Sunday, September 25, 2016

Willing Fall to Get Here...

Hello Sweet Friends

I pray you have enjoyed your first weekend of Fall
The weather has been a bit cooler here

The summer heat starts so early here in Phoenix
With 100 degree temps starting in late April/early May
Lasting well into September and October some years

I don't wish my life away
For we are all aware how quickly time passes
Yet, this year the Heat of Summer
Has really taken it's toll on me

I am willing Fall to get here
And fortunately the weather has cooled a bit
At least it has been under 100 this past weekend
And is forecast to stay in the 90's throughout the week ahead

With that I added a small amount of fall décor
To the house this weekend

Because I am putting the red away for awhile
And adding some blue
Finding some natural toned items with touches of blue
Has been fun 

The wooden pumpkin sign
Fit perfectly with my regular décor

A tablecloth with my crooked wooden bread bowl
Filled with white and natural pumpkins
Is a simple table centerpiece

The only new item is this cute Mary Engelbreit
Autumn book I recently found at an antique store

Most of the weekend was spend with this crew
My oldest son's birth sister came to town to see him
We love her as if we have always known her
She fits into our silly family so perfectly of all
Her name is Cindy
Love All my Kiddos!!!

Happy Fall Y'All

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Favorite Etsy Shops

Hi Sweet Friends

Happy First Day of Fall
We had two wonderful rounds of rain today
The temps stayed in the 80's
Of course they are forecast to go back up
However, it was a perfect way to start Fall
Oh Happy Fall

I did a bit of Christmas shopping over the weekend
And, wanted to share what I purchased
But mostly
I wanted to share
Two Wonderful Etsy Shop Owners

There is Never a loss of Gorgeous
When I visit

I have purchased several of her items
This time I purchased two Christmas Ornaments

Everything she designs is to perfection
And beautifully finished

Although these are purchases
I Always feel like I'm receiving a gift when I open the box
She adds such sweet touches to her packages
With Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas
Popping up soon
Stopping by Celestina's Place is sure to inspire
And help check off your Gift List

The other place that I Love to Shop is at:

Stephanie is a wonderful person and artist
I fell in love with this stocking

And so many of her lovely Christmas ornaments
She also has the cutest sewn items
I own several of her pieces
And love every one of them

Again, whenever I order from her shop
I feel as though I have received a gift
Everything is packaged with love and care
Little thank you items are sweetly tucked in
I can't encourage you enough
To stop by Stephanie's place to do a bit of shopping

Are Encouragements in my Life
And also have fabulous blogs
Links by clicking their names above

Now on to one more thing
Two years ago I decided to allow my back lawn to die
There are days I am just overwhelmed with Life
And all that needs to be done without my Mark
The lawn is totally gone now :)
And I am beginning to plant a desert type backyard
Less watering, less yard work
But (hopefully) more lovely flowers
And a comfortable place to 'be' during the cooler months of the year

This afternoon it POURED on my dirt
My blank slate for my more desert friendly backyard
I'm so Happy
See the shovel out there?
Yes, the rain will make it Much easier for me to dig
The holes for the plants I intend to plant this weekend

Maybe in two years
I will be able to show you a lovely desert garden

Until then


Monday, September 19, 2016

A Bit of Fall Out Front

Happy Monday Sweet Friends

The weather is FINALLY starting to cool off
It was 106 on Sunday and 102 today
However, it is cloudy now and suppose to top off
In the 90's the rest of the week

I was able to get a little fall décor going out front
I don't have that gorgeous big house
I see so many decorating
But my humble home that I've lived in for over 21 years
And own mortgage free is beautiful to me

At the front walk
I add my little fall peeps
They greet guests with fun smiles
As they walk up to the door

My Vinca are continuing to blossom
So I just added some pumpkins
And a little Give Thanks sign

I'm happy that my fall wreath will make it through 2 years
Usually the weather destroyed them
But this one weathered the season
And is happily adorning my door

A few fall 'wooden' leaves hang next to the door

I still have a few Vinca's at the walk way as well
And I just couldn't put my lamb away
He stays out all year

Just a walk way view

And because I love her quirky smile
I added one more photo of the peep at the end

May you enjoy a beautiful week
I'm praying for rain (they say it's coming)
But I won't hold my breath - LOL

3 days to Autumn!!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Connecting the Paintings and a Winner

Hi Sweet Friends

You get a short post to start the weekend
Connecting the Paintings to their artist
And the winner of this guessing game

First, I need to fill you in on who each artist is

From Left to Right
Cindy (Administrator), Dianne (Nurse Practitioner)
Mary Jo (Doctor), and Toni (RN and Health Coach)
Dianne is also the Lodge owner and Host
She is also the Twin of Toni

Painting #1 belongs to
This is a view she sees almost every weekend

Painting #2 belongs to
Inspired by Water Color Book

Painting #3 belongs to
Where she'd love to live

Painting #4 belongs to Mary Jo
Also inspired by a Water Color Book

So, that means the winner is:
With two correct guesses
Celeste: your surprise will be in the mail next week

Thank you each for playing along
We had a wonderful retreat

I'm praying you enjoy a beautifully Blessed Weekend

Thank you for Stopping By

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Take A Guess...

Hi Sweet Friends

I'm so glad you stopped by today
I have struggled to get my blogging MoJo back
But I thought I'd share a few photos
From a fun weekend I enjoyed at end of August

For the past few years
One of our nurse practitioners has invited the staff
Up to her family cabin north of Phoenix
Where the air is clear and cooler
Often there are about 10 of us that go up
However, this year there were 4 of us

We decided to do something different
We took supplies and painted!!

The Cabin (or Lodge) is huge and the kitchen counter
Was the perfect place to set up shop
Canvas, Easels, brushes, and Paint
We set out to just have some fun

A couple of us used photos/books to inspire
A couple of us used imagination
ALL of us created and had a Blast

Thanks to the Lodge Host
We ate incredibly delicious 
Homemade, glutton free pizza - Yummers!!!

Here are out finished paintings
Can you guess who did each one?
We are
A Doctor, A Nurse Practitioner, An RN and health coach,
and An administrator

Who belongs to each painting?
If anybody gets it correct or close
There will be a gift in the mail!!!
Start Guessing...