
More Swimming

 Mommy's / Nana's
Lots of Sun

Daddy's and Papa's
Were working on This Nana's A/C
They fixed the piping and sealed the leak
No more drip drip drip
Thank you Guys!!

Since it is National Ice Cream Day
I decided to buy a bit of Carvel

Happy Birthday Miss K~Bug
You are a Shining light in my Life
And I Love you So Very Much

Happy Birthday to these two 
Nephew's of mine
Chris and Mike
Love you Always you silly boys :)

Thanks for stopping by
Blessings for the Day

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Best Find

 Hi Friends,

I want to say thank you to everybody
Who stopped by the blog this past week
And left such fun and encouraging comments
On my Creative Space Post
It did my heart a world of good

This time of year is the 'off' season for
Thrifting and junkin' in the Phoenix area
It is just too HOT for garage sales
Or spending time running from shop to shop

However, once in awhile I stop by
One of our local thrift stores for a quick looksy

Last week I found the cutest Christmas Quilt
For only $2.99

It's lap size
4 ft by 3 ft
In Great shape
Perfect for a small table or the back of a chair
 Who could pass up a deal like that

So, I brought it to it's new home
I've laundered it and have it ready to store
Until the Holiday rolls around
Which, BTW
Is Not very far away

Where does the time go??

Thanks for stopping by
Have you found any good treasures lately?
Do Share :)

Blessings to All

Friday, July 10, 2015

My Creative Space

Hi Friends

I am so excited today to be joining
Karen at My Desert Cottage
For her 7th annual
"Where Bloggers Create"
Link Party

My Desert Cottage

This is my first time joining in

And I've had fun getting my space ready

So, Let's take a quick tour of My Creative Space

My home is decorated with taupe walls,
Black and very dark brown furniture
White and Red accents

So You will see some of that red in my space

I painted this picture this past spring
Which lead to a change of colors
In my office/craft room

My creative space is now mostly white
With touches of Beachy Blue
And those left over bits of red that I will phase out over time

As I have prepared for this post and cleaned up my creative space
It has become Very clear to me
That I like to work in a clean low key space
I've always used a curtain for the closet 
Because I do not like sliders
I purchased this soft white ruffled curtain for my space
And love how it keeps everything hidden from view 
What's behind curtain #1?

My ugly 20 year old file cabinet (but it works)
An 8 cube stack and my photo albums and photo boxes

I am definitely a girl who likes neat, tidy and organized
So, in the cubbies I keep small stackables with 
Many of my scrapbooking items like scissors, markers,
tape, punches, etc

I also have my 12x12 papers stacked on trays
More photo albums, all of my project life supplies
Important paperwork, books and manuals

In the red bins are all of my rolls of ribbon
Yarn, glue gun and glue, CD's and a few misc items

The top shelf holds my ancient photos albums
And most of my photo boxes (filled with photos and CD's)

This wall is in progresss
It will be my inspiration wall
Right now it holds a few photos
A couple projects that need to be completed
A sweet shovel with a super beach scene painted on it
(Thank You Celeste)
And the heart hanging basket has
Lace, embroidery thread and other misc pieces

I absolutely LOVE this dresser I purchase many years ago
It holds so many items I can't list them
But I'll add just a couple photos below

On top of the dresser I put my desk hutch
My desk is in front of a window and I didn't want to cover it
So, this piece fit perfectly on the dress and makes another
Great space for storing small linenes
small paints, all of my glitters, paint brushes and other small items

I love things to be containerized so in the drawers I have used 
Many small bins and containers
The containers above hold all of my tiny scrapbooking bits
As well as beads and other tiny items

I have a fetish for crochet hooks 
The box is full and I have a few full sets
Don't ask :)

This is my desk and storage area
I absolutely LOVE to sit here
And just dream while watching the lizards and birds
Play along the block wall outside the window
I attempt to keep my desk cleared off
So I can create anytime I want to

On each side of the desk
I've added cabinets with closing doors
The above is the left side
I keep games, paper and a couple of projects t
hat need to be completed

One of my nieces sends me scriptures and notes
I post them on the side of this cabinet
 For inspiration and encouragement when I need it
As you can see
I also love using ironstone and milk glass
To store pens, pencils, markers and brushes

Behind the doors on the right side
I keep my camera bag and supplies
Paints and painting supplies
Stationary, bows, rubber stamps and ink
As well as folded wrapping paper and ribbons

Here's a bit of that red
I use cute boxes for storage that can also be displayed
Here I keep my 5x7 papers and small tag paper

In this box I keep small note pads, 3x5 cards
Check boxes and other small paper items

I also use lots of glass jars for
Buttons, ribbons, spools of colored wire 
And some sand and sea shells from California :)
So, there you have it
My creative space
Always a work in progress
This has been so much fun putting together
I can't wait to come visit your space
Blessings to You
Happy Creating

Monday, July 6, 2015

The Sweetest Picture

 Hi Friends,

I'm just stopping in to share a sweet photo

Yesterday the kids and grands came over to swim
And have a little BBQ

After all the play time and eating was done
We watched a little history TV

I absolutely LOVE
When little girls love their daddy's

My sweet K~Bug just snuggled up to her dad
And leaned against his shoulder/arm
They never knew I took the photo
But it made my momma heart melt

I'm so happy to know that
My 3 K's Love their daddy

Isn't there just something special about girls loving their dads?
I wasn't fortunate enough to have a good relationship with my dad
I was more afraid of him than anything else
So this makes me SMILE!!

Saturday I will be joining many great bloggers
As we share our crafting/creating spaces at
My Desert Cottage


I've not joined in on the fun before
This will be my first link in with her
I have however enjoyed visiting lots of 
Great bloggers and seeing Where Women Create!

See You Saturday
 If I can get my office cleaned up enough - LOL

Friday, July 3, 2015

A Thank You and Happy Independence Day

I received some Happy Mail on Friday
Thank you to Michele from at
The Nest at Finch Rest

I won her Giveaway
And received these very special
Patriotic Coasters

I really love them
And am using them already
Just in time for July 4th
 Thank You Michele

AND ...

Happy Independence Day
July 4
I LOVE our country
And Love celebrating our flag

May God Bless Your Holiday Celebrations
And ...
May God Bless America


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Update on Melissa

Hi Friends

Thank you so much for your Prayers

The Momma of this crazy family
Is Home!

The doctors have not yet come up with an answer
To her critically low hemoglobin and iron numbers
But after 2 bags of iron, 2 bags of blood and IV fluids
Plus a clean pelvic ultra sound
They felt comfortable sending her home
With several referrals for a couple more tests

We are grateful for prayers and
A God who answers them

We are grateful for you

We are grateful that she is feeling some better
Levels still need improvement
But that will take time

Find Joy is something little today